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Someday, A Poem For You: Lisa's Lyrics Event Story - Opening
For Roselia's Sake

Lisa wants to help Roselia more,
so she begins to search for something she can do...


Imai Residence
Lisa's Room

Lisa: Mmm~! Another week, another great episode~♪
Lisa: With the older student keeping those true feeling a secret, the suspense in this drama is killing me~.
Lisa: You think a girl is always gonna be there with you, and then when she disappears, everything gets thrown off. I just couldn't help but smile, seeing that kind of thing♪
Lisa: ... Hm? That reminds me. I feel like someone told me something similar before...
Lisa: ... Ah! I remember! It was the time when I couldn't make it to Roselia practice!
Lisa: When my shift ended and I went over to the studio, I could see it on their faces: a sigh of relief from the bottom of their hearts. And Ako was like "I missed you~!" Then she ran over and hugged me♪
Lisa: Ahaha, that made me so happy~☆ I had no idea they needed me there that badly...
Lisa: ... Speaking of, that was the time when I started thinking a lot more about Roselia.
Lisa: About how I wanted to be more helpful to everyone...
Lisa: ...
Lisa: I wonder if there's something more I can do for us.
Lisa: (Something besides just shaping the mood... Something that would benefit the others more...)
Lisa: Maybe I should try my hand at something new... I'm sure it would be good for the band...

The Next Day
Convenience Store
Lisa & Moca's Shift

Moca: ... And then~, we went looking for matching accessories~, but on our way, Ran remembered that a band she likes just released a record~, so we ended up going into the music store~.
Lisa: Ahaha, so in the end, you guys ended up buying a record instead of accessories? And that's why you were saying you'll get your revenge, huh?
Moca: Every time we pass by the music store, Ran gets like that~. I hope I can buy that charm next time~.
Moca: Oh yeah~. While we were there, I bought the same record~. You wanna listen to it later~? It's the same band from that album I lent you last time.
Lisa: Ah, yeah, yeah~! I've been listening to them non-stop ever since☆
Lisa: The lyrics in their songs are awesome~. It fits together so well with the voice of the singer ♪
Moca: Maybe that's because the singer is the one writing them~? They understand their own voice... I guess.
Lisa: I see. And that's why the voice and the words vibe perfectly ♪
Lisa: So the singer also writes the lyrics... Now that you mention it, yeah. Yukina writes for Roselia too~.
Moca: And Ran writes for us~.
Lisa: ... You sure do hear that a lot. The singer is usually the lyricist and the composer.
Lisa: Has Ran always done the writing for Afterglow?
Moca: Uhm, it was a bit different a while ago~.
Lisa: Oh, really?
Moca: Well~, there's a story that'd make you cry your eyes out, but I'm gonna keep it a secret~.
Lisa: A-a secret, huh? I guess I can't ask about it then...
Moca: Doesn't writing lyrics seem hard though~? Whenever Ran can't come up with something she likes, she becomes even more frustrated than usual~.
Moca: And when I try to talk to her, she ignores me~.
Lisa: I totally get it. Sometimes when Yukina starts writing, I can see the light on in her room all night.
Lisa: And I look at that and think, if only I could give her a hand by trading... places... Ahh!
Moca: Wah, h-hey... Lisa-san...? What's gotten into you~...?
Lisa: That's it! Lyrics, Moca! Lyrics!
Moca: Huh? What about 'em?
Lisa: If I learn how to write them, I think that would take a lot of the weight off of Yukina's shoulders☆
Lisa: I finally found it... The thing I've been looking for since yesterday! I've been wondering if there's something I could do to help Roselia more!
Moca: Wow~, you're amazing, Lisa-san. First you fill their stomachs with sweet cookies, and now you're gonna fill their ears with sweet lyrics...
Moca: Ah, I get it. By any chance... were you planning to say that you want to make ear candy~?
Lisa: N-no, I wasn't! That was just a coincidence! Besides, I didn't expect this idea to come up either!
Moca: Anyway~, I think if you want to do it, then it's something you should do~.
Lisa: I knew you would agree!
Lisa: Mhm! Alright! Thinking long and hard about it isn't gonna get me anywhere!
Lisa: Lisa Imai! It's time for you to try your hand at writing lyrics☆
Moca: ... Ah, you're way more into this than I thought you'd be~.

