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Smile Patrol! Reporting for Duty!! Worldwide Event Banner

Smile Patrol! Reporting for Duty!! Event Story - Opening
Smile Patrol! Assemble!

Kokoro declares to the other members of Hello, Happy World!
that they will do something unrelated to music.


CiRCLE - Café

Kanon: Kokoro-chan. I think everyone is here now.
Kokoro: Oh? What about Michelle?
Misaki: As usual, Michelle has other plans. Anyway, why did you call us all here? It's still so early in the morning...
Kaoru: Fufu, our beloved Kokoro. She has most certainly devised something ever so delightful.
Hagumi: Whoa, really?! I can't wait to hear it~♪ All of her ideas are so exciting!
Kokoro: I'll tell you! Today, I would like for us to perform some band-related activities!
Kanon: Huh? Band-related activities...? What, like practice music?
Misaki: Hold on, CiRCLE isn't even open at this hour. Look, the doors are shut tight.
Kokoro: True, but that's not what I meant! Recently, everything we've done with the band has been related to music, right? That's why I'd like to spend the day working on things that aren't!
Kanon: Things other than music? What do you mean...? Misaki-chan, are you as lost as I am?
Misaki: Is this some sort of wordplay? Like that "a cake that isn't baked" kind of thing?
Kaoru: Fufu. How very interesting, Kokoro. Your words are not lost upon me. You have my full support.
Hagumi: Yep♪ Me, too! Me, too! Count me in~!
Misaki: Huh? You two understood what she meant?
Hagumi: Yeah, of course! Hello, Happy World! is a band that makes the whole world smile.
Kaoru: Yes, the purpose of our band... is to beckon forth the smiles dwelling within every person.
Kokoro: Hagumi, Kaoru! You nailed it! A gold star for the both of you!
Hagumi: Hooray~! I got a gold star from Kokoron~♪
Kokoro: Using music to help people smile really is wonderful. But that's all we have been doing recently, so I wanted to try a different approach!
Misaki: From what I remember, Kokoro's idea of band activities at first was things like building sandcastles at the beach and making flower crowns...
Kanon: Don't forget smelling freshly-washed bed sheets and filling up on snacks.
Hagumi: And hiking through the mountains to look for shooting stars!
Kokoro: Exactly! So if we stick to only music, then our band isn't doing everything it can, right?
Kokoro: Hello, Happy World! needs to expand its activities if we want to bring smiles to everyone in the world!
Kokoro: It's time to put our heads together and think of what our band can do!
Misaki: Band activities other than music... Is that supposed to be philosophical or something?
Kokoro: We need to get out there and find ways to make everyone smile!
Hagumi: Ah! Hey, I've got an idea! We can help pick up litter near the station entrance!
Hagumi: I saw some trash when I passed by yesterday. I picked up what I could see, but it could be so much cleaner if we all worked together!
Kaoru: Ahhh, Hagumi. What a kind-hearted little kitten you are. I concur with your motion.
Hagumi: Hehehe~. Thanks, Kaoru-kun! A clean town is sure to help make everyone smile! I wanna get out there and trash that nasty litter!
Kokoro: Amazing, Hagumi! Your ideas have so much potential! Alright, we'll start with garbage cleanup!
Hagumi: Yippee~!
Kaoru: If I may, Kokoro, I wish to submit a proposal of my own. Could we also perhaps water the flowers in gardens around the town?
Kaoru: Yesterday, I happened upon several withering blossoms in the park. My very heart suffered at the sight of that ever so fleeting state.
Kokoro: Perfect! The flowers will smile, and so will the people who see them! I like it, Kaoru! Double the smiles in one special idea!
Kaoru: Fufu, a love which does not discriminate between flora nor fauna. For that... is Kaoru Seta.
Kokoro: I think sunbathing would be a lot of fun! We can also put on a march through the city streets! And then...
Kokoro: We have a lot of ideas to work with! There'll be no shortage of lovely band activities with these!
Kaoru: Fufu, the townsfolk will be unable to resist smiling at our efforts.
Hagumi: Let's go all out and try our best to make the whole town smile!
Misaki: Doesn't sound like what a band would do, if you ask me.
Kanon: Fufufu, but it does feel like Hello, Happy World! material.
Kanon: Cleaning up litter, watering flowers... It's almost like some sort of Smile Patrol spreading happiness throughout the city.
Kokoro: That's it! Starting today, we'll be the Smile Patrol that protects the smiles of others!
Hagumi: Wow~♪ Smile Patrol~?! That's super-duper cool~!
Kaoru: Ah, to be able to take part fills me with such pleasure.
Kokoro: Okay, Smile Patrol! Time to head out! Happy~! Lucky~! Smile~!
Kokoro, Hagumi & Kaoru: Patrol~!
Misaki: Haha... Hahaha... Even without meeting beforehand, they're in unison. They really are something...

