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Shy Maiden Card Story - Episode

Dress Up Battle!


Shopping Mall

Himari: Ah! Lisa-senpai is here! Lisa-senpai~!
Lisa: Sorry for the wait ☆ It took me a while to leave work!
Ran: Ah, were you working today? Sorry for asking you to meet up.
Lisa: It's totally fine! Today we're looking for a swimsuit for you, right?
Ran: ... Yeah.
Himari: Jeez~! Why are you looking so sour?!
Ran: It's just, I don't really care what swimsuit I wear...
Himari: Hmph! It's exactly because of that attitude that I asked Lisa-senpai to help~!
Lisa: Ahaha. Today, Himari and I are going to look for the perfect swimsuit for you, Ran!
Himari: We're going to find a swimsuit you love!

Himari: Ah, this is cute~! I heard that this color is in style this summer! Ran, how about this one?!
Ran: ... I don't think it's really me. I feel like I wouldn't look good in that.
Lisa: I think a red swimsuit would look good on you, but what do you think? Light colors are nice, but how about this burgundy one?
Ran: Ah, that's nice. There aren't any frills either. I like it.
Ran: I'm really glad you came with us.
Himari: Grrr... I'm your childhood friend. I'm going to be the one who finds a swimsuit you like!
Himari: Since you came, Lisa-senpai, why don't we make this interesting? Let's see who can find the swimsuit that looks the best on Ran.
Ran: What?
Lisa: Oh, like a dress up competition? Sure! That'll be fun!
Himari: Great! We'll each choose a swimsuit, and the person who finds the one Ran likes the most wins!
Lisa: Okay!
Ran: Um... Couldn't you two just pick something already...?

Himari: Here's my third choice! This is going to be the one for sure!
Lisa: I'm pretty sure I've got a winner too~. Here!
Ran: ...
Ran: I'm not really feeling either of those.
Himari: What~?! You don't like these either?!
Lisa: Hmm. I was really trying to pick one you'd like too~.
Ran: Himari, yours has frills... It's too cutesy... I'd be too embarrassed to wear something like that.
Ran: Lisa-san, yours is the exact opposite. It's too sexy... I bet it'd look good on you, though.
Himari: Argh~, didn't you say you didn't care what your swimsuit looked like~?!
Lisa: Ran, I didn't think you'd be so picky about a swimsuit...
Himari: Okay. You're going to like the next one! This time, I'm going to choose the perfect swimsuit for you!
Lisa: Same! Now I have a much better idea of what your tastes are!
Ran: Maybe it'd be quicker if I just chose for myself...
Himari: A swimsuit Ran would like... A swimsuit Ran would like...!
Lisa: A swimsuit perfect for Ran... A swimsuit perfect for Ran...!
Lisa & Himari: This one!
Lisa & Himari: ... Ah.

Himari: I'm glad we could finally find a swimsuit that you like, Ran!
Ran: In the end, you both brought me the same one, so who won the competition?
Lisa: Hmm... This first round felt like a tie.
Ran: ... First round?
Himari: Lisa-senpai and I were just talking about round two. We're going to pick out a summer outfit for you!
Lisa: Next time, I'll pick out the best clothes for you right away!
Ran: N-no more...

Shy Maiden Card Story - Special Episode

Motive for Composition


CiRCLE - Lobby
Ran: Good afternoon. Is everybody here already?
Marina: Hi! No, it's just you so far.
Ran: Oh. I thought Tsugumi would get here first.
Marina: Yeah, Tsugumi-chan is usually the first to show up. Well, before the rest of the girls arrive, I'll check you in and tell you where you'll be.
Marina: Today Afterglow is... You're in Studio A. Do you want to head in?
Ran: No, I'll wait. I think the others will be here soon.
Marina: You've got another long rehearsal today. All your practices have been like that lately, haven't they?
Ran: It's summer vacation, so it's hard to find a day when we can all meet up.
Marina: Wow, so you're really making the most of your time!
Marina: You know, I can tell by the look on your faces that practice has been going well.
Ran: Yeah, it feels that way too.
Marina: Ah, but make sure you make time to relax and have fun. It is summer vacation, after all!
Ran: Ah, we're definitely doing fun stuff too. We all went to a waterpark recently.
Marina: Fufu. That's good to hear.
Ran: ... I noticed this a while ago, but going somewhere together really helps us practice. It even happened when we went to the park together.
Marina: True, taking a break from music can make you want to play even more.
Ran: ... It seems that way. And after experiencing something as a group, I feel like our sounds blend together more easily.
Ran: A lot of our songs are based on things we've done or gone through.
Marina: Gotcha~. If that's the case, then you all have to keep going out and doing fun stuff together!
Ran: Ahaha. Yeah. Himari said she wants to go somewhere again, so we'll have to tag along.
Marina: That sounds great! And then you can use those experiences as fuel to give some intense shows.
Ran: Yeah. Our newest song is sounding pretty good, so watch for it at our next show.
Marina: I can't wait!
Ran: ... Ah, looks like everyone's here. Alright, we'll be heading in.