Someday, A Poem For You: Lisa's Lyrics Event Story - Chapter 1
Let the Writing Begin~

Despite taking on the challenge of writing lyrics,
things don't go as Lisa expected. That's when Moca gives her some advice...


Imai Residence
Lisa's Room

Lisa: Alrighty, I think it's time for me to try to write some lyrics!
Lisa: Just have to get some paper and a pen~... And let the writing begin~☆
Lisa: ... ... ...
Lisa: ... Hm? Lyrics... Where does one start...? Uh, uhm...
Lisa: ... H-huh? I feel like there's so much I want to write, but...
Lisa: ... Oh, I know. It's time like this when the internet is your best friend.
Lisa: Uhh~... To start, what about... "How to write lyrics"...? Now we search, and...
Lisa: Wow~, so many choices. I see, so there isn't just one way to write them~... Hm? What's this?
Lisa: "Discover a new skill! Lyricist contest."
Lisa: Interesting~, so there are lyric-writing contests!
Lisa: ... If I'm gonna write lyrics, I might as well enter this while I'm at it.
Lisa: Mhm! Yeah, at the very least, I have to aim for something like this!

The Next Day
Convenience Store

Moca: Hey, Lisa-san~. Working hard or hardly working~? How are the lyrics coming along~? Are you done yet~?
Lisa: About that, Moca. Guess what. I really did it~♪
Moca: What~?? You finished a song~? Don't you think that was a little too fast~?
Lisa: Not that~. I created a goal for myself!
Moca: ... Oh~... So that's what you mean~? I was so shocked. I thought you were saying you finished the lyrics to a song already~.
Moca: So, what is this goal~?
Lisa: I want to win a lyric-writing contest! I'll write the best lyrics I can and aim to win ♪
Moca: I think that's a great idea~. Tsugu's always saying, "Give everything your best shot!" So it's pretty much that.
Lisa: Yeah, yeah! Pretty much ♪
Moca: ... Okay, so how far did you get with the lyrics?
Lisa: I still haven't written any.
Moca: ... Huh? You mean... not even one line?
Lisa: It's just that yesterday, when I finally started, it was so hard~. I just sat there frozen with the pen in my hand.
Lisa: It was like, I had so many images I wanted to get down on paper, but I couldn't put them into words, I guess. I'm not really sure how to describe the feeling.
Lisa: Moca~, you gotta give me some advice~.
Moca: Moca-chan is not a lyricist~. She sucks at it, and that's why she leaves it up to Ran~. Sorry~, there's nothing I can do to help you~.
Moca: I think you'll be better off asking someone who writes lyrics on a regular basis~. Shouldn't you ask Minato-san for her help~?
Lisa: No no, we can't have that! If I can, I'd like to do this without relying on Yukina.
Lisa: I mean, if I ask her to help me, that's almost the same as her writing the lyrics herself.
Lisa: Besides, I'm sure if I keep this a secret until it's done, they'll all be so surprised☆
Moca: I see~. In that case, there's only one option left~.
Moca: If you can't ask Minato-san, I think you should ask Ran~.
Lisa: Ran...?
Moca: Not only her~, there are a bunch of people who write for their bands~. Why don't you try asking them for advice~?
Lisa: Ah, you're right! That is an option ♪
Lisa: I knew I could count on you, Moca~! That's a super idea~☆
Moca: Isn't it~? I always knew I was a genius~.
Lisa: Alrighty then. Sorry, but do you think you could ask Ran to help me?
Moca: Affirmative~. Would after today's shift be okay?
Lisa: Mhm, as soon as possible would be best, seeing as how I have to write my own lyrics after talking to her ☆
Moca: Okay~. I'll get in touch with her then~.
Lisa: Great~! Thanks so much, Moca ♪

Someday, A Poem For You: Lisa's Lyrics Event Story - Chapter 2
Words as They Are

Lisa gets to hear about how Ran writer lyrics and
begins to grasp the image of it, little by little.


