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Sound Of The Beginning Card Story - Episode

Lasting Color


Shopping Mall
Kasumi: That was a lot of fun~!
Kasumi: It's not that often we get a day off, so I thought it would be nice to go shopping together! I'm glad I invited you two~!
Tsugumi: Yeah, I had fun too! And going out with this group was a nice change of pace!
Ran: Yeah. The three of us hanging out... Sure doesn't happen every day.
Kasumi: The stargazing trip! That's what ties us together! Heh heh! Ahh~, I was having so much fun, I ended up buying a bunch of stuff!
Kasumi: I got a sleep mask~, and this mini cactus! And there's also this cat mug and a sea urchin figure!
Kasumi: This foamy hand soap that makes your skin all soft! And then, and then~...
Tsugumi: A s-sea urchin figure?
Ran: A sea urchin and a cactus... What's with all the pointy things...?
Kasumi: I just wanted everything, I had no idea what I should get~.
Kasumi: What did you guys buy?
Tsugumi: I bought this bath spa set. They had a few different kinds, like ones with a Japanese cypress scent.
Ran: I got a few music magazines. Some CDs, some clothes.
Kasumi: CDs, huh~? I'd love to know which bands you like to listen to. Let's talk about it next time!
Ran: Okay, I guess that's fine.
Kasumi: Thanks~! Oh, yeah! Over there they had a lot of interesting-looking toys!
Kasumi: Like a plastic spring that bounces around and a remote-control helicopter!
Tsugumi: Speaking of, they were selling telescopes for kids at that hobby shop.
Tsugumi: It looks light and easy to use, but it's really expensive, even though it's supposed to be for kids...
Ran: Even a kid's telescope comes to about that price. As for the real thing, you can add another zero. At least that's what I read.
Tsugumi: Ohh, really?! Wow, Ran-chan. You know a lot about telescopes.
Ran: I was thinking about bringing a portable telescope on our stargazing trip... But it was too expensive, so I gave up on that idea.
Kasumi: I wonder if the stars would have been even prettier if we had one...
Tsugumi: Hmm, yeah. They say you can even see the moon's craters if you use one.
Ran: Yeah, but I think what we saw with our own eyes was nice enough.
Kasumi: Yeah, that's right! I'll never forget that starlit sky we saw together!
Kasumi: If I close my eyes like this, I can still see it... I'm sure it'll be a lifelong memory!
Tsugumi: Me too! It was so beautiful.
Ran: That was great but so was listening to Kasumi's story about the beat of the stars.
Ran: The sparkling and the heart-pounding... I got the sense that I would hear it from the sky that night too.
Ran: I mentioned this before, but that story made me think about the first time I played the guitar.
Ran: I don't think that feeling is something you experience that often, even throughout an entire lifetime...
Ran: So I don't think I'll forget that night.
Tsugumi: I feel the same.
Tsugumi: I was so sleepy, and it took a lot of nudging to keep us awake during the moments before the stars came out, but...
Tsugumi: The instant I saw the starlit sky, that sleepiness completely disappeared.
Tsugumi: With that glow in the pitch-black night... It was like jewels in the sky.
Tsugumi: Kasumi-chan, thank you for inviting us!
Kasumi: Hehe, I'm glad we got to see it together~.
Kasumi: When I heard Hina-san's story about the starlight, all I could say was, "Wow~."
Kasumi: Thinking about the light we see as being from hundreds of years ago... I can imagine the long journey they go on to finally reach here.
Tsugumi: Even on a long trip like that, they can keep shining, slowly but surely. It's kinda amazing.
Kasumi: Yeah! ... Maybe, just maybe, having heard the beat of the stars, or having gazed at them together...
Kasumi: Maybe those memories make the stars shine even brighter!
Tsugumi: Hmm, with the kind of memories that don't fade, no matter how much time has passed. Yeah, you could be right.
Ran: Huh. Not fading would make them similar to the starlight.
Kasumi: Exactly! I hope we can keep on making new memories that will sparkle forever and ever.
Tsugumi: Yeah! I hope so too! Ran-chan, you do too, right?!
Ran: Heh... You could say that.

