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Smiley Chocolate Bite Card Story - Episode

Mysterious Treasure Box


Valentine's Day

Kokoro: Kaoru! Hagumi! Look what I found!
Kaoru: Oh my, what ever is the matter?
Hagumi: Did something happen? ... Ah, That's-!
Others: A treasure chest!
Kokoro: What's this doing here? Do you think someone left it behind?
Hagumi: Kokoron, maybe it was Happy Phantom Thief!
Kaoru: No, I think not. Happy Phantom Thief would not have prepared a chest with such adorable decorations.
Kokoro: Oh yeah. So who was it then?! What an exciting mystery!
Kaoru: This treasure chest is decorated with flowers and musical notes... Therefore, I propose that we call this mystery person "Phantom Thief Flower Sound!"
Hagumi: Phantom Thief Flower Sound is such a cool name! Hey, hey, so what's inside? Open it up!
Kokoro: Alright! Here we-
Kaoru: Stop, you two!
Hagumi: Whoa! You scared me~. What's wrong?
Kaoru: ... What if this chest has some sort of trap installed in it?
Kokoro: A trap?! That's... even more exciting!
Hagumi: Phew~! Good thing we didn't open it~! What kind of trap do you think it is? What if it's like those fake gum packages they sell? You know, the one's that hurt your finger when you touch them!
Kaoru: If it's a mere moment of pain, that'd be fine. However, if we're not careful, things could end... with a bang.
Others: A bang?!
Kanon: Fuee~... What's wrong, you guys?
Hagumi: Kano-chan-senpai, step back! This treasure chest might explode!
Kanon: A-a treasure chest...!
Kanon: (Ah... So they found it after all...)
Kanon: Uhm, uh... What do you mean by explode?
Kokoro: It looks like this chest is booby-trapped!
Kaoru: Indeed... By none other than Phantom Thief Flower Sound!
Kanon: F-Flower Sound...? I-I don't know... It doesn't look booby-trapped to me.
Kokoro: Oh, it doesn't?
Hagumi: Aw~, that's too bad...
Kanon: Huh?! Ah, wait! I mean... It could be...
Kokoro: I knew it! Fufu, alright, now what to do about the trap ♪
Kanon: Ooo...
Misaki: Hey~. Ah, looks like I'm the last one. You guys seem pretty lively... What's up?
Hagumi: Watch out, Mii-kun! This treasure chest just might explode!
Kaoru: It appears the Phantom Thief Flower Sound has sent a challenge to Hello, Happy World!
Misaki: Treasure chest? Flower Sound? ... What are you going on about?
Kokoro: When we got to the studio, this treasure chest was just sitting there!
Misaki: Well... That is a treasure chest, I'll give you that. ... Although it looks like a paper model to me.
Kanon: M-Misaki-chan... Uhm... You see...
Misaki: .. I'm not totally sure what's going on, but I think I've got it. Kanon-san, would you come here for a second?

CiRCLE Lobby

Misaki: ... Gotcha. So you're the one who made that treasure chest.
Kanon: Yes. I got here a little early, so I just put it down in the studio...
Misaki: And since the three dummies were all excited about finding it, you couldn't bring yourself to say anything.
Kanon: They looked like they were having so much fun... What should I do~?!
Misaki: Hmm~... It'd be best if we could play along with those three and deal with the treasure chest at the same time... I've got an idea. Leave it to me.


Misaki: Okay, got it? Now I'm going to go ahead and disarm this treasure chest.
Kokoro: I had no idea you could do that, Misaki! That's fantast-erific!
Misaki: Hahaha. Alright, here I go~. One, two... Three. Ta-dah~.
Hagumi: Whoa~! It didn't explode! So what's inside?! Let me see!
Kaoru: It's... chocolate and a card? "To everyone in Hello, Happy World! From Kanon...?" Kanon, what is the meaning of this...?
Kanon: I-I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare everyone like that... This is my Valentine's Day gift to all of you.
Kanon: I thought you would enjoy it more if I put the chocolates inside a treasure chest.
Hagumi: Wow...! Kano-chan-senpai, this is so, so, so cool! It's cute, fun, and a total surprise!
Kokoro: Agreed! I had no idea there would be chocolate inside! You even booby-trapped it for us too!
Kanon: Ehehe... Uhm, well, that's-
Misaki: Let it go, Kanon-san.
Kaoru: ... Kanon. To think the Phantom Thief Flower Sound would turn out to be you...!
Misaki: Hold on, you're the ones who assumed it was some phantom thief. Besides, don't the cute decorations give it away?
Kanon: Ahaha... Well, as long as everyone enjoyed it, I suppose I can call this Valentine's Day surprise a success. Ehehe.

Smiley Chocolate Bite Card Story - Special Episode

Filled with Anticipation


CiCLE Café

Kanon: Sigh~... Ooh...
Kanon: Ah, BanG Dreamer-san. H-hello.
Kanon: Sorry, I was just spacing out. Hello, Happy World! has practice after this. I got here before everyone else, but now I can't calm down.
Kanon: You see, it's Valentine's Day, so I brought chocolates for everyone...
Kanon: This time I put a little extra effort in, especially with the packaging, so I'm a little nervous about how they're going to react.
Kanon: Will they like it? Did I pick the right flavors? Just stuff like that...
Kanon: The chocolates themselves are in the studio right now, but I have a picture... Here.
Kanon: Ehehe... I'm going to upload it to my page later. Himari-chan introduced me to this new social media app.
Kanon: Preparing for Valentine's Day this year was a lot of fun, thanks to Himari-chan.
Kanon: We saw all sorts of chocolates I didn't even know existed, which gave me a lot of ideas...
Kanon: I was really surprised to see just how many types of chocolates are out there.
Kanon: However... No matter how hard I looked, I couldn't find any that reminded me of Hello, Happy World!
Kanon: So I started to think about my bandmates.
Kanon: What kind of chocolates would they want? What do they taste like? What do they look like?
Kanon: And after a while, I remembered the sparkling look in their eyes when they see something special.
Kanon: I thought about the excitement we felt while on our treasure hunt, and decided I wanted my gift to make them feel the same way as they did back then.
Kanon: So I made the package look like a treasure chest! It's just a paper model, but it's actually really sturdy.
Kanon: I made the inside look like treasure too. Other than my homemade chocolates, I added chocolate coins and jewel-shaped candies!
Kanon: I added a dinosaur egg too, which I also filled with chocolate. I thought Kokoro-chan would like that.
Kanon: It wasn't that expensive... and I suppose it does look a little childish. Fufu.
Kanon: What do you think? Will they like it?
Kanon: ... Ehehe, thank you. That makes me feel better.
Kanon: I wonder when everyone's going to get here...
Marina: Huh? Kanon-chan? I just saw Kokoro-chan and the others enter the studio. Shouldn't you be in there with them?
Kanon: What? Really? Ah, the treasure chest! I left it in the studio...
Kanon: What if they see it...? I really want to be the one to give it to them!
Kanon: Thank you for letting me know, Marina-san! And thank you for listening to me, BanG Dreamer-san.
Kanon: I hope they haven't found the treasure chest yet...!