Post Work Shift
Station Entrance

Lisa: I'm sure you're exhausted form work. Sorry to drag you along, Moca.
Moca: Don't worry about it~. Ran's not really a people-person, so I think it'd be better if I were here.
Moca: ... Ah, Moca-chan sensor, scanning now~.
Moca: Uhh~... Ah, Ran spotted. Sorry to keep you waiting~.
Lisa: Ran, long time no see~☆ How've you been?
Ran: It has been a while... I've been... the same...
Moca: Well, no point in just standing around. Let's find a restaurant to go to~. My legs are about to give out any second now~.
Lisa: Ahaha, yeah ♪ Alright, let's go!


Lisa: Sorry for asking you to come here this late, Ran☆
Ran: It's no problem... I didn't have anything planned, so don't worry about it. So, what did you wanna talk about...?
Lisa: I actaully have something I wanted to ask you~♪
Ran: You... have something you wanna ask me...? What is it?
Lisa: So... I want to hear about how you write your lyrics.
Ran: Lyrics? You?
Lisa: ... Haha, hahaha. I knew that would be your reaction~. I was ready for it...
Moca: So it turn out~, Lisa-san wants to walk the path of a candymaker, making both tummy candy and ear candy~.
Lisa: Moca~, you know I didn't say that~...
Ran: ... Ear candy... Fufu.
Moca: Ah, you laughed at my pun~.
Ran: I'm not laughing! Your joke was a flop.
Lisa: Ahahaha... Anyway, let's be serious. Last night, I decided I would give writing lyrics a try!
Lisa: But it really is difficult, huh...? I have no idea where I should start.
Moca: In the end, she couldn't even write one line~.
Lisa: M-Moca... I guess you could say that...
Ran: ... I get what you're saying though. I understand that feeling. When I hit a wall, no matter what I do, I just can't get over it.
Lisa: S-so that really happens? What are you supposed to do during times like that?
Ran: Hmm... What do I do? Now that you're asking me, I'm not really sure...
Lisa: Like, for example, do you take a shower? People say that a lot, don't they?
Ran: I've... never tried that before... Ah, but I do play guitar.
Lisa: Interesting~! Guitar, huh~? That feels just like something you would do.
Ran: While I'm playing, I just try blurting out whatever... And when I do, every now and then I'll find something that I think sounds good...
Lisa: Ohh~♪ It's like your soul is shouting! That's so cool~.
Moca: Hehe~, the lyrics to Afterglow songs are the words being shouted from Ran's heart, after all~.
Ran: H-hey, Moca! She didn't need to know that! Didn't I tell you not to say stuff like that...!
Lisa: So that's how Afterglow songs are written. If you don't mind, I'd like to hear more about that! I feel like it'll be a really good hint!
Moca: Alright, Ran-chan... The floor is yours~.
Ran: ... Sigh, Moca. You better remember this.
Ran: How do I put this...? So personally... I try not to dress up the words that come into my head. I want to convey them as they are...
Lisa: Don't dress them up...
Ran: Words can be dressed up in many different ways, but... the more you dress them up, the more the emotions that have been infused into them... are lost, I think... maybe...?
Ran: ... Hmm~... Do you get it?
Lisa: Mhm, I think I understand what you're saying!
Ran: So... it's like... if you think about it too much, then you actually can't come up with anything, I guess... Hm~, how do I put this...?
Lisa: In other words... It's like when you're making pancakes, and instead of focusing on the ice cream and fruits you put on it, you want to make the actual pancake taste good... Right?
Ran: ... Huh? P-pancakes...?
Lisa: It's when you take what you're feeling without watering it down and you put it into words, right?
Ran: I mean... I think when you simplify it like that, the idea isn't captured perfectly, but... I think, maybe... that's pretty close.
Moca: Wow~, Lisa-san~! The candymaker strikes again~. Using sweets to make your point~. I knew it~. You liked the idea, didn't you~?
Lisa: Ahaha! Maybe so☆
Lisa: But you know, I think I finally get it! I think I get how you write your lyrics, Ran!
Ran: Having to talk about how I make songs again is kinda embarrassing.
Ran: Will what I said be helpful?
Lisa: Yep! That was perfect~!
Ran: That's good. Good luck with your writing, Lisa-san.
Lisa: Thanks, Ran! You gotta let me return the favor for this one day☆

