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Song of Invincibility Card Story - Episode

For the Band...?



Yukina: Okay, let's take a break for now. Be sure to rehydrate, everyone.
Ako: Okay~! Roger that.
Ako: Hey, Rin-rin. Don't you think I'm on fire today? I'm in sync with everyone. It really shows, doesn't it?!
Rinko: You're right... The end of that last phrase also went well...
Ako: I know, right?! It felt great to match our sounds. It was like, boom, crash!
Yukina: You're right... I am not sure why, but we've been doing very well, lately.
Yukina: Every time I think about asking for opinions, you all come foward on your own. What's more, we're able to perform areas that we once had trouble with.
Yukina: It feels like we're arriving at our desired sound much more smoothly than before.
Ako: I'm with you there, Yukina-san! You read my mind!
Ako: Fufufu~, if you ask me, I'd say this is thanks to us playing NFO together!
Ako: We're just as in tune now as we were in the final stage of that event!
Yukina: Is that so? It felt more like everyone was making up for my lack of experience.
Rinko: You hadn't played for a long time... so it's only natural... that you'd be unaccustomed to the controls...
Rinko: Besides... for those of us who have been playing for a long time... supporting other players feels like second nature...
Yukina: I wouln't know myself, but is that really true?
Ako: Uh-huh! Even with IRL stuff, it's totally normal to have someone more experienced show you the ropes when you're starting out~.
Yukina: IRL...?
Rinko: It stands for "in real life". Gamers use it to refer to the real world...
Rinko: I was so happy... to play with everyone again... after such a long time...
Ako: Me too, me too! It was tons and tons of fun!
Ako: And during the last part, Yukina-san, your buffs and debuffs were on point!
Yukina: Yes, I suppose it's true that I was able to contribute more than before..
Ako: Exactly!
Rinko: Through their songs, bards can raise the stats of others to considerable levels... making them invaluable assets to the party...
Rinko: Yukina-san... you helped us out countless times...
Yukina: One can only hope... Either way, I'm pleased to see it proved to be a rewarding experience for Roselia.
Yukina: By playing NFO together, I have come to understanda you two more, an that has lead to our recent success..
Yukina: If that is true, then it would appear that Lisa was right all along.
Ako: Oh yeah, that's right! Lisa-nee was the one who said we should play NFO to help out the band!
Rinko: The results speak for themselves... As a band... I think that we... understand each other more...
Ako: Wow, Lisa-nee is awesome!
Ako: Roselia is unstoppable with all these buffs and debuffs we're pumping out~!
Rinko: Fufu, we sure sound powerful...
Ako: Still, that doesn't mean we can get careless!
Rinko: You have to remember your role, even when you're on a roll! You gotta learn how to tell incoming attacks apart and deal with them too! Isn't that right, Yukina-san?!
Rinko: Right, and don't forget the fundamentals...
Ako: Now I'm really feeling the burn! Alright, I'm ready for the second half of rehearsal~!
Rinko: Yes... I am too...
Yukina: Indeed. Let's do what needs to be done, and do it right.
Yukina: ... Having said that... while i'm glad this has helped us improve, I still have no idea what any of that meant...

Song of Invincibility Card Story - Special Episode

The Sounds of NFO



Yukina: Hello, BanG Dreamer-san. Are you on your break now?
Yukina: Me? I have rehearsal scheduled at the studio, and my previous plans finished early, so...
Yukina: Do you mind if we talked for a little while?
Yukina: Thank you. May I sit here?
Yukina: ... The other day, Roselia played an online game together as a group.
Yukina: Yes, Neo Fantasy Online. It seems a lot of advertisements for it have been running lately.
Yukina: Lisa was actually the one who suggested that we play.
Yukina: We had played together once before, but Lisa seemed a little more interested this time around...
Yukina: More than anything, we thought playing would help us better understand the gaming terminology that Rinko and Ako use.
Yukina: Have you noticed how often they refer to games when explaining things? I thought experiencing the game would help me understand them, even if it was just a little.
Yukina: ... In the end, I still do not really understand video games.
Yukina: Yes, it is true that I am now more adept at using the controls and can be more proactive in battles.
Yukina: However, there is far too much lingo for me to keep up with. I do not think I will ever truly know what those two talk about.
Yukina: Nevertheless... I no longer see the importance of understanding.
Yukina: No, I have not given up on trying to learn. Instead, I feel like I have a better grasp on what those two enjoy and why they play, even if I cannot completely comprehend the gaming world itself.
Yukina: For now, I am satisfied with how things are.
Yukina: And it's true that I have developed a slight interest in NFO itself. Not for the same reasons as them, mind you.
Yukina: Oh, is it really that surprising?
Yukina: I've thought this since the first time I played, but NFO's background music is incredible.
Yukina: From what Rinko told me, they create new songs for each event. Thanks to that, the music perfectly matches the atmosphere.
Yukina: Do I have a favorite? Good question...
Yukina: The music that played in the cathedral area was especially wonderful.
Yukina: It was solemn, yet refined... They did an excellent job with establishing a mood befitting a place of worship.
Yukina: There is a lot I could learn from that sort of expression. It is amazing how they can create such a tone without lyrics.
Yukina: Although I don't intend to completely change our style, there are bound to be certain aspects we can take and apply to Roselia's sound.
Yukina: I now realize that even video games have new things to explore and discover. And I've learned a lot more than I ever expected.
Yukina: ... There is no need for such flattery.
Yukina: Roselia has always moved forward one step at a time. That applies to this situation as well as the future.
Yukina: So I do hope you will look forward to our progress. We are aiming for the very top, after all.
Yukina: ... Yes. I thought you might answer that way.
Yukina: Thank you for your time today. I must go to rehearsal now. Until next time.