Smile Patrol! Reporting for Duty!! Event Story - Chapter 1
We're on Patrol!

The Smile Patrol is off to pick up trash. That's when they run into...?


Station Entrance

Kokoro: Clean up, clean up~♪ So pumped up to do some cleaning up~♪
Hagumi: Look, look~! An empty can, just sitting right here~! Off you go♪
Kokoro: Well done, Hagumi! You've found so much litter in no time!
Misaki: Whoa, your trash bag is already loaded.
Kaoru: Fufu, the townsfolk appear to be mesmerized by how elegantly I dispose of the refuse.
Misaki: Are the dramatics really needed here?
Kanon: Fufufu... By doing this, the town will be much cleaner than before.
Kaoru: Not a single scrap can be overlooked... for we are the Smile Patrol.
Kokoro: Look! All the people around us are nothing but smiles!
Misaki: I get the feeling they're laughing at us, not with us...
Kokoro: Hey, everyone! There's a flower garden over here!
Kokoro: And watering flowers is one of the Smile Patrol's duties, is it not?
Kaoru: Yes, providing nourishment to our floral companions is one of many important missions, indeed.
Kokoro: Okay, leave it to me! Uhhh, now to find some water...
Hagumi: You can do it, Kokoron! We have to make sure to protect everyone's smile.
Kokoro: Of course! That's what the Smile Patrol is for!
Misaki: We're just watering flowers. You two are going a little overboard.
Marina: Hm? Hey, it's Hello, Happy World! What are you all doing here?
Kokoro: Well, if it isn't Marina! We're in the middle of our highly acclaimed band activities!
Marina: Huh? Band activities? Looks like you're picking up trash to me...
Hagumi: Today, we've decided to set up a Smile Patrol!
Marina: Smile Patrol...? Fufufu, that suits your band well. You girls are always up to something interesting.
Misaki: Sigh~... Kokoro called us out here at the crack of dawn...
Kanon: What are you up to, Marina-san? You seem to have your hands full there.
Marina: Just came back from some shopping.
Marina: Some new bands are putting on a show at CiRCLE today. We're expecting a packed audience, so I went out to grab some supplies.
Kaoru: How amusing. In other words... Marina-san is also hard at work making others smile.
Kokoro: That's amazing, Marina! Glad to see that we're all working towards the same goal!
Kokoro: I now declare you a member of the Smile Patrol!
Marina: Fufufu, thank you. I'll do my best to make sure every last patron is happy!
Misaki: You sure know how to play along, Marina-san.
Marina: Now, now. I think Kokoro-chan is right about smiles being important. Nothing brightens my day like seeing our customers happy after a performance.
Marina: Okay, I've got to go now! Good luck with your band activities~!
Kokoro: Mmm~! With another member added to our ranks, it's a good time to put 110% effort into our litter and flower-watering duties~!
Hagumi & Kaoru: Yeah~!
Kokoro: Look, everyone! This is incredible! The station entrance is so clean now!
Hagumi: We did it, Kokoron!
Kaoru: Behold, for even the flowers grace us with their smiles. Ahhh, how fleeting.
Kokoro: All we have left is to tidy up the area around this bench! For the sake of every smile out there!
Kokoro: Oh? Come have a look at this! Someone dropped a beautiful marble here by the bench!
Hagumi: Wow, you're right! Hey, Kokoron! Let me see~!
Kanon: Hm? I found some over here, too.
Misaki: And here.
Kokoro: Oh my! This is amazing~! There are so many of them! Let's gather them up! I see one right by you, Hagumi!
Hagumi: Really?! Where, where?! Ah, here it is~! I found myself a pretty marble~♪
Kaoru: Fufu, a most blessed gift from above, as a reward for our sweat and toil in cleansing the rubbish.
Kokoro: Without a doubt! Hagumi! I bet there are more around here! We should keep looking!
Hagumi: Way ahead of you~! Time to find more of these mystery gifts~!

