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Spirit Of Bushido Card Story - Episode

Shopping With Arisa


Knick-knack Shop
Eve: Mmhmm~, mhmhmm~, mmhmm~ ♪
Eve: Every time I come here, I have fun just looking around~ ♪
Eve: Ah, this katana keyholder! They have so many different shapes!
Eve: Wow! It's a throwing star notepad! This would make a great present!
Eve: This is... a mini tank for marimo. All round and green. It's so cute~ ♪
Eve: Ah, this aroma candle has a nice smell...
Eve: Hmm~... There are just so many things, it's hard to choose...
Eve: What should I get...?
Arisa: ... Why have you been talking yourself this whole time?
Eve: Wahhh!
Arisa: W-What?!
Eve: Ah, Arisa-san! What a coincidence, seeing you here!
Eve: Are you here to shop as well?
Arisa: I wouldn't really call it that... I have some free time so I'm just kinda wandering around.
Arisa: How about you? Shopping?
Eve: Yes! I have the day off, and I wanted to buy something cute.
Eve: This kind of store is really fun, isn't it?! I could come here every day ♪
Arisa: I don't know about that, but you never know what you're gonna find, so I like this store too.
Arisa: ... Oh, this hair tie is cute.
Eve: This natto sushi roll cushion is adorable!
Arisa: What are you talking about...? They actually have that?! What a crazy design...
Eve: Ah! Arisa-san, look!
Eve: This one! It's a rabbit doll!
Arisa: Ohh... It's pretty cute...
Eve: When I look at this, I think of the day when we were catching bunnies around school.
Arisa: Ah, you mean the other day.
Arisa: ... Sigh.
Eve: W-Why did you sigh?
Arisa: Nothing, I was just thinking about how much of a hassle that was.
Arisa: I never want to have to run around school again...
Eve: Ahaha... It was quite difficult!
Eve: But luckily, we were able to get all of the rabbits back in the end.
Eve: Most importantly, when we were finished, the girl in charge of the pet room finally looked happy!
Eve: Bushido means to help people in need! I feel like I'm one step closer to understanding what bushido really is!
Arisa: I'm not sure about understand bushido part, but...
Arisa: I guess it's nice when people thank you.
Eve: Yeah, it felt really good!
Arisa: Alright well, I'm gonna go. Try not to waste too much money.
Eve: Aww~, you're leaving?
Eve: I wanted to do a little shopping together...
Arisa: Wha-...?!
Arisa: F-Fine. But only for a little while, okay?
Eve: Yay, thank you, Arisa-san!
Eve: Okay, which store should we go to next?!

Spirit Of Bushido Card Story - Special Episode

We Need To Come Together!


Eve: Mmhmm, mhmhmm, mmhmm~ ♪
Eve: Ah, BanG Dreamer-san!
Eve: How are you?! I never see you on a day off! Feels like a brand new experience!
Eve: I just wanna start running!
Eve: Oh, yeah! Speaking of running, we did a lot of that the other day when we were chasing after runaway rabbits!
Eve: I was in the middle of my kendo practice when I was asked by Tae-san and the others to help catch them!
Eve: I couldn't ignore someone who needed help. That's the way of bushido!
Eve: But when I actually gave it a shot, it was so hard to catch those little guys, and we ended up running all around the school...
Eve: That certainly kept us busy!
Eve: Still, in the end, we were able to get all of them back home, safe and sound!
Eve: The pet committee was really grateful for our help. It sure feels nice to do good things for people!
Eve: To be able to work together as a group and get something done is also a wonderful feeling.
Eve: Though you are one warrior, sometimes you must all come together to protect the lord! It's the same as that!
Eve: In other words, working as a team is important ♪
Eve: Pastel*Palettes already works really well together, but I think it would be great if we could keep doing that.
Eve: Am I worried that we might become separated?
Eve: Not at all! I believe we can always exist as one.
Eve: Even if our hearts become disconnected... I will be there to bring us back together!
Eve: But, sometimes I need help, too. When that time comes, I'll be counting on you for assistance ♪