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Splash Style Card Story - Episode

New Summer Menu!


Toconut Park

Moca: Ah~, that drink was delicious~. I'm gonna get another when we have lunch.
Ran: Huh, was it really that good? I should've asked for a sip.
Tsugumi: It was refreshing, and not too sweet either. It was the perfect drink for a hot day.
Moca: The quintessential summer beverage~.
Ran: I think you're exaggerating... But I would like to try it. Maybe I'll get one later.
Tomoe: When you hear something's around only for a short time, that makes you want to try it even more!
Himari: That's so true~! "For a limited time only" are dangerous words~.
Moca: Now that I think about it, Tsugu's café has different kinds of cakes every season, but the drinks don't really change, do they?
Tsugumi: It's not like we don't have any seasonal drinks, but they don't really stand out. I think customers would like it if we had more, though. Maybe I'll talk to my mom about it.
Himari: How about we think of a seasonal drink for Hazawa Coffee?!
Tomoe: That sounds fun!
Tsugumi: Fufu. Thank you! I'd love to hear your ideas. I think they'd be really helpful.
Tsugumi: What comes to mind when you think of a summer drink?!
Tomoe: A summer drink~. I think of something that's decorated with fruit.
Himari: Ah, yeah! Like those drinks that have oranges hanging on the edge of the glass!
Tsugumi: Got it. That sounds like a tropical drink!
Ran: It should look cool and refreshing too. It'd be nice if it was kind of clear.
Tomoe: Ah~, yeah, and summer drinks are usually blue or green!
Tsugumi: When the drink looks nice and cold, that makes you want to get it right away.
Tsugumi: What about you, Moca-chan?
Moca: Hmm~. Maybe something fizzy~. Sipping on something carbonated makes me think of summer.
Tomoe: I know what you mean! I always drink something like that after club practice.
Tsugumi: Okay. Something carbonated. I think my family's café could do that.
Himari: I think I'd like something with ice cream on top! Summer and ice cream go hand in hand!
Tsugumi: I like that! I was thinking of something like a drink and cake set, but if it's a drink with ice cream in it, then it is great on its own!
Tsugumi: I think I've heard ideas from everyone. Thanks! You were a huge help!
Moca: It was nothing~. I'm looking forward to your café's new drink~.
Himari: Yeah! Let us know as soon as it's released! We'll go get one right away!
Ran: ...
Tomoe: Huh? What's up, Ran?
Ran: Something was bothering me while I was listening to everybody's ideas...
Tsugumi: What's wrong with it? It's a blue or green drink that's carbonated, has ice cream in it, and then some fruit on the edge of the glass...
Tsugumi: ... Ah.
Moca: That's totally an ice cream soda...
Himari: Yeah... There's no mistaking it. That's an ice cream soda...
Tomoe: I'm pretty sure that's on the menu at Hazawa Coffee...
Tsugumi: Yeah, we have it... We sell it all year round...
Ran: I had a good feeling about our ideas when we're talking about them too...
Moca: Developing new items... sure is a difficult process~.
Tsugumi: Maybe that's what makes them seem so interesting!
Himari: Tsugu, I think you nailed it!
Tomoe: Ah, why don't we all try thinking about this again later? If we think of something good, we could try making it too!
Moca: I like the sound of that~. Just thinking about this was pretty enjoyable.
Himari: The drink we dream up will be on the menu...! That sounds like so much fun! We totally should!
Ran: Yeah. That's not a bad idea.
Tomoe: I'm sure I can think of something! I came up with this killer combination when we were at the restaurant last time.
Tsugumi: Fufu... Thanks, everybody! I can't wait to see what new drink we come up with!
Tsugumi: And when it's finished, we can celebrate by serving it with some cake!
Tsugumi: Let's come up with something new for the menu!
Tomoe: Oh, Tsugu is pumped!
Moca: I'm getting some strong Tsugurific vibes... It's summertime for sure~.

Splash Style Card Story - Special Episode

Something I'll Never Forget


Residential Area

Marina: Huh? Tsugumi-chan, hi!
Tsugumi: Marina-san! BanG Dreamer-san! Hi! I hope you're having a good day at work!
Marina: Huh? Tusugumi-chan, why are you wearing your school uniform even though you're on summer break?
Tsugumi: Ah, there was a student council meeting today. There are a lot of school functions happening when school starts that we have to decide on.
Marina: Oh. You're such a hard worker. You're working for your classmates even during summer vacation.
Tsugumi: That's what being a part of the student council is all about.
Marina: But you have band practice, and you help around at your family's café too. That doesn't sound like much of a summer vacation to me.
Tsugumi: That's not true! I enjoy doing those things!
Tsugumi: Besides, I'm spending time with Afterglow too!
Marina: Ah, by the way, didn't you go to a waterpark recently? You went to Toconut Park, right?
Tsugumi: Yes, I did! I went with everybody a little while ago. I had a great time!
Marina: Fufufu. I can tell by how you talk about it. If it's that much fun, then maybe I'll go too. Are there any attractions you recommend?
Tsugumi: Well... The water slide was amazing! It was full of heart-pounding thrills.
Marina: That sounds about right for a popular attraction. You have to wait an hour to ride it, right?
Tsugumi: I think so, but we got special passes, so we didn't have to wait that long.
Tsugumi: Even when we had to wait a while for other attractions, we were together, so it was really fun!
Marina: Surprisingly, those are the moments that you remember.
Tsugumi: You're right! Even though it's stuff we do all the time, like talking and playing shiritori.
Marina: That's what you do when you've got time to kill.
Tsugumi: Yes! Whenever we go out together, Himari-chan is always getting us to play shiritori!
Tsugumi: Moca-chan tends to give her hard words to work with.
Tsugumi: She'll say goofy things like Tsugurific or the names of different types of chocolate pastries.
Marina: Tsugurific isn't a word. Is that really okay?
Tsugumi: ... Ah, you're right! I've never thought about it! No one ever says anything.
Marina: Fufu. Sounds like it's a part of your vocabularies.
Tsugumi: Yeah, I guess so. We'll have to be more careful next time...!
Tsugumi: ... Ah, I'm sorry to keep you! You're working, right?
Marina: No, it's fine. I enjoyed hearing about what you've been up to. I think all that excitement will help get me through my shift!
Tsugumi: I'm happy to hear that! I hope you both have a good day at work.