Smile Patrol! Reporting for Duty!! Event Story - Chapter 2
Something to Report at the Park!

The group finds a marble while picking up trash.
Their next destination is the park. What will they find there...?


Station Entrance

Kokoro: And with that, the station entrance is now officially clean!
Misaki: Phew, I'm beat~. That was a lot of trash to pick up.
Hagumi: Uh-huh! But we also found a ton of pretty marbles!
Kanon: Wow, there were that many? Looks to be around twenty or so.
Kaoru: A town, purified. A bounty of marbles, gathered. And most importantly, smiles as far as the eye can see.
Kaoru: A superb beginning for the Smile Patrol.
Kokoro: I was just thinking the same thing! Our newly cleaned town helped to light up so many faces!
Hagumi: Some of them even stopped to give us a hand! That made me so happy~♪
Kokoro: Alright, we should keep up this pace! All those smiles out there are counting on us!
Misaki: Huh? Hold up... You mean we're not done yet?
Kokoro: Why would we be? We're the Smile Patrol, aren't we? How can we call ourselves that if we don't go out and patrol?
Hagumi: Yep, she's got a point. It's not a patrol if we pack up and leave already. You don't want to be known as the Garbage Gang, right?
Kokoro: Okay, Smile Patrol! We head to our next destination! Move out~!
Hagumi, Kaoru & Kanon: Yeah~!


Kokoro: One, two! One, two! Company halt!
Kokoro: All right, everyone! We have arrived at the park! Are there any faces in need of a smile? Let's search the area!
Misaki: Uh, Kokoro... Can we call off this whole marching thing? Having to deal with all these staring eyes is really embarrassing...
Kokoro: We can't stop now. Didn't you see how many smiles we made with our march? I'm sure you did.
Misaki: I was too busy being horrified to notice...
Hagumi: Wow~! A park on a Sunday is always packed with kids! Smiles as far as the eye can see. As it should be~!
Kaoru: Nay, I fear it may be too early for such an assumption.
Hagumi: Oh? Why's that, Kaoru-kun?
Kaoru: Direct your gaze toward the child sitting upon that bench. What an undeniably gloomy expression.
Kanon: A child on a bench...? The one over there? Reading manga all alone...?
Hagumi: Hey, you're right...! And staring at the other children with such a sad face! That has to feel so lonely!
Kokoro: We can't stand by and let this happen! Duty calls! Smile Patrol, time to head out!
Kokoro: Why, hello there. Mind if I sit next to you?
Kid: ... Huh? Who are you?
Kokoro: I'm a part of the Smile Patrol!
Kid: Smile... Patrol...?
Kokoro: That's right! We're marching around town to spread smiles to one and all!
Kokoro: I see that you like manga. Say, why don't you show me that lovely smile of yours?!
Kid: What are you talking about?
Kokoro: You and I are friends now, you see, so let's play together!
Kid: W-we are not friends! I just want to read!
Hagumi: Oh, I know! Why don't we play tag?! I bet that'll be tons of fun!
Kaoru: Playing house is another option. A plethora of acting skills can be learned from such a game.
Kid: You guys are annoying~! Go away!
Hagumi: Sigh, that didn't go so well...
Kaoru: Such obstinate rejection. Every opportunity for conversation extinguished before our very eyes...
Hagumi: Sorry, Kokoron... We're not worthy of being in the Smile Patrol...
Misaki: Well, you can't blame the kid for having that kind of attitude.
Misaki: I've got a younger brother and sister myself, so I know how delicately children need to be handled. You guys came on too strong.
Kanon: Okay, so how are we supposed to make that child smile?
Kokoro: Listen up! Things went sour because you all looked like you had toothaches or something!
Misaki: Huh?
Kokoro: If we want to make others smile, we have to start with ourselves first, right?
Kokoro: That's why we need to find a game that'll bring out our smiles, too!
Hagumi: That makes sense... Sure, works for me! We've gotta start with our own smiles first!
Kaoru: Forgive me, Kokoro. I had forgotten such a cardinal rule.
Kokoro: So, what should we play?
Hagumi: Hey, what about those?! The marbles we picked up earlier! With how many we found, there has to be a bunch of fun ways to use them, right?!
Kokoro: I'm impressed, Hagumi! You are on a roll with all these great ideas today!
Hagumi: Hehehe~. Thanks, Kokoron!
Kokoro: Attention, Smile Patrol! Get your marbles ready for an afternoon of play~! Happy~! Lucky~! Smile~!
Hagumi & Kaoru: Patrol~!

