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Special Memories Card Story - Episode

Class E, Full of Uncertainty


Hanasakigawa Girls' Academy - Class 2-E

Hagumi: And then, finally, I went to a batting center with Mii-kun! She knocked out a home run!
Eve: Fufu, that sounds like it was a good weekend. What did you do over the weekend, Tae-san?
Tae: Me? I went to a party.
Hagumi: A party?! What party?!
Tae: It's been a year since Poppin'Party passed its audition at SPACE, so we had one to celebrate.
Hagumi: Wow, really?! Yeah, for something special like that, you've gotta have a party!
Hagumi: If I'd known, I'd have brought some croquettes from my place~.
Tae: Ah, I didn't think of that. We had cake and pizza, but I'd love to have had some of your family's croquettes.
Eve: It sounds like it was a very fun party. I can tell by the way you are talking about it.
Tae: Arisa and I planned a surprise for Kasumi and the others too. It was great.
Eve: You and Arisa-san planned a surprise?! What was it? I'd love to hear about it!
Hagumi: Yeah, tell us, tell us! I've gotta know what went down!
Tae: Well...

Tae: ... And that's what happened.
Eve: So it was not just you and Arisa-san who planned a surprise for the party, Kasumi-san and the others did too! You Poppin'Party girls are incredible!
Hagumi: You did all that?! Now I really wish I could've gone~.
Hagumi: O-Tae, I can't believe you remembered the day you all passed the audition!
Tae: It's probably thanks to the work schedule I had when I was working at SPACE. But that day was so much fun. Maybe that's why I still remember it.
Tae: It was a really special day for us. It was the day we all played on stage at SPACE.
Hagumi: Yeah~, when something super nice happens, that day becomes really important for ya!
Eve: Yes! I think that is a wonderful way to think about it!
Hagumi: For me, I'm gonna do something fun to celebrate today!
Tae: Did something special happen, Hagumi?
Hagumi: Sure did! In english class, the teacher called on me, and I answered right. Remember?
Eve: Yes. That question was very difficult, but you knew the answer!
Hagumi: That I did! That's why today's gonna be the "That Time I Got an English Question Right" day!
Tae: I can't believe you knew what that word means.
Hagumi: Ehehe, it just so happened that I was talking to Mii-kun yesterday about english class. I had asked her about that word!
Hagumi: Thank goodness we talked about it.
Tae: Ah, that makes yesterday the "Misaki Helped Hagumi with Hard English" day.
Hagumi: Hey, you're right! And the day before yesterday I made the plans to hang out with Mii-kun...
Tae: I think that would make it the "That Time Hagumi Made Plans with Misaki and it Led to Misaki Helping Her with Hard English" day.
Hagumi: Whoa! Look at me, I've already got three whole days to celebrate!
Eve: Good for you, Hagumi-san!
Tae: Eve, do you have a day you want to celebrate?
Eve: Me? Well... Ah! Today I had an omelet in my bento, and it was delicious!
Tae: Okay, then, today is Omelet Day.
Eve: Omelet Day... Thinking like this makes today feel even more exciting!
Eve: If the food in my bento is good tomorrow, then I can make tomorrow a special day too!
Tae: Exactly. I wish every day was Hamburg Steak Day for me.
Hagumi: I want a Croquette Day!
Eve: Fufu, this is fun. I wonder what kind of special day tomorrow will be.
Hagumi: Wow~, every day's special when you think like this! Pretty sweet idea, right?!
Tae: Yeah. I'm making today the "Everyday Is a Special Day" day.
Hagumi: Nice! Yeah, we made a ton of special days!
Tae: Uh-huh, so next year we can celebrate the "That Time in English Class When the Teacher Called on Hagumi and She Answered Right" day, the "Everyday Is a Special Day" day, and Omelet day.
Hagumi: Alright!
Eve: Fufu, I cannot wait until next year comes!
Tae: Now we've got to add the "Can't Wait till Next Year Comes" day, too. We're going to have a lot to celebrate next year.

Special Memories Card Story - Special Episode

Passing on Our Hearts


CiRCLE - Cafeteria

Tae: Hi, BanG Dreamer-san. Huh? Marina-san isn't around?
Tae: No, I wasn't really looking for her...
Tae: I've started working part-time at a rental-studio space.
Tae: So I came to check out CiRCLE to see what's going on with the competition.
Tae: Just joking. I had nothing to do, so I came by to hang out for a bit.
Tae: Not to be nosy or anything, but it seems like CiRCLE is seeing way more business than before.
Tae: When I was walking here, I saw a lot of people carrying instruments. I think that's great.
Tae: By the way, the other day, Poppin'Party celebrated its first anniversary of passing the audition at SPACE.
Tae: Arisa and I planned a surprise for the others. We showed them a video of us playing the last show at the venue.
Tae: It was! We had so much fun watching it! We all started remembering things from that day.
Tae: And it made me think.
Tae: SPACE might be gone, but the heart and soul of that place are still around.
Tae: Like it's inside of all of us.
Tae: ... Huh? What am I talking about?
Tae: You know... It's as if SPACE is responsible for the way things are now.
Tae: There are all these girl bands popping up, and they're coming to CiRCLE. People are enjoying music.
Tae: That's probably because of SPACE.
Tae: And I think CiRCLE is going to become what SPACE was.
Tae: A place where people can play music and attend concerts. Where they can find out how fun music is.
Tae: I think there should be more places like that.
Tae: Ah, hopefully the studio I'm working at is on its way as well.
Tae: ... Fufu, talking about that kind of stuff has me itching to play my guitar.
Tae: You've got an open space right now?
Tae: Are you serious?! Let me get in there.
Tae: Hey! I've got this song I'm working on. I'd love to get your thoughts on it if you've got a minute.
Tae: Cool! Come on, let's go!