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Shizaki Kanon (志崎樺音) is a voice actress from Tokyo. She is Shirokane Rinko's current voice actress, and Roselia's keyboardist as well. Her addition to the BanG Dream! project was announced during Vier.[1]

She is affiliated with Ace Crew Entertainment.


Rinko is Kanon's first voice acting role. However, she had been playing the piano for 12 years prior to joining the BanG Dream! project, and started playing in first grade.[2]

Kanon has a talent in singing, with her vocal key ranging from E3 to G5, and her falsetto (whistle voice) key to be at E6.

In 2014, as a part of her university's international exchange program, she performed with a student band at the Syracuse University, as well as at a live house in Syracuse, New York.

She is currently the radio assistant for the radio corner "R World Radio", which is hosted by Raychell.[3]

On January 9, 2021, Kanon tested positive for COVID-19.[4] On January 18, 2021, her agency announced that she has tested negative and is continuing her activities.[5] On January 18, 2022, Kanon's agency announced that she has been diagnosed with vocal cord edema, which requires her to take a month-long hiatus from work.[6]

She also voices Rei Togetsu in the D4DJ series.

Skills and Hobbies

Her hobbies include watching movies and listening to music. Her skills include singing, playing the keyboard, classical ballet and calligraphy.

Her favorite animal is sloths[7], and she also loves spicy food.[8][9]


  • Her nickname is Non-chan (のんちゃん).
  • She has a younger sister.[10]
  • Though her age hasn't been revealed, she has mentioned that she is around the same age as Nakashima Yuki.[11]
  • Kanon has an official fan club called Non Phil (のんフィル) which was opened on March 13, 2021.[12][13]