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61 cards match the category selection:

№. 00070
Rarity2Powerful Onstage

Availability: Gacha1
Onstage (Shirasagi Chisato)
№. 00069
Rarity1Happy Iron Smile

Availability: Initial
Iron Smile
№. 00071
Rarity3Cool Journey's Aim

Availability: Gacha1
Journey's Aim
Journey's Aim T
№. 00134
Rarity2Pure Queen of Hearts

Availability: Event 7
Queen of Hearts
№. 00137
Rarity3Powerful Place Of Purity

Availability: Gacha109
Place Of Purity
Place Of Purity T
№. 00161
Rarity4Pure My Confidante

Availability: Gacha126
My Confidante
My Confidante T
№. 00193
Rarity3Pure She Whom We Call Juliet

Availability: Event 17
She Whom We Call Juliet
She Whom We Call Juliet T
№. 00237
Rarity3Happy Serious Panic

Availability: Gacha143
Serious Panic
Serious Panic T
№. 00384
Rarity4Cool Sleepover

Availability: Gacha199
Sleepover T
№. 00355
Rarity2Happy A Sparkling Stage

Availability: Permanent Gacha
A Sparkling Stage (Shirasagi Chisato)
№. 00418
Rarity2Cool Rules of Being an Idol

Availability: Event 39
Rules of Being an Idol
№. 00453
Rarity4Happy On the Path to Dreams

Availability: Gacha245
On the Path to Dreams
On the Path to Dreams T
№. 00500
Rarity4Powerful Moment in the Sun

Availability: Gacha278
Moment in the Sun
Moment in the Sun T
№. 00507
Rarity3Powerful Idol Witch

Availability: Event 56
Idol Witch
Idol Witch T
№. 00564
Rarity2Powerful GOGO WEGO!

Availability: Campaign
GOGO WEGO! (Shirasagi Chisato)
№. 00571
Rarity3Happy A Wonderful Assortment

Availability: Gacha306
A Wonderful Assortment
A Wonderful Assortment T
№. 00584
Rarity3Cool A Model Idol

Availability: Event 66
A Model Idol
A Model Idol T
№. 00610
Rarity4Cool Brimming with Light

Availability: Gacha340
Brimming with Light
Brimming with Light T
№. 00653
Rarity2Cool Illuminating Dreams

Availability: Permanent Gacha
Illuminating Dreams (Shirasagi Chisato)
№. 00672
Rarity4Pure Overwhelmed

Availability: Gacha369
Overwhelmed T
№. 00734
Rarity4Happy Lighten Your Heart

Availability: Gacha404
Lighten Your Heart
Lighten Your Heart T
№. 00767
Rarity3Happy Gazing up at the Sky

Availability: Event 91
Gazing up at the Sky
Gazing up at the Sky T
№. 00796
Rarity4Cool On the Move

Availability: Gacha429
On the Move
On the Move T
№. 00799
Rarity3Cool This Special Moment

Availability: Event 96
This Special Moment
This Special Moment T
№. 00814
Rarity4Happy I've Got Kao-chan

Availability: Gacha458
I've Got Kao-chan
I've Got Kao-chan T
№. 00846
Rarity3Happy Careful Mixing!

Availability: Gacha482
Careful Mixing!
Careful Mixing! T
№. 00854
Rarity2Happy How Far Do We Go?