Sound Of The Beginning Card Story - Special Episode

What Kind of Song?


Kasumi: Mhm~♪ Mmhmhmm~ ♪
Kasumi: Twinkling, sparkling~, shooting star~♪ Shooting star~, stardust~ ♪
Kasumi: Mmhmhmm~ ♪
Kasumi: Mhm~♪ ... Hm? Ah, BanG Dreamer-san! Hello~!
Kasumi: I thought of a great phrase just now, so I was humming it ♪
Kasumi: Heh heh heh. I've become kinda like a musician, don't you think?!
Kasumi: I feel like the reason I've been able to come up with new phrases is that... a few of us went to look at the stars the other day!
Kasumi: Yep! Stargazing! I had invited Ran-chan and Tsugu to go, but we happen to run into Kokoron and Hina-san as well! Isn't that crazy?!
Kasumi: When I was younger, I was in the mountains looking at the sky... and I could feel the beating of the stars...
Kasumi: And I thought, I wanna have that feeling again! So we went stargazing.
Kasumi: We had to stay up late to see the stars at their shiniest, and that was really hard... I felt like I was dozing off, ahaha...
Kasumi: While we waited, I told everyone about the beating of the stars, and apparently, when Ran-chan first played guitar, she felt the same!
Kasumi: She said she got the sense that something was gonna happen. Just like me! Hehe, knowing that makes me happy...
Kasumi: Then we all watched the most beautiful starlit sky... And just like that, we were all wide awake.
Kasumi: We could see so many more stars than you normally see here, and every one of them was giving off their own sound and sparkling.
Kasumi: ... Oh, yeah! And Hina-san told us about how the starlight we see now is from hundreds and thousands of years back!
Kasumi: Isn't the fact that we can see that now totally awesome?!
Kasumi: It's kinda hard to put into words, but it's amazing, right?!
Kasumi: There's even a chance that the light we saw that night was from the stars that I saw as a kid. Thinking about that got me really excited!
Kasumi: I wanna go back and tell the young me who heard the beating of the stars that night...
Kasumi: That sound you heard wasn't just a dream.
Kasumi: I've been chasing that heart-pounding feeling, like the one I had when I heard the stars, for a while... And now, I found it.
Kasumi: During my search, I met the members of Poppin'Party... And there's also Ran-chan and a lot of other band members as well!
Kasumi: It feels like, just like the starlight, the beat of the stars links the past and the future.
Kasumi: Heh heh heh, I get the sense I just said something kinda cool. Well? What do you think?
Kasumi: Heh heh, I know, right~? As long as you know what I mean~.
Kasumi: Okay, okay, do you wanna hear something even cooler than that~? So, you see...
Kasumi: We had this idea that we should try to bridge our sparkling from now to the future.
Kasumi: And if that light continues to shine and connect us to the future, it'll be like our mark to show that we were once here.
Kasumi: Of course, we'd do that through our music!
Kasumi: ... At least, that's what Ran-chan was saying. I'm just repeating what I heard. Eheheh...
Kasumi: But don't you think that's such a lovely idea? Using music to leave our mark! Yeah, it's really something that bands would do!
Kasumi: ... I felt like a new phrase we could use was coming to me, so that's why I'm here!
Kasumi: Hey, BanG Dreamer-san.
Kasumi: Just you wait! I will definitely, definitely write the perfect song!
Kasumi: And when that day comes, I want you to be the first to hear it! Look forward to it, okay?
Kasumi: Mhm, sparkling! Shooting stardust~♪ Ohh~!
Kasumi: ... Well? How was that?
Kasumi: Wh-What?! No good?!
Kasumi: O-Okay, I gotta figure out something better... Ah! H-Hold on! I think I got it, be quiet for a second!
Kasumi: Mmm, hmm...
Kasumi: Stardust... Sparkling dream...? Hmm... No~. Aww~, but I almost had it~...