Smile Patrol! Reporting for Duty!! Event Story - Chapter 3
Expanding Circle of Smiles

The members of Hello, Happy World! begin playing with the marble.
That's when the lonely-looking child does something...



Kokoro: Okay, I have your marble in my sights, Misaki~!
Misaki: Come on, you've been targeting me since we started! Go after Kanon-san! She's right at the line!
Kanon: Fue~! Misaki-chan, how could you~? Fufufu.
Hagumi: Alright, looks like I'm up next~! I think I'll aim for Kaoru-kun~. Hiyah!
Misaki: Whoa! Nice shot, Hagumi!
Hagumi: Hahaha! Yay~! Kaoru-kun's marble is all mine now~♪
Kaoru: Fufu. Commendable skills, Hagumi... but I am not out of this yet. My turn has finally come, and with it, the chance to display my true power.
Kanon: Kaoru-san, it was supposed to be my turn...
Kid: H-hey!
Misaki: Hm? It's that kid from before.
Kid: Uhm... I'd like to play, if that's okay.
Kokoro: Fufu, by all means! We have plenty of marbles, so grab some and join us!
Kid: Okay, thanks! How do you play, anyway?
Hagumi: So! First, hold the marble like this. See? Then, give it a flick...
Kanon: I was so caught up in playing that I didn't notice our new recruit. I wonder when that happened.
Misaki: Just take a look around. It's like every kid in the park wants in on the action...
Kokoro: Come on, you won't smile by standing around and watching~! Grab some marbles and play with us! We have more than enough for everyone!
Kid: Here goes~! Pow! Kyahaha, awesome~! I hit two with one shot~!
Hagumi: Check it out, Kokoron! We did it~! That kid is all smiles now!
Kaoru: The effect has spread much further than that. Every single child in the park is beaming with a joyous grin. Ahhh, what a fleeting sight to behold.
Kokoro: This is wonderful! Our smiles really are spreading to everyone around us!
Hagumi: Uh-huh! It sure does look that way! Mission accomplished, Smile Patrol!
Kokoro: Mmm~! Alrighty! We should head towards our next destination and keep the good times rolling!
Kid: Hey, wait!
Kokoro: Hm? What is it?
Kid: Here, for you. It's a thank you gift for playing with me today!
Kokoro: Is this that manga you were reading earlier? Are you sure you want to give that away?
Kid: Uh-huh! I'm done reading it, anyway. And you gave me a lot of free marbles, too!
Kokoro: Oh! You don't mind? Wow, I couldn't be happier! I'll take good care of it!


