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Stargazing in December Card Story - Episode

As Many Memories as People


Hazawa Coffee

Tomoe: That stargazing event was pretty cool! It was something new for me! I've never spent time looking at the stars like that!
Tsugumi: I'm glad you had fun. It's a good thing I invited you. It looked like everyone else was enjoying themselves too.
Tomoe: Yep. I mean, yeah, it's nice to just look up and see what's up there, but it's totally different when you've got telescopes and binoculars and whatnot!
Tomoe: Oh, and all that stuff Hina-senpai was talkin' about was interesting too! The random trivia, the mythology. I was surprised she knew so much!
Tsugumi: Mhm, she's very impressive. No matter which star we asked her about, she had something to say about it.
Tomoe: It's easier to be good at something you love, isn't it? If we're going based on what you just said, I'd say Kokoro was impressive too.
Tsugumi: The way she was singing whenever she looked at a star. She said they were songs she thought of on the spot, but they sounded like the real deal. That blew my mind.
Tomoe: Coming up with a melody off the top of her head like that is amazing. I would've definitely jumped in if I had my drums with me.
Tsugumi: Fufu, that would make for a lively night under the stars.
Tsugumi: It's kind of weird though.
Tomoe: Hm? What is?
Tsugumi: I was thinking about how the school roof holds a lot of memories for us, but for Hina-senpai, it's a place for stargazing.
Tsugumi: I'm sure she has memories of the roof that belong only to her... And there are likely other people for whom that's true as well.
Tsugumi: Uhhh, it's a bit hard to put what I'm thinking into words, but... it crossed my mind that a place can have as many memories as there are people who have been there.
Tomoe: I think I get what you're saying. The roof felt different than usual to us when we were up there for the event.
Tsugumi: Mhm. It feels like we experienced Hina-senpai's roof when we were there.
Himari: Tomoe~! Tsugu~!
Moca: And the great Moca-chan makes her appearance~.
Tsugumi: Welcome to Hazawa Coffee!
Tomoe: Hm? Where's Ran?
Moca: She said she was running behind~.
Himari: Looks like you two were having a good ol' time. What were you talking about? Let me join!
Tomoe: You know how there was a stargazing event on the school roof the other day? We were talking about how fun that was.
Himari: What?! Was it actually that fun~?! Aww~, I wanted to go too...
Tomoe: And I wish you all could've seen it. The stars were so pretty.
Himari: Man, if only I didn't have something to do that day...
Tsugumi: We should go together next time if we get the chance.
Moca: I would have been there if there were buns~.
Tomoe: Saya was there too. You could've said something. Maybe she would have brought some.
Moca: Oh no~. What a missed opportunity~...
Himari: Jeez, you're more worried about bread than the stars.
Moca: Stars are nice, sure, but buns are still yummy~.
Tsugumi: There weren't any, but they did bring cookies for us.
Tomoe: Yeah, those were good! Sayo-san made them, right?
Himari: What?! Are you serious?! I would love to try Sayo-san's cookies~!
Moca: Now look who's more worried about food.
Himari: B-but I gotta know about the cookies, no matter how great the stars are.
Tomoe: Ahaha, you're no different from Moca then.
Tsugumi: Fufu, well we all had a lot of fun. You two should go whenever they hold the next one.
Himari: Mhm! Of course! We can bring Ran along and all go!
Tomoe: Yup! It'd be nice to do it together!
Moca: Okey-dokey, and I'll be spending all my time looking for the bun constellation.
Tsugumi: I've never heard of that one... I hope we can see some pretty ones though.

Stargazing in December Card Story - Special Episode

How Are We Similar?



Tsugumi: Hello, BanG Dreamer-san.
Tsugumi: That's a croquette from Hagumi-chan's store, right?
Tsugumi: Fufu, warm ones are tasty during the winter, aren't they? The special, seasonal ones are good too.
Tsugumi: Oh, I'm on my way home. I ran a little behind schedule because I was talking to Hina-senpai...
Tsugumi: Ah, I borrowed this book from her. It has stories where stars play a big part. They really draw you in.
Tsugumi: The other day, I helped Hina-senpai with her stargazing event, and while I was there, I heard her talk about the winter constellations...
Tsugumi: When I told her I want to know more, she brought me this book from the Astronomy Club room.
Tsugumi: ... Ah, I'm sorry! Just saying that doesn't explain why I helped her in the first place.
Tsugumi: ...? You already know? Oh, so you heard from Hina-senpai...
Tsugumi: Was she really that grateful for my help? I'm glad to hear that!
Tsugumi: I don't think I did that much, though... Sayo-san was the one who put the most effort.
Tsugumi: She's amazing. She's very efficient when making preparations, and things go very smoothly. If any problems come up, she's quick to find a solution...
Tsugumi: Anyone would aspire to be like her. She's always calm, and her way of thinking is very dependable.
Tsugumi: A lot of the time I try so hard, my brain becomes overwhelmed with thoughts.
Tsugumi: There are so many ways I wish I could be like Sayo-san. I hope one day I can actually pull it off...
Tsugumi: You... think I can?
Tsugumi: I'm just like Sayo-san...? Me?! No way?!
Tsugumi: I don't have anything that matches up to her... Hm? I'm serious and good at looking out for others, just like her?
Tsugumi: I don't know if I agree, but I'm happy to hear you say that.
Tsugumi: Either way, I've got a long way to go before I'm on her level. She has so many things that I don't.
Tsugumi: I'll have to keep working really hard!
Tsugumi: B-but not too hard because that's bad. I'll do my best while not overdoing it.
Tsugumi: First things first... I would like to read this book and learn about the stars.
Tsugumi: Sayo-san learned a bunch before the stargazing event, so I should start doing the things I'm interested in too. I won't stop until I'm satisfied.
Tsugumi: It'll be a slow process, but I hope I can at least learn from her little by little.
Tsugumi: Yep. I'm on the road to becoming someone as reliable as her!
Tsugumi: ... Ah, I'm so sorry about stopping you. Your croquette's gonna get all cold.
Tsugumi: Thanks for listening though. Hopefully we can do this again sometime.