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Shiny Friends Card Story - Episode

Hello, Happy Constellation!


First Night of Training Camp

Residence of Misaki's Grandma

Misaki: Ah~, I'm tired... Kokoro and Hagumi ran around way too much in the mountains.
Misaki: If it's already like this from day one, will I really survive...? I can't keep up with that level of energy tomorro-... Ah, speak of whom...
Kokoro: Oooh~! Amazing! The sky is so dreamy here, there and everywhere!
Misaki: Kokoro~, what are you doing out on the engawa?
Kokoro: Oh, Misaki! I was just looking out at the stars!
Kokoro: Look up there! The sky is overflowing with them!
Misaki: That's thanks to the nice weather we had today~. That reminds me, you're in Astronomy Club, right? Do you know a lot about constellations?
Kokoro: Yep, I sure do!
Kokoro: Let's see~. See those yellow stars glowing over there? If you connect them like this, it becomes Kaoru's guitar!
Misaki: A guitar constellation? I don't think I've heard of that one...
Kokoro: That one there is a tomato constellation! This one's Michelle and~, ah! I can even see a fried shrimp one!
Misaki: I should have known you were making these up...
Kokoro: Look, Misaki! It's the Hello, Happy World! constellation!
Misaki: Where? Umm... Over there? And just how is that Hello, Happy World!?
Kokoro: That twinkling star is Kanon on the drums!
Misaki: Hmm... Do you mean it's flickering like a drumbeat?
Kokoro: The small cluster of stars in front of that is Kaoru!
Misaki: Ah~, Kaoru-san does shine a lot~.
Kokoro: That round shape there is...
Misaki: Hagumi. Because it's like a croquette, right?
Kokoro: Bingo! Next up, that brightest shining star above Hagumi is Michelle!
Misaki: I see. Michelle is the backbone of Hello, Happy World!
Misaki: ... Man, why am I so in tune with what Kokoro is thinking...?
Kokoro: Last but not least, that star shining in the distance over there is you, Misaki!
Misaki: I'm tiny!
Kokoro: When we perform, you watch over us just like that star. It glows gently, so it's the perfect one for you, Misaki!
Misaki: I-I see...
Misaki: Then which star are you, Kokoro?
Kokoro: I'm, well~... It seems I'm on an outing right now!
Misaki: You weren't counting the number of stars in the Hello, Happy World! constellation properly, huh...?
Misaki: If you're on an outing, that must mean you're a shooting star. After all, you can't stay still and attract a lot of attention.
Kokoro: A shooting star?! That's stupendous! I can sparkle through the sky and visit many places!
Kokoro: I've got it! Hey, Misaki, do you know how we could live on a shooting star? If we lived somewhere as shiny as that, I bet every day would be super fun!
Misaki: You've started talking nonsense again...
Kokoro: Not to mention all the places we could go! We could spread smiles to even more people, right?
Misaki: You're being ridiculous~... Making people smile is fine, but don't get too excited and fall over now, okay?
Kokoro: Don't worry! If that happens, Michelle will catch me!
Misaki: I think relying on Michelle to that extent might put her under a lot of pressure~...
Kokoro: Misaki! In that case, we need to find a shooting star!
Misaki: Alright. I don't mind, but just don't fall asleep halfway, okay? It'll be me who has to carry you if you do~.

Shiny Friends Card Story - Special Episode

My First Training Camp


CiRCLE - Lobby

Kokoro: Marina, BanG Dreamer! Hello! How are you?
Marina: Kokoro-chan, hello. Why are you carrying that backpack?
Kokoro: I brought some souvenirs for you both today! I'll just put everything on this countertop!
Kokoro: Here are some bell peppers, tomatoes, and cucumbers! And this is an ear of corn!
Marina: Wow, so many splendid vegetables! Where did you get these?
Kokoro: I got them from the fields tended to by Misaki's grandma! Look how shiny and new they are!
Marina: Ah, that's right, you went on a Hello, Happy World! training camp trip, didn't you? I heard about it from Misaki-chan.
Kokoro: Yeah! The training camp couldn't have gone any better! These vegetables are ones I harvested myself!
Kokoro: If you eat them, they'll make you grin from ear to ear! After all, they were grown by kind people with lovely smiles!
Marina: Fufu, I'm looking forward to trying them. Thank you, Kokoro-chan.
Marina: Misaki-chan told me a little about your training camp. You did a wide range of things, didn't you?
Kokoro: Yep! Helping with vegetable-picking was fun, but we did heaps of other stuff too!
Kokoro: Like exploring the mountains and writing a new song!
Marina: That's fantastic! What variety! Then your new song must have turned out great.
Kokoro: You bet! It's the ultimate happy song, loaded with everyone's memories!
Kokoro: We even played it at the concert we held for the people who took care of us and the vegetables!
Marina: I can understand performing for people... But for vegetables too?
Kokoro: Of course! We used the harvested vegetables to make a curry, and it put huge smiles on our faces when we ate it!
Kokoro: That's why I figured we needed to thank the vegetables as well. We asked them to grow even yummier and make everybody smile!
Marina: I see. I've heard that playing good music helps plants grow, so I'm sure they taste even better now.
Kokoro: Yep, I think so, too! I'll let you both listen to our song next time!
Kokoro: Wait a minute, I've got an idea! At our next concert, what if we serve curry to the audience members?
Marina: Oh, then maybe we'll grow big and strong, too.
Kokoro: Fufu! Okay, I'm going to go ask Misaki about it!
Kokoro: Please look forward to our next concert!