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Sparkling Sea Magic Card Story - Episode

Summer Photos


Toconut Park

Sayo: So this is all of them... Now, what haven't I photographed yet...?
Ako: Sayo-san~! Whatcha doing over here?
Sayo: Udagawa-san, Minato-san... I was taking some pictures of Toconut Park.
Sayo: When I told Hina about today, she asked me to take photos for her.
Yukina: All of these are very well done.
Sayo: The cameras on recent smartphones are very advanced. Anyone can take good quality photos with them.
Ako: Wow, this is such a great idea! I'm sure Hina-chin will love them~.
Ako: ... Wait, huh? Are all of these just the scenery?
Sayo: Of course. I'm mainly focusing on the attractions. I was just considering taking some long shots as well. I want to properly convey the atmosphere after all.
Yukina: One would think you were creating a guide book with the way you're approaching this.
Sayo: I refuse to do anything half-heartedly.
Ako: U-uhm~... I get the feeling this is a little different from what Hina-chin had in mind...
Sayo: And why would that be? If she wants a better understanding of the location, it stands to reason that I should focus on the attractions and the general feel of the park.
Ako: I don't think she asked for pictures because she wanted to know more about the park. I'm sure she wants to see pictures of you having fun, Sayo-san!
Sayo: Pictures of me? Why? We see each other every day at home.
Ako: That's not the point~... She wants to be able to look at them and talk to you about them~!
Sayo: Like I said, we can talk any--
Yukina: Hold on, Sayo. Let's hear Ako out. Perhaps we can learn something from her perspective as someone with an older sister.
Ako: I-it's nothing that complicated... Uhm, you see...
Ako: When my sister and the rest of Afterglow went to Inoshima, she took lots and lots of pictures for me!
Ako: Things like everyone eating yummy foods, and the group playing on the shore during the sunset... Ah! She even took photos of the aquarium!
Ako: And while we were looking over all of them, she told me about her trip! So even though I wasn't there with her, I felt like I was! It was so much fun~!
Yukina: So it's like she shared her memories with you through photography.
Ako: Exactly! I'm sure Hina-chin wants to hear all about the exciting memories you made today, just like I did!
Yukina: That does sound like something Hina would request.
Sayo: So that's it... If that's what she meant, she should have just said so.
Ako: I don't think she expected you to just take pictures of the scenery either though...
Ako: ... Ah! I've got an idea! I'll take a picture of you! Lemme borrow your phone!
Sayo: Alright, sure. If you wouldn't mind.
Ako: Leave it to me! Ready~?! ... Say "cheese"!
Sayo: ...
Ako: Ah~... Okay, one more time! Say "cheese"!
Sayo: ...
Ako: Wh-why don't we take just one more?!
Sayo: How many shots do you intend to take? Taking the same shot over and over again is meaningless.
Ako: I know, it's just...
Yukina: Would you mind if I took a look? ... Your expression's very stiff here.
Sayo: Is that so? I was acting the same as I always do, though...
Yukina: These pictures don't convey your thoughts at all. There's nothing of interest here. You can't call these good photos.
Sayo: Personally, I don't think they need to be interesting, but... Alright, so what should I do?
Yukina: Well... Why don't you do some kind of pose?
Ako: That's a great idea, Yukina-san! Sayo-san, quick! Strike a pose that says, "Toconut Park is the best!"
Sayo: I'm not sure what you mean... Perhaps something like this...?
Ako & Yukina: ...
Sayo: Well? Say something...!
Yukina: We managed to take some very interesting photos, to say the least...
Ako: Sh-she's right! It's good to show this unexpected side of you!
Sayo: Regardless, I think that's enough pictures of me. Now I just need to capture the park's atmosphere...
Ako: What~? That's not nearly enough! You need lots and lots of pictures! We'll help too!
Sayo: No, that won't be necessary. These will be fine.
Yukina: In any case, you want something that conveys the feel of Toconut Park, correct? Then... what about the water slide?
Sayo: Not you too, Minato-san...!
Sayo: ... Hold on! By water slide, do you mean that... dreadful attraction that seemingly defies all rules and regulations?!
Ako: I knew you'd come up with something awesome, Yukina-san! Imagine the moment when you're rushing down the slide and hit the water! What a cool photo!
Ako: Ah, and it's the afternoon, so it's probably not that long of a wait!
Yukina: If that's what we're doing, we should ask Lisa and Rinko for help. If we all work together, I'm sure we can get a good photo.
Sayo: It goes without saying, that attraction will just not d-... Ah, both of you, wait a minute!

Sparkling Sea Magic Card Story - Special Episode

Continuing Forward


Edogawa Music

Marina: Let's see, do we have all the equipment we were getting repaired...? Yup! Looks like this is everything!
Sayo: BanG Dreamer-san? Marina-san? Good afternoon...
Marina: Sayo-chan! Nice to see you! Are you here looking for something?
Sayo: I heard they have a new effects pedal, so I came to test it out. If the types of tones I can play increases, then so will my range of expressions.
Marina: Everyone in Roselia is so serious. It's not just Yukina-chan, huh? Ah, that reminds me, I heard you and your bandmates went to Toconut Park!
Sayo: W-we did... How did you know that?
Marina: Yukina-chan and Ako-chan told me. Ako-chan especially seemed like she had a lot of fun!
Marina: She was so excited telling us about how you girls were able to see all sorts of attractions thanks to you, Sayo-chan.
Sayo: I didn't do anything special... I simply devised a plan that would allow us to efficiently enjoy everything the park had to offer...
Sayo: Although... I suppose I'm glad to know that she was that happy about it.
Marina: Fufu, just coming up with a plan is pretty amazing. Most people would try and figure things out once they got there.
Sayo: And I can't stand that... No matter what I'm doing, if I don't come up with some sort of schedule, I can't be at ease.
Sayo: If you make a plan, your priorities become clear. And just by knowing those, it becomes much easier to make adjustments should something go wrong and things suddenly change.
Marina: You're always so put together. I can tell you're on the disciplinary committee at school.
Sayo: No, that's just the type of person I am... Besides, there is one problem with me supposedly being right for that job.
Marina: Really? You seem perfect for it.
Sayo: I've been told I'm too strict about the rules many times, so I have a reputation of being inflexible.
Sayo: That being said, I don't plan to overlook any violations of the rules.
Marina: W-wow, you sound really strict...
Sayo: I just can't do something half-heartedly. That's my personality.
Sayo: So I was a little surprised when we went to Toconut Park. I never expected those same traits would come in handy at a theme park, or that my bandmates would be so pleased with them.
Marina: So... did that make you happy?
Sayo: They're not exactly traits other people tend to like, so y-yeah, I suppose so...
Sayo: If we're being honest, I wasn't that thrilled to be going to Toconut Park at first. Looking back on it now, though, I'm glad we went.
Sayo: It's good to go places you wouldn't normally go, or places you don't know about.
Sayo: You're bound to discover something unexpected... whether it's about yourself, or your companions...
Marina: Did you learn anything interesting about your bandmates?
Sayo: Yes, although I'd call it more intriguing than interesting.
Sayo: ... So you want to hear some examples? We'd be here all day if I started listing them off. Perhaps some other time.
Sayo: In any case, I think getting to know each other like that is good for us as a band.
Sayo: It also might not be a bad idea to do something else together sometime.
Marina: Sounds like Roselia's getting along a lot better now.
Sayo: Yes. However, I can't be satisfied with the way things are now. I must always move forward. And I'd like to do that alongside my bandmates.
Sayo: Please watch over Roselia as we continue to evolve.