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I'm so impressed that you remembered my birthday!
Special birthday! (PAREO) T.png


Member PAREO (icon).png Nyubara Reona
Episodes Episode
No card story page.
Special Episode
No card story page.
Band RAISE A SUILEN logo.png
Rarity Star trained.pngStar trained.pngStar trained.pngStar trained.png
Attribute Pure.svg Pure
Skill Name Cheerful Maid (チアフル・メイド)
Skill (Lvl 5) 450 Life Recovery and BAD and lower will not decrease Life for 7.0 secs. Score also increased by 100% (lowered to 40% after GREAT or lower) for 7.0 secs.
Availability Nyubara Reona Special birthday! Gacha
Server Availability Jp.svg 


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