Kanon: Turns out that child had a really adorable smile.
Hagumi: Yep, sure did! The Smile Patrol really is doing an important job!
Misaki: So, what's our next mission? I'm assuming we're nowhere near done yet...
Kokoro: Ah, I see someone over there who is in need of a smile! This looks like a job for the Smile Patrol!
Misaki: ... Hm? Wait, isn't that... Aoba-san?
Moca: Ohhh~. This is bad~. What should I do~?
Kokoro: Moca~! Hello~!
Moca: Hm? Well, well. Is that Hello, Happy World! I spy?
Kokoro: Fufufu, you are both right and wrong! Today, we are the Smile Patrol!
Moca: Oh-hoh, how amusing. Could you decipher that for me, Misaki-chin~?
Misaki: U-uhhh, it's kind of a long story...
Moca: I see~. And that's when you found me~.
Kokoro: Why the long face, Moca? The Smile Patrol should be more than capable of turning that frown upside-down!
Moca: Oh no, I think this will one stump even experts like yourselves. I've lost something very precious.
Hagumi: Something precious? Would finding it help bring your smile back?
Moca: It's not easy to find, unfortunately~. I'm sure the spectacular Smile Patrol is unlikely to-
Moca: Oh-hoh...? What do you have in your hand there...?!
Hagumi: This is a gift we got for making someone smile!
Moca: I-it can't be...! I thought I'd never see one again! It's the magazine I've been searching for.
All: Huh?!
Moca: A manga I like is printed in there. Last week's issue had a mind-blowing development, so I wanted to keep it for my collection, but I accidentally left my copy behind on the train.
Moca: All the stores are out of stock, so I gave up and decided to drown my sorrow in these tasty buns here~.
Kokoro: In that case, we can give this copy to you!
Moca: What?! For real~?!
Kokoro: Of course! Letting you have it means more happiness all around! Wouldn't you agree, Hagumi?
Hagumi: Uh-huh♪ Makes perfect sense to me!
Moca: Wow, I'd really appreciate it~... Ah, how about I trade some buns for it? I bought a truckload.
Kokoro: No need to give us your bread. If this manga is all it takes to bring out that smile of yours, then that's enough for us!
Moca: Gasp... Bless you, Smile Patrol~.
Hagumi: Hahahaha! How lucky for you, Moca-chi~!
Moca: Wait, I wouldn't feel right ending it on that note, so I'll give you all- I mean... half of my buns! And I won't take no for an answer...
Kokoro: Oh my! Alright, then! Thank you, Moca!
Moca: No, I should be thanking you~. Long live the Smile Patrol!

Smile Patrol! Reporting for Duty!! Event Story - Chapter 4
A Straw Millionaire?

With the newly-received manga pushing them forward,
the group continues their thus-far-successful smile patrol.