Someday, A Poem For You: Lisa's Lyrics Event Story - Chapter 3
Sparkling and Heart-pounding?

Kasumi tells Lisa about her writing method,
but it seems her way of doing things is quite peculiar...


Ichigaya Residence

Arisa: Hey~, Kasumi~!.
Kasumi: Wah~ Arisa~, you're late~! And you promised we would do homework together before rehearsal~!
Arisa: Sorry, my bad. I got caught up in conversation with someone.
Kasumi: Huh? Who's "someone"?
Lisa: Ta-da~, heyya~, Kasumi~☆
Kasumi: Ah, Lisa-san?! Hey! Wh-what's going on? You guys are never together... ever!
Arisa: I was surprised myself. I was at the school gate when someone called out to me. I turned to look and there was Lisa-san. I thought something happened.
Lisa: There's something I wanted to talk to you about, Kasumi, so I had Arisa bring me along.
Kasumi: Huh? You wanna talk to me? About what?
Lisa: Well, it's just... I decided to try my hand at writing song lyrics...
Kasumi: Whoa whoa! You're writing lyrics?! Ooo~, I wonder what they're like! I wanna see, I wanna see! Show me!
Arisa: Calm the hell down!
Arisa: She said she wants to ask you about how you write your lyrics.
Kasumi: Huh? How I do it?
Lisa: That's right~. I thought I would get started on writing, but when I picked up my pen, I couldn't even write one line~...
Lisa: So, as you can see, I'm going around talking to the lyricists of each band.
Kasumi: Ohh~... Uhm, when I want to writ-
Lisa: Ah, hold on a sec'! Before that, weren't you just saying you had homework to do? Let's take care of that first! I'll look it over for you☆
Kasumi: Huh?! What?! Are you sure?
Lisa: We both need help, don't we? Besides, after we're done, you have to tell me everything you possibly can ♪
Kasumi: Lisa-san, you're so kind~!! Uhm, okay. So I have this math problem... This one! I have to solve this one...!

