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Stage Director Card Story - Episode

The Stage in My Mind


After The Performance
Performance Venue

Maya: Are you sure you're all okay to help us with striking the set?
Aya: Of course! We've come this far already, you should let us help out till the very end!
Rinko: We can't call ourselves part of the stage crew... if we don't help take down the set... But only if it's not a hassle for you...
Maya: It's not a hassle at all! In fact, the strike is a race against the clock, so it'd be great if you could all help out!
Yukina: I'm glad to hear you say that.
Maya: I'm just not really sure how I can express my gratitude for everything you've all done...
Aya: Ahaha. You're going overboard, Maya-chan! We're part of the crew, right?
Maya: Th-that's true! ... Huhehe, thank you so very much.
Yukina: You said the strike is a race against time... Should we start disassembling then?
Maya: Ah, hold on a second. The actors are still seeing the audience off. We should start when they're finished with that.
Aya: Got it~! Fufu, the actors ended up having to shake hands with people as they left!
Rinko: The crowd... around Seta-san... was particularly impressive...
Yukina: I can see why she's so popular. She gave an outstanding performance and all.
Maya: How do I put this...? I always feel a huge sense of accomplishment when I get to see the satisfied look on the actors' faces after the performance.
Rinko: I think... I understand... that feeling...
Aya: I mean, we're only able to perform on stage because of all the hard work and effort that the stage crew puts behind the scenes, right?
Aya: That's a lesson I certainly learned by helping out this time! Anyway, once Kaoru-san and the others get back, let's clean this place up~!
Maya: Yes, let's do that together! With that said, safety first at all times! We don't want anyone getting hurt!
Maya: The plywood used for the set breaks easily, and there might be nails sticking out in certain places.
Maya: So, while we return this stage to its original form, let's also try to avoid all accidents!
Aya: I have to say, though, having to disassemble this stage we worked so hard to build is making me feel a little sad.
Rinko: I agree... Even though we knew...from the beginning... we'd have to do this... it's still a little... heartrending.
Maya: I had those feelings when I first started working in stage production, too.
Maya: I felt like it was such a waste to have to tear down a set that we just built up, especially when it's full of little memories here and there.
Yukina: Little memories? Can you perhaps elaborate?
Maya: Maybe I exaggerated a little... But, for instance, this flat over here...
Maya: We ran out of paint when we were painting it, so I had Aya-san go out to get more.
Aya: Ohh, you're right! I did do that!
Maya: And this step unit here somehow didn't fit the platform, so we had to adjust it with the materials we had at hand...
Maya: Well, they all sound insignificant when I say them out loud, and they're all things that the audience wouldn't even notice... But for those of us who built the set, I guess they have meaning.
Aya: I remember things too, like how I bought the tea set on the table here at that little store... All sorts of memories are flooding back.
Rinko: And it's because of these tiny things... one piled on top of another... that we were able to create this stage... I think...
Maya: Minato-san, were there any memories that stood out to you?
Yukina: For me... it would be my struggle with the buttons, I suppose? When I first started, I had to resew the same button over and over again.
Rinko: But... Yukina-san... You eventually got really good at it... In fact, I ended up... having you sew all the buttons...
Yukina: That's because, Rinko, you so patiently taught me how to do so. It's thanks to you that I can even be confident in sewing buttons.
Maya: That's what happens when we come together to create this one thing! By accomplishing it, we all grow as individuals!
Yukina: In that sense, maybe there are some parallels between theater and band performances.
Maya: Yup! And that's exactly why I'm devoted to both.
Aya: Now that we're looking back on all these memories, it's even harder to take down the stage.
Maya: Haha, that's certainly true. But we really can't leave it like this either.
Aya: Oh, then how about we all take a picture~?! Besides, I wanna put one up on social media!
Maya: Oh my goodness, pictures! Phew, that was close. I almost forgot... Thank you, Aya-san.
Maya: We're supposed to upload pictures onto the theater club's website. But things always get hectic when we start the strike...
Maya: When I finally remember, the set is already half disassembled... So we always end up with these pictures that are incomplete.
Maya: But thanks to everyone being here today, I guess I'm much more composed than usual.
Aya: Ehehe, it's settled then! Once Kaoru-san comes back, we'll all take a picture together!
Maya: Yes, let's do that!
Aya: Until then, should we continue to talk about the memories we made while making this set?!
Yukina: Yes, that's right. I also would like to hear more about everyone's experiences.
Rinko: Yes... Yamato-san... Why don't we do that...?
Maya: Aw, you guys... Okay!

Stage Director Card Story - Special Episode

Respect for the Pros


Music Store

Maya: Let's see... We need some everyday sound effects and some sci-fi ones... They should be around here...
Marina: Oh, it's Maya-chan!
Maya: Ah! Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san! Fancy seeing you two here!
Marina: Are you looking for something?
Maya: Yes, I'm searching for sound-effect CDs for the theater club!
Marina: Sound effects... You mean like car noises and animal cries, CDs with things like that on them?
Maya: Yeah, sound effects are particularly important when it comes to stage performances, so I'm a little picky in choosing which ones to use.
Maya: We have some left by our predecessors, but they don't really match what we're aiming for.
Marina: Huh. So, you meticulously choose each and every sound effect.
Maya: Yes, that's right. Even for something as simple as a telephone ring, times have changed, so we need to have one that matches the here and now.
Marina: That is true... Making sure it reflects the realism of the scene is important.
Maya: Exactly! If we don't select the right sound, it could ruin the performance that everyone put so much effort into.
Maya: Many of these sound effects are what we hear on a daily basis, so we have to make sure they sound as realistic as possible... And that we don't pick anything outlandish!
Maya: For example, an action-packed scene should have boisterous clanging noises, and a scene in a region with heavy snowfall should have the rich crunching sound of footsteps in the snow...
Maya: If we can obtain that sort of realism in our performance, then we can pull the audience deeper into the story.
Marina: I see your point. It's important to be particular. ... Maya-chan, you're like a pro and it's awesome~.
Maya: I-I'm not at that level yet...! Compared to real pros, someone like me is still just a greenhorn!
Marina: Ahaha, I don't think that's true. You already sound professional to me, if that means anything.
Maya: No, no. I think only skilled experts can truly be called professionals! Calling me a pro would be an insult to them!
Marina: Your respect for the pros in this trade is really something else...
Maya: It's just something that I appreciate. Even when I'm performing live on stage, I end up being impressed by the work all the staff members do for us!
Maya: Like when I see the cameraman handling all the cables and stuff, I just think to myself, "Whoa~"!
Marina: Wow~! You can notice that even when you're busy drumming?
Maya: Oh, well... When I'm performing, my main focus is the drums! But... how do I put this...? I guess when I'm in the zone, I can concentrate on the drums and notice other things...
Maya: Maybe it's because the drums are like the backbone of the band, it's just natural for me to stay alert to the things around us.
Marina: Fufu. I guess you're first and foremost a pro drummer.
Maya: Huhehe... Oh, I mean... It makes me really happy to hear you say that.
Maya: But it's still too early for me to be given the title of "pro drummer"!
Maya: I hope that one day I can confidently call myself both an idol and a pro drummer. But until then, I'll be working really hard to be able to achieve that!