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Shy Angel Card Story - Episode

Who was the Phantom Thief?


Hanasakigawa Girls’ Academy
Class 1A
Rimi: Good morning, Saya-chan.
Saaya: Morning, Rimi-rin. Sorry I couldn’t go to the Halloween thing yesterday. How was it?
Rimi: Oh! It was super fun!
Saaya: I’m glad to hear it. What do you think of the person I asked to stand in for me?
Rimi: She was really cool! I was so surprised you knew such an amazing person, Saya-chan!
Saaya: (Oh, this reaction… Rimi-rin hasn’t realized it was Kaoru-san.)
Rimi: She came dressed as a Phantom Thief, and her costume looked really good on her…
Rimi: She was really kind too. She even helped me practice saying “trick or treat” so that we could get candy.
Rimi: Thanks to her, I was actually able to say it to people and get candy.
Saaya: Oh, wow. I’m glad it worked out, Rimi-rin ♪
Rimi: Yeah, I was a little nervous, but I think I was okay because she was my partner.
Rimi: I only got through because of her.
Rimi: … Oh, but it was a shame that she kept her mask on even until the very end~.
Saaya: Ahh, okay. Well, in any case, I’m glad you were able to have a good time.
Rimi: But, you know… I thought the Phantom Thief might be someone I know.
Saaya: Really? Why’s that?
Rimi: The way she spoke and acted… I can’t think of who it reminds me of though…
Rimi: I feel like I’ve met her before…
Saaya: I-I see…
Rimi: Saya-chan… Do you know who she is?
Saaya: Uh... Umm...
Saaya: (I can’t say it... She agreed to step in for me on the terms that I keep her identity...)
Saaya: (And the reason she wanted to keep it a secret was so that we don’t “shatter the dreams of those who believe in the Phantom Thief.” ... It’s such a Kaoru-san thing to say.)
Rimi: Come on, Saya-chan, tell me who she is. It really bothers me~.
Saaya: Hrm~, but she asked me not to tell anyone.
Saaya: She said that she wants to remain a phantom.
Rimi: Really...? Th-That’s kind of lovely too.
Saaya: So, as per her request, I’m going to have to keep it a secret.
Rimi: If that’s reason, I guess it can’t be helped.
Rimi: Okay! I won’t ask you about it again.
Saaya: Thanks, Rimi-rin.
Rimi: It’s okay, really.
Rimi: I think it’s so cool how she wanted to be the Phantom Thief all the way until the end!
Saaya: Fufu, it might not be such a bad thing to leave it as a secret, you know?
Saaya: You were able to have a great time at Halloween even though you didn’t know who she was, after all.
Rimi: Yeah! You’re right!
Saaya: In that case, let’s just keep it as a happy memory then.
Rimi: Yeah, I will! Ahh, but I hope I get to meet her again...
Saaya: (Fufu... I think you’ll meet again. Probably sooner than you think...)

Shy Angel Card Story - Special Episode

A Little More Used to It


Yamabuki Bakery
Rimi: Mmm~, it smells so good♪ I wonder what I’ll get today…?
Rimi: A chocolate cornet, of course, but what else…?
Rimi: Ah, h-hello, BanG Dreamer-san.
Rimi: BanG Dreamer-san, are you here to buy something too? Oh, I was just getting some snacks.
Rimi: I-I’ve got two chocolate cornets… but, I might get some more…
Rimi: I really love chocolate cornets. Especially the ones from Yamabuki Bakery!
Rimi: That’s right! They are really delicious.
Rimi: Wh-Whaaat? Wait a minute! D-Don’t go and buy them all just because they’re delicious! That’s so mean~!
Rimi: … Y-You’re just kidding? *sigh* That’s a relief… If you went and bought them all, there wouldn’t be any left for me…
Rimi: B-But they do taste really good, so you should at least buy one.
Rimi: … I just realized, but the first time we met, I couldn’t really talk to you very well, but now I can talk normally when I’m around you.
Rimi: I’m not really good at talking to people… Which is why I’m really happy that I can talk to you like this!
Rimi: Ah, but, I had to pair up with someone I didn’t know for the Halloween event the other day, but I think I was able to talk to her as well…
Rimi: Yeah, it was a Halloween event that Kokoro organized, and I was paired with a person dressed as a Phantom Thief.
Rimi: I couldn’t imagine the old me ever doing something like that with someone I didn’t know…
Rimi: But after joining the band with Kasumi… I experienced lots of different things and now I’m a little more used to talking to people.
Rimi: But even then, I still get nervous when I talk to new people or people I haven’t spoken to very much… ahaha…
Rimi: I kind of hope that I can experience more things and get to know more people and one day get good at talking ♪
Rimi: … Um, I should probably be going. I have to eat my chocolate cornets!