20 Minutes Later

Kasumi: I did it~! It's all done~! Thanks, Lisa-san!
Lisa: As long as you know which formula to use for that one, it becomes very simple☆
Kasumi: Yeah!
Arisa: And with that, now it's your turn to teach Lisa-san.
Kasumi: Uhh, you wanted to know how I write my lyrics, right?
Lisa: Tell me whatever you know, Kasumi-sensei!
Kasumi: Ehehe~. S-stop it~. Don't call me sensei~.
Kasumi: Uhm~, so the thing I pay attention to the most when writing is how much sparkling and heart-pounding I can feel... Yeah!
Lisa: Huh? Sparkling... and heart-pounding...?
Kasumi: Yep! How do I put this? I think there are a lot more sparkling and heart-pounding things out there than people realize...
Kasumi: And I find those things!
Arisa: That's too abstract! Say something easier to understand!
Kasumi: But, but~, that's really the only thing I do~!
Lisa: How about an example? Like when exactly do you feel this... sparkling and heart-pounding?
Kasumi: Like~... Oh, I know! You know when you wake up in the morning and outside your window, there are birds singing?
Lisa: Their chirping is sparkling and heart-pounding... And when I walk down the stairs to eat breakfast and the sweet smell of bread baking enters my nose...
Kasumi: That feels sparkling and heart-pounding too! ... D-do you get it?
Arisa: You're not making any sense!
Lisa: Hm~... Sorry, Kasumi! Just a bit more! I feel like I've almost got it.
Kasumi: W-well, uhm... There are a lot of sparkling, heart-pounding things in places that seem completely ordinary! Just that people don't notice them!
Kasumi: So I wanna find those things, and share them with everyone so they can feel it too, I guess...
Lisa: I think I might finally get it... So it's probably like this, right?
Lisa: A pound cake is simple, but when you say it's homemade, it feels special... Kinda like that?
Arisa: Lisa-san... Why are you talking about desserts?
Lisa: Sorry! I just thought it'd be easier to understand using language I'm more familiar with.
Lisa: The point is, even if you're looking at something common, if you change how you look at it, you can see it shine! ... How's that, Kasumi? Am I right?
Kasumi: Yeah, that's it! That's what I wanted to say! I'm turning that sparkling and heart-pounding into lyrics!
Lisa: I see~. So that's another way of looking at it, huh?
Arisa: ... Uhm, Lisa-san. I'm sorry that Kasumi could only speak in such abstract terms...
Lisa: No no! That's not true☆ I understood completely!
Arisa: To be able to grasp what she said... Lisa-san, you have some amazing communication skills...
Lisa: No way, Kasumi's explanation was great ♪ Thank you so much! As I expected, you've been a big help, Kasumi-sensei☆
Kasumi: Ehehe~♪
Lisa: Ah, and I have to thank you too, Arisa! Thanks a lot ♪

Someday, A Poem For You: Lisa's Lyrics Event Story - Chapter 4

Lisa goes to ask Kokoro about her way of writing lyrics,
but it turns out to be a bizarre collaboration with Misaki...