Hagumi: Did you see the look on Moca-chi's face?! She seemed so happy! Yeah, this Smile Patrol was a great idea~♪
Kokoro: I knew these were the kind of activities our band needed! I can't wait to help make more and more people smile~!
Kanon: We went from finding marbles while picking up trash... to trading those marbles for a manga... to exchanging the manga for bread...
Kaoru: Fufu, and it smells positively delightful. I can only imagine what wonders await our taste buds.
Misaki: Wasn't there some kind of old tale that played out like this? The Straw Millionaire, I think it was called.
Kanon: I was thinking the same thing. With a single piece of straw, the man slowly but surely worked his way up to a mansion, right?
Misaki: With Kokoro, I think that could actually happen... There's just something about her. She has "it," you know?
Kokoro: Oh? I've spotted another person in need of a smile! There's no time to waste~!
Hagumi: Ah, Kokoron! Hold up~!
Rimi: Sigh~...
Kokoro: Rimi~! Hello!
Rimi: Ah, Kokoro-chan?
Kaoru: What ails you, little kitten? A most pained expression haunts your visage.
Rimi: Y-you're here, too, Kaoru-san?!
Hagumi: The whole crew is out and about today~! We've decided to set up a Smile Patrol!
Rimi: Smile Patrol...?
Kaoru: Our duty is to protect the smiles of every little kitten we come across. Now, will you kindly share with us the reason behind your previous exhalation?
Rimi: Uhm, well... Huh?! Th-that bag! Is it...?!
Kaoru: A gift from dear Moca-chan. We crossed paths earlier, and the manga she had been seeking happened to be in our possession.
Rimi: A-actually, that bread is from a bakery that recently opened in the shopping mall. They were all sold out when I stopped by, though...
Kokoro: It all makes sense now! So that's why you looked like you had a stomachache!
Rimi: I would say it was more hunger pangs than anything...
Kaoru: Fufu, then unto you, Rimi-chan, shall we bestow these doughy delights. Their fate is certainly to bring happiness to those who enjoy their flavor. What say you, Kokoro?
Kokoro: Without a doubt! A mouthful of these will bring out that smile of yours, won't it? In that case, this can be your Smile Bread!
Rimi: You really don't mind, Kokoro-chan?! Wow, I can't thank you enough~!
Hagumi: Hehehe, your smile is shining bright, Rimi-rin! I'm so happy for you!
Rimi: Thanks! You really made my day! Oh, I know...! Would you... accept this as a token of gratitude?
Misaki: From marbles to manga... from manga to bread... and from bread to...
Kanon: Hey, Hagumi-chan? Do you know what character that stuffed animal is? I've never seen it before.
Hagumi: Hmmm, beats me. The way it looks is creeping me out a little... Ah, but the material feels so nice.
Misaki: She mentioned winning it from one of the crane games in the shopping mall, right? Not saying that I know what it is, mind you...
Misaki: Seriously though, can't you imagine the Straw-Millionaire thing happening. I'm not saying she'll end up with a mansion, but I wouldn't rule out something valuable...
Kanon: Yes, it does seem possible with Kokoro-chan around.
Kokoro: What are you two whispering about? The Smile Patrol is far from finished! Everyone, let's get out there and spread more smiles!
Kokoro: Ready, and... One, two! One, two!
Ako: Ah, Kokoro!
Kokoro: Well, if it isn't Ako! Perfect timing! You should take part in the Smile Patrol!
Ako: Smile Patrol...?
Kokoro: We're going around town, spreading smiles to anyone we can find.
Ako: Ooo~! That sounds fun! But I don't think I'm in the mood for that today~.
Hagumi: Huh? What's wrong, Ako-chin?! Did something terrible happen?
Ako: Nah, I wouldn't go that far... Huh?! That plushie...! Where'd you find it...?!
Hagumi: We got it from Rimi-rin a little while ago~. None of us know what character it is, though. Do you?
Ako: Do I know it?! That's a plushie of The End, a character from NFO! It's a crane-game exclusive!
Hagumi: Whoa, it is~?! I had no idea~!
Ako: I wanted it so badly that I spent this month's allowance trying to nab one...but I walked away empty-handed...
Hagumi: Well, then we'll just give this one to you! Can we, Kokoron?
Kokoro: That's a fantastic idea~! Ako, could you take this off our hands?
Ako: Y-you really mean it?! Yay~!! Thank you so much, Smile Patrol!!
Kokoro: Fufufu, look at that perfect smile!
Ako: Hey, wait! A gift this awesome deserves something in return!
Kanon: What do you think we got this time, Misaki-chan? Marbles to manga, manga to bread, bread to stuffed animals...
Misaki: It's just an ordinary plastic bag from the looks of it...
Kokoro: It was nice of Ako to give this to us. We should at least see what's inside! Hey, Misaki! Care to do the honors?
Misaki: Huh? You want me to do it...? I-I'm not so sure about this... Ah, it doesn't seem all that heavy.
Misaki: Alright... I'm opening it... Here goes...
Misaki: Hm?! What?!
Kanon: M-Misaki-chan? What is it? What's inside...?
Misaki: I-it can't be...!

Smile Patrol! Reporting for Duty!! Event Story - Chapter 5
A Request for Backup

After trading, they end up with croquettes.
With plans to eat them, they head to...?