Availability: Gacha492
How Far Do We Go?
№. 00870
Rarity2Happy Country Flower

Availability: Event 108
Country Flower
№. 00889
Rarity2Pure Blooming Cheers

Availability: Permanent Gacha
Blooming Cheers (Shirasagi Chisato)
№. 00920
Rarity3Pure An Anticipated Encore

Availability: Event 109
An Anticipated Encore
An Anticipated Encore T
№. 00934
Rarity4Pure Supporting Each Other

Availability: Gacha549
Supporting Each Other
Supporting Each Other T
№. 00973
Rarity3Pure Floating Flowers

Availability: Event 118
Floating Flowers
Floating Flowers T
№. CN_10007
Rarity2Cool bilibili

Availability: Campaign
Bilibili (Shirasagi Chisato)
№. 01035
Rarity4Pure To the Spotlight

Availability: Gacha627
To the Spotlight
To the Spotlight T
№. TW_5003
Rarity2Pure Delicate and Charming

Availability: Campaign
Delicate and Charming (Shirasagi Chisato)
№. 01084
Rarity3Cool Unbearable Emotion

Availability: Event 135
Unbearable Emotion
Unbearable Emotion T
№. 01102
Rarity2Powerful Secret Assistance

Availability: Event 138
Secret Assistance
№. CN_10009
Rarity2Happy To Monologue

Availability: Campaign
To Monologue
№. 01157
Rarity4Happy Dancing Flower Shower

Availability: Gacha750
Dancing Flower Shower
Dancing Flower Shower T
№. 01206
Rarity4Cool Professional Zombie

Availability: Gacha791
Professional Zombie
Professional Zombie T
№. 01277
Rarity2Pure Waitress' Errand

Availability: Event 159
Waitress' Errand
№. 01325
Rarity4Happy Keep Being Yourself

Availability: Gacha873
Keep Being Yourself
Keep Being Yourself T
№. 01380
Rarity4Powerful Celebrating a New Year

Availability: Gacha905
Celebrating a New Year
Celebrating a New Year T
№. 01414
Rarity2Cool Spreading Passion

Availability: Event 178
Spreading Passion
№. 01444
Rarity2Powerful Flowery Dolls

Availability: Permanent Gacha
Flowery Dolls (Shirasagi Chisato)
№. 01486
Rarity4Pure Precious Birthday!

Availability: Gacha959
Precious Birthday! (Shirasagi Chisato) T
№. 01500
Rarity4Powerful Brilliant History

Availability: Gacha972
Brilliant History
Brilliant History T
№. 01522
Rarity3Pure Doggie Coming Through

Availability: Event 188
Doggie Coming Through
Doggie Coming Through T
№. 01594
Rarity4Pure The Flower I See

Availability: Gacha1014
The Flower I See
The Flower I See T
№. 01613
Rarity3Happy Envy and Smiles

Availability: Event 199
Envy and Smiles
Envy and Smiles T
№. 01648
Rarity4Happy Dear Prince...

Availability: Gacha1062
Dear Prince...
Dear Prince... T
№. 01671
Rarity4Powerful Wash Away Frustrations

Availability: Gacha1075
Wash Away Frustrations
Wash Away Frustrations T
№. 01696
Rarity4Cool Graduation

Availability: Event 215
Graduation (Shirasagi Chisato)
Graduation (Shirasagi Chisato) T
№. 01720
Rarity5Cool A Step Together

Availability: Gacha1126
A Step Together
A Step Together T
№. 01761
Rarity4Powerful A New Place of Learning

Availability: Event 226
A New Place of Learning
A New Place of Learning T
№. 01785
Rarity5Powerful The Wind That Brought You Along on That Day

Availability: Gacha1169
The Wind That Brought You Along on That Day T
№. 01788
Rarity3Cool For the Smiles

Availability: Event 231
For the Smiles
For the Smiles T
№. 01912
Rarity5Happy Because We Want to Protect

Availability: Gacha1258
Because We Want to Protect
Because We Want to Protect T
№. 01161
Rarity4Powerful Special Birthday!

Availability: Gacha753
Special Birthday! (Shirasagi Chisato) T
№. 01978
Rarity2Powerful Deep-Seated Trust

Availability: Event 257
Deep-Seated Trust
№. 01999
Rarity5Cool Taking It Slow Sometimes

Availability: Gacha1331
Taking It Slow Sometimes
Taking It Slow Sometimes T

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