Starting from the game's 4th year anniversary, each characters celebrating their birthday gets a birthday commemorative gacha. The commemorative gacha features their new limited birthday card with an increased appearance rate. Other spotlight cards are the previously released non-limited gacha cards of the birthday celebrant. The commemorative gacha runs for seven days.

When obtained, the cards are fully trained at max level.

Below is a list of the characters' birthdays with their corresponding birthday card. (The chibis are just placeholder.)

Special birthday! (Hikawa Sayo) T.png
Special birthday! (Hikawa Hina) T.png
Special birthday! (Ushigome Rimi) T.png
Special birthday! (PAREO) T.png
March 20 March 20 March 23 March 25
Special birthday! (Shirasagi Chisato) T.png
Special birthday! (Mitake Ran) T.png
Special birthday! (Udagawa Tomoe) T.png
April 6 April 10 April 15
Special birthday! (Matsubara Kanon) T.png
Special birthday! (MASKING) T.png
Special birthday! (Yamabuki Saaya) T.png
May 11 May 12 May 19
Birthday nanami charaImage.png
Birthday eve charaImage.png
June 16 June 27
Birthday ako charaImage.png
Birthday kasumi charaImage.png
Birthday rokka CharaImage.png
Birthday hagumi charaImage.png
July 3 July 14 July 17 July 30
Birthday kokoro charaImage.png
Birthday lisa charaImage.png
August 8 August 25
Birthday moca charaImage.png
Tsukushi charaImage.png
September 3 September 15
Misaki charaImage.png
Rinko charaImage.png
Himari charaImage.png
Yukina charaImage.png
Arisa charaImage.png
October 1 October 17 October 23 October 26 October 27
Maya charaImage.png
Rui charaImage.png
November 3 November 19
Tae charaImage.png
Chu2 charaImage.png
Touko charaImage.png
Birthday aya CharaImage.png
December 4 December 7 December 16 December 27
Tsugumi charaImage.png
Layer charaImage.png
January 7 January 13
Mashiro charaImage.png
Kaoru charaImage.png
February 19 February 28
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