Kokoro: What's wrong, Misaki? Why do you look so shocked? What's in the bag?
Misaki: These are...
Misaki: Croquettes... from Hagumi's store...
All: Huh?!
Misaki: Look for yourselves! They're totally from her shop, aren't they?
Hagumi: Whoa~! You're right! You know, I thought I smelled croquettes from our place~!
Kokoro: This is wonderful! Getting our hands on this many is like a dream come true!
Kaoru: Fresh out of the fryer, as well. Witness the rising steam... Ah, how fleeting.
Kanon: Haha... Hahaha... Looks like we didn't end up as millionaires after all.
Misaki: Yeah, these aren't any different from the ones we normally get when we hang out at Hagumis place...
Misaki: Oh well. We made people happy along the way, so maybe that's enough.
Kanon: Fufufu, can't argue with that. And that's what Hello, Happy World! was made for.
Hagumi: Alright! The Smile Patrol gets to chow down on these yummy-looking croquettes! Let's dig i-
Kokoro: Hagumi! Wait a moment! We're still missing one of our members! We'll need to change locations if we want to share a meal with the entire Smile Patrol!
Hagumi: Huh? We do? Where do we have to go?
Kokoro: Fufufu. Follow me, everyone! Smile Patrol, move out!

CiRCLE - Lobby

Marina: Sigh, what a busy day~. Only a little more to go, though. I've got to hang in there so the event patrons can have a good time! Alright, what's next...?
Kokoro: Marina~! Hello!
Marina: Huh?! Kokoro-chan?! Hey, girls...! What are you all doing here?
Kokoro: The Smile Patrol would like to assemble all of its members so we can enjoy the croquettes Ako gave us earlier. Marina, you were added to the team this morning, correct?
Marina: Smile Patrol... Yes, I suppose that did happen...
Hagumi: Oh yeah~! Now that you mention it, we did invite her! I forgot all about that.
Hagumi: I'm so sorry, Marina-san!
Marina: I appreciate the apology, but I'm still kind of lost... What exactly is going on? Can anyone fill me in?
Misaki: Well, I suppose that responsibility falls on myself and Kanon-san... Do you remember how we were picking up litter this morning? Not long after that...
Marina: I see, so that's what happened. I think I get it now! Thanks for taking the time to include me, Kokoro-chan.
Kokoro: But of course! You're a member of the Smile Patrol! Come and enjoy a croquette with us!
Marina: Sure! Don't mind if I do! I wonder which one I should go with. How about-
Marina: Ah, hang on. The phone is ringing. I'd better answer it... Hello, you've reached CiRCLE...
Marina: ... What?! Are you serious?! Yeah, okay. No, everything is fine here... You just focus on getting better... Uh-huh, see ya.
Hagumi: Marina-san? What happened?
Marina: W-well... that was the closing act for today's event. One of the band members got hurt somehow, and they called to say they can't make it...
All: What?!
Marina: It doesn't seem like the injury was too severe, but they still can't put on a performance...
Marina: Jeez, what a mess~... I'm not sure where we could find a replacement band on such short notice... Oh.
Marina: H-hey, my dear Smile Patrol... I have a favor to ask you... if you don't mind.
Misaki: ... Huh? You don't mean...
Kokoro: What is it? If it brings smiles to everyone, then we're all for it! Because we're the Smile Patrol!

CiRCLE - Stage

Kokoro: Hello, everyone~! Are you feeling happy today? We'll be the last act of the evening!
Audience Member: ... What? Today's final act is Hello, Happy World!?
Kokoro: Fufufu, that's where you're wrong! Today, we are known as the Smile Patrol!
Kanon: Kokoro-chan... The audience looks really confused...
Kaoru: Fufu, a member of the intended final act has had an unfortunate accident. Would you perhaps be willing to accept us as their replacement, my little kittens?
Audience Member: It's Kaoru-san...! It's really her...! She's so cool...!
Hagumi: We're going to bring you an all-out performance, so get ready to show us those smiles! Don't hold back, Kano-chan-senpai! Michelle!
Kanon & Michelle: You got it!
Audience Member: Wow, Michelle is really here~! She's so cute~! Over here, over here~!
Misaki: (We decided to participate tonight and poof... our instruments and the Michelle costume were ready for us... Are those black suits magicians or something...?)
Kokoro: All right, here we go~! Happy~! Lucky~! Smile~!
All: Patrol~!

