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Sparkle of the Stars Card Story - Episode

Seeking Help with a Gift


Haneoka Girls' Academy - Class 2-A

Hina: Lisa-chi, Lisa-chi!
Lisa: Hm? What's up?
Hina: Here you go! A present, from me to you!
Lisa: What? A present...? Oh, aroma oil!
Hina: Yep, I made it! It's chamomile scented.
Lisa: Wow, it smells great, and it's so calming... Why the sudden present though...?
Hina: You helped me so much with the stargazing event! So this is my way of saying thanks!
Hina: I brought some for Tsugu-chan too. I just have to wait to give it to her.
Lisa: You didn't have to do all that. This is great though. I appreciate it!
Lisa: If you're giving them to people who helped you with that event, does that mean you have one for Sayo, too?
Hina: Sis is not really into this kinda thing.
Hina: I was hoping to do something different for her, but I can't think of anything good.
Hina: Can you think of anything she might like, Lisa-chi?
Lisa: A present for Sayo? Hmmm~, that's a hard one.
Lisa: Ah, I know! What if instead of giving her something physical, you create some fun memories for your gift?
Hina: What do you mean?
Lisa: Like, what if you invite her somewhere and have a fun day out?
Hina: So I'd hang out with her?!
Hina: Wow! That's a totally boppin' present!
Hina: I wonder where she would wanna go.
Lisa: Good question~. Right now, you can go to the newly renovated Hanasakigawa Smile Land. What about something like that?
Lisa: I have a couple of friends who've gone, and they said it was pretty fun with all the events and everything going on!
Hina: Sis and I at the amusement park~...! That sounds like a great time!
Lisa: Or like, you could go shopping? They've got a new knick-knack shop at the mall.
Lisa: They've got such a large selection, and you'll never run out of cute items to look at. I've been wanting to go check it out myself.
Lisa: Oh, and speaking of, a movie that everyone's been talking about just came out.
Lisa: Since the movie theater is inside the mall, moving from place to place would be easy.
Hina: The knick-knack shop and a movie~... Ooo, it all sounds like so much fun...
Hina: If we're already planning to go out, I would want her to have the best time she can.
Hina: And we don't get to do this kind of thing very often, so I would wanna do as much as possible with her.
Hina: Hey, so does Roselia have rehearsal this Sunday?
Lisa: Nope, we don't have anything planned for that day.
Hina: Alrighty, so then Sunday morning, we'll go to the amusement park! Then we'll go shopping in the afternoon! Then we'll go see a movie after that—
Lisa: Huh...? W-wait, hold up! You're gonna try to do everything I just mentioned in one day?
Hina: Yeah! It all sounds like a lot of fun!
Lisa: Yeah, but that's beside the point... I think trying to do it all in one day would make for a pretty tight schedule...
Hina: Are you sure? Seems easy enough.
Lisa: I really don't think it is...
Lisa: How about asking Sayo about it instead of deciding now? She might have a few places she wants to go too.
Hina: ... Oh, that's right. 'Kay, I'll ask her when I get home! Thanks, Lisa-chi!
Lisa: Hey, don't mention it☆ I hope it turns out well.
Hina: Me too!

Sparkle of the Stars Card Story - Special Episode

Growing School Group


Station Entrance

Lisa: Oh, BanG Dreamer-san. What are you looking at?
Lisa: The poster on this board?
Lisa: Ooo, so they're having a space exhibit at the museum soon, huh? I bet Hina and Kokoro would be excited if they knew.
Lisa: Ah, that's the winter triangle they put on here.
Lisa: You've got the Canis Major, or Sirius, and you've got the Canis Minor, or Procyon. If you connect those with Orion, also known as Betelgeuse... you have a triangle, see?
Lisa: Ahaha, surprised at my knowledge of the stars? Stargazing is actually one of my hobbies... Just kidding ☆
Lisa: There was an event at school the other day and Hina told me all about them.
Lisa: That's some of the stuff I learned from her. How did I do? Did I sound professional?
Lisa: Hm? The event? It was fun ♪ I've never really looked at stars that closely, but when you take the time to, you learn that they actually have differences.
Lisa: Oh yeah, and there were some students from Hanasakigawa as well. It was a nice change of pace to be able to do something with girls from another school.
Lisa: I've come to know a lot of people after joining a band. Maybe I can do something too.
Lisa: There are students who are part of the same club but are at different schools, just like Hina and Kokoro.
Lisa: Misaki is in a tennis club, so maybe I'll propose a practice match. We have Himari in ours, so it might end up being fun to watch!
Lisa: And Hanasakigawa has a dance club with Hagumi in it, right?
Lisa: We've got Tomoe and Ako in ours, so it might be cool if they were a team!
Lisa: Then there could be a contest! They're all such great athletes, so I'm sure it'd be an amazing show!
Lisa: Huh? Ahaha, you'd like to see that? Now that I've got your support, I really wanna make it happen.
Lisa: Alright, then I gotta ask them about it when I get the chance ☆
Lisa: I'll let you know when something is decided. Hope you're excited ♪