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Smile Captain Card Story - Episode



Hagumi: Uhh, what am I doing again? Ah, self-introduction?
Hagumi: Oh, yeah. Gotcha!
Hagumi: Hi! I'm Hagumi Kitazawa! I play the bass for Hello, Happy World!
Hagumi: My family runs a meat shop, also home to the super popular croquette! All of downtown knows about it.
Hagumi: Maybe this doesn't mean much when I say it, but it's out-of-this-world delicious!
Hagumi: I eat, eat, eat, and it really gets the juices flowing, and then I move, move, move! Yep. I love to get my body going.
Hagumi: Though recently, I've been playing the bass just as much as I've been moving! You wouldn't believe how fun being in a band is!
Hagumi: So, Hello, Happy World! plays to make the world smile.
Hagumi: Everyday something different happens, and it's super cool!
Hagumi: Actually, I'm not really sure what "make the world smile" means!
Hagumi: But look, give it a try! I'll smile too, okay? Ready, set, cheese!!
Hagumi: Yeah! Makes sense now, right?
Hagumi: Hey, c'mon. Don't give me that face! Kokoron said the same thing, didn't she?
Hagumi: ... Ah! Is the camera still rolling?!

Smile Captain Card Story - Special Episode

Full Power Sprint!


Hagumi: Whoa! Not good, not good~!
Hagumi: ... Phew... that was close! I almost bowled you over!
Hagumi: I'm sorry! Are you okay?
Hagumi: ... Huh? Oh, it's you, BanG Dreamer-san!
Hagumi: Wow~! What a surprise to see you here!
Hagumi: I was just running to the studio!
Hagumi: We're practicing as a group today, so I thought I'd better make sure I'm on time!
Hagumi: Ahaha, you're right. If I sprint all the way there, I might not have any energy left for practice!
Hagumi: ... Oh! I forgot to greet you, didn't I?
Hagumi: Hi~!! It's great to see you again~!
Hagumi: I love playing at the live house, you know? Everyone who goes there has a such a nice smile!
Hagumi: That's why I wanna keep performing there forever!
Hagumi: Ehehe, I look forward to working with you~!
Hagumi: ... Okay! That's my greeting! So, what did you think? That was pretty cool, right? Did I sound like a pro?
Hagumi: Right? Right?! I thought I was pretty cool too! Yay~, I got praised!
Hagumi: I know some other ways to say hi too! For example... howdy partner!
Hagumi: Heh heh. Pretty good, huh? I've been learning how to greet people...
Hagumi: Ah! ... I have to get going!
Hagumi: Oh no, I'm gonna be late~!! Time to sprint!
Hagumi: See ya! I'm gonna practice hard today!
Hagumi: Sure, thanks! See you next time~!!
Hagumi: Okay, time to set a new personal best!! Here I go!!