Tsurumaki Residence

Lisa: Sorry to drag you two along~, I know we're only here for my sake.
Kasumi: It's no problem! Totally cool! Thanks to you, I was able to get my homework done so quickly, and there's still time before rehearsal!
Arisa: But to think you would come to ask Tsurumaki-san how she writes lyrics... How do I put this...? You're very... brave.
Lisa: You think so? I've already done so much so I want to hear what everyone has to say☆
Lisa: I haven't really had much of a chance to talk to Kokoro before though, so you guys being here will be really helpful~ ♪ Thank you~.
Kasumi: Even so, no matter how many times I see this place, I'm always so amazed~.
Lisa: Yeah, I was shocked... Those people in the black suits from earlier... What do they do?
Arisa: You can ask, but I think you probably won't get it... Actually, I don't really get it myself.
Lisa: Really...? Alright, I think I'll keep my questions to myself then.
Kokoro: Welcome all! Kasumi, Arisa...! And you're... Lisa, right? Thanks for coming!
Kasumi: Ah, Kokoron is here~!
Lisa: Sorry to barge in like this☆ And also for dropping by on such short notice, Kokoro.
Kokoro: That's okay! I'm happy you're here! Think about it! Now there are so many more people to participate in our activities! Today's gonna be a ton of fun! Right, Misaki?
Arisa: Hm? So Okusawa-san is here too?
Misaki: Yo, 'sup?
Kokoro: Alright! Let's start, Misaki! It's time for our Hello, Happy Meeting!
Lisa: Huh? Hello, Happy... Meeting?
Misaki: No no no, no Hello, Happy Meeting. These girls are from completely different bands.
Kokoro: That doesn't matter to me! It'll be so much more fun with everyone taking part!
Lisa: Did we interrupt something important? Sorry about that. Didn't mean to bother you while you're busy.
Misaki: Nah, don't worry about it. Actually, we didn't even have a meeting planned for now.
Lisa: Really? So then what were you two doing?
Misaki: Uhm, to put it simply... It's kinda like... we were working through a concept for our new song.
Lisa: Wow! That's perfect! On that note, I actually came to talk to Kokoro about something!
Misaki: You came to talk to Kokoro... That's rather... brave.
Kasumi: Arisa just said the same thing...
Kokoro: Lisa! What do you want to talk about? Say whatever's on your mind, I'm all ears!
Lisa: Thanks, Kokoro! So the thing I wanted to ask you about is lyrics.
Kokoro: Spirits? You're gonna be conjuring spirits?! That's absolutely wonderful! I think you should learn to call as many as possible!
Misaki: Uh-uhm... I'm sure Kokoro has no idea what's going on, so if you don't mind, I can answer your question.
Lisa: Ahaha, thanks☆
Misaki: ... Even if I do, though, I kinda doubt our way of doing things will be of any help. The way we create music is a bit unique...
Kasumi: Unique...? Wait, what? What do you mean?
Misaki: Look, you see that huge white paper spread out over there?
Lisa: Mhm, mhm! The one that has all the graffiti-looking stuff on it, right?
Misaki: That's the one. That's how we make our songs...
Lisa: ... Huh? What? I understand even less than I thought I would...
Kokoro: Ah! Hold the phone! I just thought of a super duper great image for our song! I'm gonna go draw it!
Kokoro: Hmhmhmhmm~ ♪ Fufu~ ♪ Hmhmhm~, hm~ ♪
Misaki: ... So you see Kokoro drawing with a crayon, right? I look at her picture, somehow get an idea of what she's thinking, and I make it into a song... Yeah...
Kasumi: That way of doing things is so like Kokoron...
Arisa: Forget that! You guys seriously made it this far by doing that?!
Misaki: Haha... I actually feel the same way, but... I guess you could say that I've come to understand what Kokoro is thinking, litle by little... As strange as that sounds...
Kokoro: Ah, Misaki! I think I should draw a lion and an elephant here! And then, they can be great buds and eat shaved ice!
Misaki: Uhh~, so if you have a lion and an elephant... And... they're great buds eating shaved ice... Hm...
Misaki: ... Ah, okay okay. So you want kind of a rock melody, right? But the lyrics should be cute with like, a lot of animals. Ah, and I should put in phrases like "cool breeze" and whatnot, yeah?
Kokoro: I'll leave the rest to you, Misaki!
Misaki: So that's pretty much how it goes... At first, it sounded like complete nonsense to me, but somehow, I've gotten used to it. Kinda scary, huh...?
Lisa: ... I-I see~. S-so that's another way of writing lyrics? There sure are a lot of methods~...
Misaki: ... See. As I suspected, that probably isn't going to help you, is it...? Sorry about that...
Lisa: ... N-no, no need to apologize! It does! And I sort of think I get it.
Arisa: What~?! There's absolutely no way anyone could understand that without your level of communication~.
Lisa: That's not true. So this is probably what you're saying: Kokoro makes your flan mixture... and then Misaki takes it, puts it into a shape and solidifies it... Like that?
Misaki: Yeah, I suppose you could think about it like that.
Arisa: L-Lisa-san... You're amazing...!
Lisa: I see, so when you're writing lyrics, it doesn't have to be just one person. You can work together with someone else to make it happen ♪
Lisa: ... Ah, kinda like how I've already had Ran, Kasumi and Kokoro all help me.
Lisa: ... No, they're not the only ones. Even Arisa, Misaki... and Moca! You've all had a hand in this too! Hmhmm, I see~.
Arisa: Wh-what happened, Lisa-san...?
Lisa: Guys, thanks for your help! I'm gonna use everything I've been told, and give it my best shot☆
Kasumi: Lisa-san! Good luck~!
Lisa: Mhm!

Someday, A Poem For You: Lisa's Lyrics Event Story - Chapter 5
Creating Lyrics and Desserts

After hearing the writing style of three different bands, Lisa realizes something.
What happens when she explains that thing to Moca...?


