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Shy About Gifts☆ Card Story - Episode

Writing My Thoughts on a Banner


Ichigaya Residence - Basement
Arisa: ... Alright. The show should go just fine now.
Kasumi: Arisa~? You here~?
Tae: Ah, there she is. Hey there, Arisa~.
Arisa: Huh? What's up? Did you not get my message about me being busy?
Rimi: Sorry for barging in while you're practicing, Arisa-chan. We actually have something to give you.
Kasumi: Ta-da~! A gift from all of us~!
Saaya: Arisa, you've been training hard for the street performance, right? So we wanted to do something for you.
Kasumi: We brought a ton of your favorite things! Food, too! Let's all have some together!
Tae: Practice is important, but resting is equally so. So, have a seat.
Arisa: You guys...
Kasumi: Alright, time to announce what everyone brought! First up is O-Tae!
Tae: My gift is a rabbit doll! I made it from papier-mâché. The perfect medicine to soothe those tired eyes!
Arisa: Th-thanks...
Saaya: These are from me... Freshly baked bread! There are many kinds to choose from, so pick out whatever you like.
Rimi: And I brought anmitsu. It's from a confectionery shop in my neighborhood that I highly recommend.
Kasumi: I've been there before, and their stuff is out of this world!
Arisa: Whoa... That's a lot of stuff. Can we finish it all...?
Tae: There's always room for dessert.
Arisa: So you say... Anyway, thanks for all this.
Saaya: Alright, let's dig in before the bread gets cold.
Kasumi: Right on! Okay, everyone... Let's eat!
Tae & Rimi & Saaya: Let's eat!
Rimi: Mmm~♪ Chocolate cornet, so yummy~♪ I'm in heaven~♪
Saaya: Hahaha, you do love your chocolate coronets, Rimi-rin.
Rimi: I can't help that they're so good~♪
Kasumi: How's the practice coming along, Arisa?
Arisa: Well, I guess you could say it's going alright. There's not much time before the show, so I'm doing everything I can.
Tae: You're really fired up, Arisa. That's the same look Oddie has when chasing his ball.
Arisa: Is that a compliment...?
Tae: Of course! Want to see a video of it?
Arisa: Uh, not now. I won't be able to practice later if I get too relaxed.
Rimi: True. The big day is next week. Even I'm feeling kind of excited.
Arisa: I mean, whatever happens, happens~. But I need to make sure I don't drag Kanon-senpai down...
Kasumi: Don't worry! You'll be fine, Arisa!
Arisa: No, it won't go well just because you say it will.
Arisa: I'm going to be doing a lot of things for the first time. Not only playing out on the street but also having only a keyboard and drum to work with...
Kasumi: Still, you'll be fine!
Arisa: I swear... You've got nothing to back that up. Don't just say whatever.
Kasumi: I do have proof! The fact that you're working so hard, Arisa!
Arisa: Huh?
Kasumi: You've been practicing non-stop, and this show is the only thing on your mind.
Kasumi: So, there's no doubt it'll be a big hit!
Rimi: Yeah! I agree!
Saaya: If you're anything, Arisa, it's a hard worker.
Tae: Yeah, she is as diligent as they come. I'm looking forward to your performance.
Arisa: ... Ugh, don't talk about work ethic or whatever! We're not kids anymore. It's embarrassing...
Kasumi: Actually, we're making a banner for the show and everything~.
Arisa: Huh? A banner?
Kasumi: Yep! A banner that'll say "You can do it, Arisa~!" and-
Rimi: K-Kasumi-chan! That was supposed to be a secret...
Kasumi: ... Ah.
Arisa: Y-you guys... are doing all that...?
Kasumi: Nope, just kidding! Ignore everything I said! Hahaha, silly me~. Nope, no banner here~.
Arisa: Good, because I would never allow it. I'd probably die from embarrassment.
Kasumi: Awww, don't say that! It's not embarrassing at all! You want one, don't you~?
Kasumi: We want to give you our full support, Arisa~.
Arisa: Nuh-uh, forget it! No! Way! Never~!

Shy About Gifts☆ Card Story - Special Episode

Found on the Corner


CiRCLE - Cafeteria
Marina: Brrr, it's freezing~. I don't think spring will be here any time soon.
Marina: Okay, let's go take care of the owner's errands. The sooner, the better!
Arisa: Ah, it's Marina-san and New Staff. Hello. Are you heading out now?
Marina: Yeah, to run some errands for the owner. Oh, Arisa-chan, I heard all about it~.
Marina: You put on a street performance with Kanon-chan, right? And it was apparently a big hit too!
Arisa: I-I guess... It felt like a success, anyway...
Arisa: Everyone seemed pleased enough after it was all said and done.
Marina: I wish I could've been there to see you two play~. If only I didn't have work that day...
Marina: Why did you decide to put on another street performance, anyway?
Arisa: Mostly to see if we could, but that's not the only reason...
Marina: Oh really? Tell me all about it.
Arisa: It's not anything special, you know? I just figured it'd be a nice challenge for myself.
Marina: A challenge?
Arisa: Yes. I think Rinko-senpai must have rubbed off on me somehow.
Arisa: She is always trying to find ways to improve herself by confronting her weak points.
Arisa: I'm constantly reminded of that at the student council, and I can't help but think how, you know, cool she is.
Marina: So, you decided to follow her example and challenge yourself in the same way.
Arisa: S-sure, let's go with that. But yeah, don't... you know...
Marina: I know. Don't tell anyone about this, right?
Arisa: Right...
Marina: Fufu, got it. And? How did this challenge turn out?
Arisa: That's a good question... I'm not too sure myself, but I sort of, uh, discovered a deeper side to music.
Arisa: And I realized that even a little taste of music is enough to completely change the atmosphere...
Marina: I suppose playing with members you're not accustomed to is an entirely different experience.
Arisa: Exactly! And it was actually kind of interesting!
Arisa: I'm thinking that even the same old Poppin'Party style could sound different with a little bit of ingenuity thrown in.
Arisa: So, I feel like I've had more reasons to go over some of our scores lately.
Marina: You sure do love Poppin'Party, Arisa-chan.
Arisa: Huh?! Th-that's not what I meant...
Marina: Fufu. I hope everything you learned from that street performance will live on through your future concerts.
Arisa: Yes. I will try my best to make sure it does.
Marina: Mhm, and you have our support. Give it your all, Arisa-chan!