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Sister Figure Card Story - Episode



Tomoe: My name is Tomoe. Tomoe Udagawa. I play the drums for Afterglow. Nice to meet you... all.
Tomoe: ... Is that enough? This stuff's kinda embarrassing.
Tomoe: I really don't like talking about myself... Let's see...
Tomoe: I have a younger sister-- Huh? I guess that's not technically about me.
Tomoe: Ya got me. But what do I say? Talk about the band?
Tomoe: Afterglow is great. We're close childhood friends... Well, maybe a little too close. But we started a band, and we've got a good thing going.
Tomoe: Everyone's personality is a bit strong, but each person also has something that makes them great.
Tomoe: That moment when everyone comes together... And five "sounds" at once become "music"... That's the moment I love.
Tomoe: ... Our music is the best, no matter what anyone says.
Tomoe: That's good enough, right? I really am bad at talking about myself.
Tomoe: If you want to know more about us, I think you should listen to us play. Music can say what words can't.
Tomoe: Haha, I think I tried a little too hard to be cool there.
Tomoe: ... Hey! Moca! Stop making fun of me!
Tomoe: Cut! I told you I don't like doing this...!

Sister Figure Card Story - Special Episode

Drummer's Wisdom


Tomoe: Hey, we're all done. Sorry we stayed on so late.
Tomoe: We just wanted to get this one song right, so we decided to keep playing until the last possible minute.
Tomoe: I think everyone was a bit more pumped than usual today. Myself included.
Tomoe: Huh? You think I'm good at the drums?
Tomoe: Ahaha, I'm just a beginner like the others. I've always played the taiko drums at festivals, mind you.
Tomoe: When you hit the drums nice and hard, the sound reverberates to everyone around you, right?
Tomoe: Making sounds like that, and being able to create that sense of unison with everyone... It's just the most amazing feeling! It seriously just gets me so pumped!
Tomoe: Oops, looks like I'm getting a bit carried away.
Tomoe: It's thanks to people like you and Marina-san that we're able to enjoy the band as much as we do. I really appreciate it.
Tomoe: Ahaha, don't be like that. It's the truth.
Tomoe: When it comes to the band, I can't just sit there and bang away at the drums. I have to find Himari's bass line first...
Tomoe: Ran and Moca are really close, so I guess it's no surprise they are always synced, but when they're not careful they sometimes leave Tsugu behind.
Tomoe: When you adjust to all those good things and the difficulties, you finally get a band.
Tomoe: Ran says everything straight, so we sometimes have our moments, but...
Tomoe: All those things are what makes being in a band fun! It really gives us a sense of being sisters!
Tomoe: Hahaha, if I knew it was going to be fun, I would've gotten into it earlier.
Tomoe: ... Ah, my bad. I've been going on and on, haven't I?
Tomoe: I should probably get going.
Tomoe: ... You want to apologize for holding me up? Haha, don't worry about it.
Tomoe: We're going to become an even better band... I just know it. So make sure to keep watching over us, okay?