Convenience Store

Lisa: Moca~, thank you so much!
Moca: Huh~? Thanks for what~?
Lisa: The lyrics, I mean! It's because you suggested that I ask everyone about them that I got to hear so many different ideas☆
Moca: What did they tell you~? Share with me~.
Lisa: Uhm, I guess... Ran is a pancake, Kasumi is a pound cake, and Kokoro is flan☆
Moca: I see, so Ran is a pancake~... Wait, why did everyone become a dessert? That boggles the mind~.
Lisa: You know~, Moca, I decided to write some lyrics on a whim, but I was surprise by how many things I learned when I actually tried it.
Moca: What did you learn? Example, please~.
Lisa: First of all, everyone has their own way of writing lyrics. So if you look at it differently, there's really not a right or wrong way of doing it.
Moca: Ohh~, really~?
Lisa: Also, making sweets is not that much different than writing lyrics☆
Moca: Whoa~, what a candymaker~.
Lisa: Ahahaha~! I had never thought about that before, though~. I was really surprised.
Lisa: I think I'm gonna try thinking about which method is best for me while I write.
Moca: Ah, that reminds me. Ran said when you're done, she wants to see what you came up with~.
Lisa: Of course! I was planning to show her! I most definitely have to show her, Kasumi and Kokoro!
Moca: Wow~, don't forget about me~.
Lisa: I'll definitely share them with you ♪ Look forward to it, okay~?
Moca: Okay~.
Moca: So~, what theme are you going to write about, Lisa-san~?
Lisa: I'm pretty sure... I'm gonna write about my favorite thing in the world... I think.
Moca: Your favorite thing in the world~?
Moca: Oh? Could you be talking about me~?
Lisa: Ahaha! No doubt that I like you too~. But sorry~, no dice.
Lisa: I'll definitely write lyrics about you one day, so you'll have to give me a pass this time around.
Moca: You said definitely~, it's a promise~.
Lisa: Yep, I promise!
Lisa: ... Hey. So, I decided how I'm gonna start off.
Moca: Ohh~, now that you said that, I have to know~. Tell me your idea~.
Lisa: ... But you swear you won't laugh?
Moca: I swear~.
Lisa: You swore! You better not!
Moca: Okay~.
Lisa: Uhm, so... I want to start with...
Lisa: "The story of a blue rose, softly glistening in the moonlight."
Lisa: ... Something like that... What do you think?
Moca: ... Yeah.
Lisa: What do you mean, "yeah"?! And that was a long pause!
Moca: Nothing~, I was thinking~, it's really good~. Like you tried really hard, I think~.
Lisa: I tried really hard?! I don't like that phrasing!
Moca: ... Pft, ahahaha~.
Lisa: Ahh~!! Moca~! You did it, you laughed~! You said you wouldn't~!!

One Hour Later

Lisa: Alright, Moca. I'm gonna clock out now~. I'll leave the rest to you ♪
Moca: I've got everything under control~.
Moca: More importantly, good luck with your lyric-writing contest~.
Lisa: Mhm! Thank you~☆
Lisa: ... Ah! That's right! I have to buy those things!
Moca: ... Huh? Lisa-san, what are you doing in the desserts section~?
Lisa: Ah, sorry Moca, I'm gonna buy these. Can you help me check out?
Moca: Huh? You're gonna eat all of this by yourself...?
Moca: A pancake, pound cake and flan...? Don't you think this is a little much~?
Lisa: Ahahaha☆ These are my three sacred lyrical treasures!
Moca: Huh~? Three sacred... lyrical treasures...? ... What's that supposed to mean~? Tell me~.
Lisa: It's just that yesterday, when I finally started, it was so hard~. I just sat there frozen with the pen in my hand.
Lisa: That's a conversation for later☆ Alright, I'm gonna give it my best shot!