Smile Patrol! Reporting for Duty!! Event Story - Ending
The Power of Smiles

Having completed their impromptu performance the day before,
the girls find something of note at the park...


The Next Day


Hagumi: Man, yesterday was so much fun~! Who knew we would be holding a concert by the end of all that?!
Kaoru: Despite our abrupt appearance, the patrons seemed to have had a good time, like a garden of flowers blossoming with smiles shining brightly.
Kanon: I'm sure the band that pulled out probably felt guilty about what happened, so I think we did the right thing.
Misaki: I remember thinking how outrageous the whole thing was at first. We didn't have our instruments or Michelle.
Kokoro: Speaking of which, Misaki, were you able to finish that sudden errand you had yesterday?
Misaki: Ah, yeah~... In a way.
Kokoro: Glad to hear it! In the end, our Smile Patrol was able to live up to its name and make everyone smile!
Kokoro: We'll have to include it in our future activities with Hello, Happy World!
Hagumi: Yeah! Count me in! I can't wait~!
Kaoru: Nor can I, Kokoro.
Misaki: All of those antics actually led to a true "band" activity. Kokoro really does have "it," doesn't she?
Kokoro: I do? What do I have?
Misaki: Nobody else could have done what you did. We went from picking up litter to putting on a bona fide concert.
Misaki: I have to admit, that is pretty impressive.
Kanon: I agree. Kokoro-chan pulled off something special. That whole time... I was wondering how our Straw Millionaire story would end.
Hagumi: Straw Millionaire? Like the old tale?
Kanon: Uh-huh. We were talking about it yesterday, weren't we, Misaki-chan? Wondering if the marbles we found and all the trading we did afterward would lead us to some kind of treasure.
Misaki: Hey, putting on a show may not be the same as finding gold or anything, but it's still special.
Misaki: That is the "it" I was referring to.
Kokoro: I don't get it. Besides, what happened yesterday was not my doing.
Misaki: Hahaha. I thought you might say that. Next, you'll say that you want to share the credit with the rest of us.
Kokoro: No, not exactly. What we truly need to thank is the power of smiles!
Misaki: The power of smiles...?
Kokoro: Yes, the power of smiles is incredible!
Misaki: Hahaha, I somehow can't help but agree when you're the one saying it.
Hagumi: The power of smiles~♪ I like the sound of that~. Mmm, I'm feeling all bubbly inside!
Kid: Ah, it's you guys!
Kokoro: Oh? Aren't you the child from yesterday? Were you able to have fun with the other children?
Kid: Yeah! We're going to play marbles again, too!
Hagumi: Wow, that's great! Glad to hear it~!
Kid: Thanks for yesterday. You helped me make a bunch of new friends. Those marbles you gave me are my new special treasures!
Kaoru: Fufu, now that is truly a splendid smile. The power of smiles has shined its blessing upon you.
Kid: Hey, uh... would you like to play with me again?
Kokoro: Yes! I would be glad to! The more we play, the more smiles we can make!
Kokoro: Did you have anything in mind?
Kid: Marbles! I want to play marbles! Here, I have one for each of you!
Hagumi: Wow, for us~?!
Kid: Uh-huh! I bought a whole bunch more so I could share them with you!
Kokoro: Thank you! I really appreciate it! Alrighty, let's get started! Come on, everyone!
Hagumi: Aw yeah! I'm going to go all out~!
Kaoru: Fufu, I will not be so easily defeated this time, Hagumi. Feast your eyes upon the splendor my marbles radiate.
Kanon: Misaki-chan. Didn't that child just say that these marbles are 'treasures'...?
Misaki: No mistaking it. In other words... our journey actually did end with treasure...
Kanon: That's how it seems...
Misaki: Kokoro really does...
Misaki & Kanon: Have "it"...
Kokoro: Misaki~! Kanon~! Hurry and join us~! We're deciding who goes first~!
Misaki: Yeah, we hear you! We're coming~!
Kanon: Fue~. Wait for us, Kokoro-chan~.

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