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Ski Slopes Are Super! Card Story - Episode

Blue Skies Curry


Ski Resort - Play Area

Hina: Hey, can we take a break? I'm kinda tired.
Ako & Hagumi: Okay~!
Hina: I'm also a bit hungry. You guys wanna get something at the lodge?
Ako: I am too~!
Hagumi: Ah, check this out! They have Blue Skies Curry!
Ako: Blue Skies Curry~! ... What's that?
Hina: Wouldn't it be curry that's blue like the sky?
Hagumi: I wonder if it's any good.
Ako: Ah, that's not it! It says here it's curry you can "eat under the blue skies"!
Hina: Ohh~, that's what it is~? Well, whatever. Should we have that?
Hagumi: Looks like they have a bunch of toppings too!
Ako: Wow! Hamburg steak, croquettes, fried shrimp, cheese... Just look at them all!
Hina: Maybe I'll go with a hamburg steak for mine~.
Ako: I want fried shrimp and cheese!
Hagumi: I'll have one of everything!
Ako & Hina: One of everything?!
Ako: Then I want one of everything too!
Hina: Oh~? I guess I will too, then♪
Hagumi: Okay! Excuse me~, we're ready to order~!

Hagumi: This is my first time eating curry sitting in the snow~!
Ako: Same here! And this curry is so yummy~!
Hina: I, personally, like mine a little spicier though~.
Hagumi: It's just right for me!
Ako: What do you think of the croquettes, Hagumi? Are they good?
Hagumi: Yeah! Super tasty!
Ako: Really?! And you sell them at your store all the time, so it must be true!
Hina: Hey, but with all these toppings, doesn't it look like we're gonna run out of rice?
Hagumi: If that happens, let's just eat our curry with snow! It's the same color as rice, so I'm sure it'll make for a good replacement!
Hina: Oh, that could be interesting. Let's try it once we run out of rice ♪
Hagumi: You know, though, there just doesn't seem to be an end to this curry!
Ako: That's exactly what you should expect since we got all the toppings!
Hina: But it's so good that we should be able to finish it, no problem, right?
Hagumi: Yeah, I've got lots of space left!
Ako: Alright, I'm ready to chow down too~!

All: ...
Hina: Hagumi-chan...
Hagumi: Hm? What is it...?
Hina: You like croquettes, right? Here.
Hagumi: I eat them all the time. No thanks...
Hina: Okay, here. Hamburg steak...
Hagumi: I get my fill of those from my family's store. I'm tired of them.
Hina: Hagumi-chan... Don't tell me you're full...
Hagumi: N-no way! I've still got room!
Hina: Okay, here. Fried shrimp.
Hagumi: Fried shrimp? Hmm... Sure, I'll take it...
Ako: Hina-chin, your plate looks awfully empty without that shrimp... Here, I'll give you my croquette.
Hina: Actually, I just remembered... I don't really like fried foods, so...
Ako: Okay, then you can have my hamburg steak.
Hina: Ah... Y-yeah, thanks...
Hagumi: Ako-chin, here. A croquette.
Ako: No thanks, that's okay.
Hagumi: But it's so yummy, I want us to enjoy it together~!
Ako: I already have one, so I'm fine.
Hagumi: But I want you to have even more~.
Ako: O-oh... Okay...
Hina: Even after all that, I still can't see the bottom on my plate...
Ako: Yeah, we've been eating and eating, and still... More curry...
Hina: Sigh... We shouldn't have gotten one of every topping.
Hagumi: But we can't let this go to waste. Let's try to finish it, okay?
Ako & Hina: Okay~...

Ski Slopes Are Super! Card Story - Special Episode

Planning a Sister-Strategy


CiRCLE - Lobby

Hina: So, Maya-chan, how was my playing?
Maya: Great! As always, you have such a unique sound, Hina-san!
Hina: Hmm~? Wait, do I~?
Maya: Yeah! How do I put this...? It feels like you have a limitless source of energy!
Hina: ... Huh? Oh, BanG Dreamer-san! Aha, hey hey~!
Maya: Great to see you again!
Hina: We're practicing in the studio today. Right now is break time!
Maya: Our next show is coming up, so we rented out the performance area.
Hina: Huh? Maya-chan, what happened to your left hand? It's all bruised.
Maya: Ah, this happened during our ski trip together.
Hina: Ahaha! Oh yeah, I guess you did fall down a lot, didn't you?!
Maya: Ufufu... Yeah, I guess I did.
Hina: Ah, did you hear? Maya-chan and I went with a bunch of other girls to a ski resort the other day!
Hina: No, not with the Pastel✽Palettes. We went with Ako-chan, Misaki-chan, and Hagumi-chan! Everyone was super interesting, so I had a really boppin' time~♪
Maya: Speaking of, do you usually take trips and do stuff like that with your other friends, Hina-san?
Hina: Hmm~? I don't know~. I don't really pay attention to things like friendship.
Maya: Huh? Really?
Hina: I mean, when everyone's enjoying themselves, does it really matter if the other people are your friends or not?
Hina: What do you think, BanG Dreamer-san?
Maya: Oh, I see... Yeah. Hina-san's not really shy around others, and I think she can get along with pretty much anyone.
Hina: I don't know about that. I just know I am who I am!
Maya: That's exactly the kind of response I'd expect from you.
Hina: Snowboarding sure was fun though! I'd love to be able to do it with my sister sometime!
Maya: Sounds good to me! We should invite Sayo-san along next time.
Hina: Can we?!
Maya: Of course! I'm happy to bring her! I want to give skiing another try anyway!
Hina: Okay! Now we just have to come up with a plan to get her to agree! Let's think of a strategy together! BanG Dreamer-san, come on! You too!
Maya: H-huh?! But we're in the middle of practice!
Hina: Come on, it won't take that long! It's fine~!
Maya: O-okay... Sorry about this, BanG Dreamer-san, but can you help us out?
Hina: I'd really appreciate it~!