Someday, A Poem For You: Lisa's Lyrics Event Story - Ending

The winner of the lyric-writing contest has been decided.
How did Lisa fare in the end...?


A Few Days Later
Convenience Store

Lisa: Th-then, if I just open the Contest Results link...
Lisa: ... I can't do it~! I'm so nervous~! I can't even click it without my finger shaking~.
Moca: Lisa-san~. This is the third time since you've gone on your break~.
Moca: Wouldn't it be better if you wait until after your shift and take your time~?
Lisa: No no no! If I don't look at it now, I won't be able to stop thinking about it, and I won't be able to work properly!
Moca: Alright, then let's start with some deep breaths to help relax~. Now, inhale~, exhale~.
Lisa: O-okay. Haa~... Ahh~... Haa~... Ahh~
Moca: So~? Are you calm now~?
Lisa: Th-thanks. I think I feel a little better...
Lisa: A-alright! Time to look at the results...!
Lisa: It's sorted by title, so... Uhm, gotta go down to R, and...
Lisa: ... Ah.
Moca: Well? Did you find it~?
Lisa: ...
Lisa: ... Mhm.
Lisa: ... I lost.
Moca: ... Aw, that's too bad~...
Lisa: ... Yeah.
Lisa: ...
Moca: But think about it. It was your first time writing lyrics~. There's really nothing you can do about that~.
Moca: Besides, there was supposed to be a lot of tough competition from around the country~.
Moca: So... You know~... Don't worry about it. You shouldn't let it bother you too much...
Lisa: ... It's no good. No matter how many times I look at it... Nothing. Yep, nothing!
Moca: ... Lisa-san~?
Lisa: ... Oh, ohh~... This is frustrating~!!
Moca: Ohh, Lisa-san is feeling Tsugurific.
Lisa: Frustrating! It's super frustrating~!! I asked everyone for help and I thought about it as hard as I could~!
Moca: You can try again during the next one, Lisa-san.
Lisa: Mhm! I'll definitely win next time! Definitely!
Lisa: I personally thought I made something really~ good thought! Ahh~, this is so disappointing~!
Moca: But Lisa-san... You're kinda smiling, aren't you~?
Lisa: You know, I don't really get it myself, but I just end up smiling. I'm really, really, really~ upset, but that just makes you wanna laugh, doesn't it ♪
Moca: What a weirdo~. I don't understand~.
Lisa: Ahaha! I don't even understand myself~♪
Lisa: I think I'm just satisfied with that I was able to write on my own. This is what I'm capable of! Mhm! I'll accept that completely!
Moca: Mhm, mhm. Let's be positive~. And you can try your best to be Tsugurific and Lisacular next time~.
Lisa: Still, I want to thank you Moca! I decided to try this out because of what you said, and I'm glad I did☆
Moca: Hehe~, I have no idea what you're talking about, but I am a genius after all, aren't I~?
Lisa: Mhm, mhm. You're a genius alright ♪
Moca: Say it with a little more heart, please~.
Lisa: Ah! That reminds me, I want to show Ran and the others what I wrote! I have to ask them their opinions for next time!
Moca: Yeah~, okay. When do you wanna do it? What about, like, after work today?
Lisa: About that... Can we actually wait a little? There's actually one person I decided I would show first!
Moca: ... Okay. Let's do it another day then~.
Lisa: Thank you!

Walking Home From Work

Lisa: Alright, Moca. See you tomorrow~.
Moca: See ya~. Oh, but... today you bought the three sacred lyrical treasures again, huh? Keep eating and you'll keep growing~.
Lisa: I know, I know☆
Moca: Okay, have a nice night~.
Lisa: You too~♪
Lisa: Alrighty! Another day for great lyric writing! ... But before I get to that, I gotta send a message.
Lisa: Uhh... "So I tried writing some song lyrics in secret☆ If you guys don't mind, I'd like to hear what you think ♪ The title is...
Lisa: "Roselia"!
Lisa: ... And, sent!

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