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Staying True to Us Card Story - Episode

Congratulatory Cake


Hazawa Coffee
Ran: ... Okay, that was the last of it. Phew, glad that's over.
Tsugumi: Here you go~. Since you worked so hard, have some cake.
Ran: Huh? Really? You already helped me study, I can't accept cake too...
Tsugumi: No worries. I learn a lot when I help people study. Besides, this was fun!
Ran: Yeah... Thanks, Tsugumi. I owe you big time.
Ran: I wanted to ask you sooner, but just when I was about to, something came up...
Tsugumi: Was that the day you went with Kasumi-chan and the others to see the concert at Sparkle Dome?
Ran: Yeah. I totally forgot about studying.
Tsugumi: When you put something off even once, it's easy to forget all about it. I do that a lot too.
Tsugumi: You had a good time though, didn't you?
Ran: Yeah, I guess I did... The venue was incredible, and the show blew my mind. I learned a lot going there. I'm glad I went.
Ran: I also got to talk with the others about what kind of show we'd put on if we played at a dome.
Ran: It didn't matter if it was realistic or not, we just talked about what we wanted to do.
Tsugumi: Wow! That sounds fun! A dome show~... What did everyone say?
Ran: Some people said they'd give ten or more encore performances, while others said they'd want elephants and giraffes... Everybody said some crazy stuff, but I think it all fit their personalities.
Ran: Of course, I just want us to perform the same as always.
Ran: ... But now I'm starting to think that might not be enough.
Tsugumi: Huh? R-really?!
Ran: Ah, I'm not taking it that seriously.
Ran: I've just been thinking about it as one possibility. That's all.
Tsugumi: Hm...?
Ran: ... All the bands at Girls Band Expo were incredible.
Ran: You could feel each band's... energy. Their passion really came through.
Ran: I started to wonder if we should be giving more elaborate performances like that in order to reach that level of intensity.
Ran: But...
Tsugumi: But?
Ran: ... Even if the crowd liked a flashier show, I'm not sure I would.
Ran: Whether it's about the band or not, we've always been consistent about how we do things.
Ran: And I don't know how I feel about changing things up just because we're on a bigger stage...
Ran: Wouldn't that make it seem like we didn't get there through our own skills?
Ran: ... Sorry. It's kinda hard to explain.
Tsugumi: No, I get it!
Tsugumi: You want to focus more on staying true to who we are, rather than making some big spectacle, right?
Tsugumi: The idea of doing a grand performance is appealing... But no matter how big the stage is, I want us to show the crowd who we are.
Tsugumi: I bet everyone would definitely agree with that!
Ran: Yeah.
Ran: Just because we're playing somewhere special doesn't mean we'd have to go out of our way to beef up our performance.
Ran: We'd choose to play the same as always. Nothing more, nothing less.
Tsugumi: Yeah!
Tsugumi: Still, that might be really hard to stick to once we're on a big stage.
Tsugumi: I think I'd try to work harder and just freeze up.
Ran: Ahaha. Yeah, I could see that.
Ran: We're gonna have to up our game so that kind of stuff doesn't happen.
Tsugumi: Fufu. Yeah.
Tsugumi: Ran-chan, let's keep giving it our all with the rest of our band!
Ran: Yeah.

Staying True to Us Card Story - Special Episode

Secret Goals


Residential Area
Ran: ... Oh. Hey, BanG Dreamer-san.
Ran: Huh? Nah, I'm just taking a walk... There's some stuff I wanna think about.
Ran: I went to see a show at a dome the other day. Yeah, the one called Girls Band Expo.
Ran: No, I didn't go with Afterglow. It was me, Kasumi, Aya-san, Minato-san, and Kokoro. Just the five of us.
Ran: No. It was just a coincidence that all the vocalists went together.
Ran: It was kinda spur of the moment. I guess you could say Kokoro dragged us into it...
Ran: We stood in line to get merch for the show, and before it started we got drinks at a café. It was a pretty busy day.
Ran: It was different from hanging with Afterglow... But doing stuff like that isn't so bad once in a while. For sure.
Ran: No doubt the best part of the day was the show.
Ran: Huh? How was it? Umm... Well...
Ran: I hate to admit it, but their performances really shook me to my core.
Ran: Everyone played with so much intensity. It felt like I was trying to catch my breath after each show because the performances hit so hard.
Ran: And it got me thinking... I want Afterglow to put on a show like that.
Ran: Ah... No, that's not what I'm out here thinking about.
Ran: I already know what Afterglow would do if we got the chance to play a concert on that scale.
Ran: No matter how big the stage is, we'd just play music, the same as always.
Ran: I'm sure everyone in Afterglow would agree. I'm not worried about that... It's just, um...
Ran: ... BanG Dreamer-san, you won't laugh if I tell you, right? Promise? Okay, I'm gonna hold you to that. So...
Ran: I was thinking about who should play with us when we do a huge show like the Girls Band Expo.
Ran: It'd be our chance to play at a big dome, so I'd definitely want Poppin'Party, Roselia, Hello, Happy World!, and Pastel*Palettes to be there. And RAS too.
Ran: The fastest way to realize a goal is to hold a clear image of it in your head, huh...? I guess that makes sense.
Ran: You'll improve faster at guitar if you've got a solid goal instead of just a vague idea that you wanna get better. You know, something like wanting to play a certain phrase.
Ran: Alright. I've made up my mind. One day, Afterglow is gonna play a dome show. I don't know when... but I'm gonna work my butt off to make it happen.
Ran: Yeah, thanks. Definitely keep an eye on us.
Ran: ... But don't tell anybody that we talked about this, got it? Remember, you promised.