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Stepping into Tomorrow Card Story - Episode

Carving the Present


Haneoka Girls' Academy - Roof

Moca: Hey, listen to this recording I made~. I wanna try something like this for the guitar solo during the interlude~.
Ran & Tsugumi: ...
Tsugumi: I like it! The guitar really stands out, too!
Ran: ... Not bad. But if we're going with this for the solo, we should adjust this guitar part too.
Moca: Score~. I'm gonna try it when we go to the studio next time~.
Tsugumi: Good idea! We should try everything we can! It would be pointless to rewrite our song otherwise!
Moca: Wow~, you're so Tsugurific today~. But I rather like it~.
Ran: ... Anyway, I think we've figured out the melody. The problem is the other two over there...
Tomoe: Himari... About the bridge...
Himari: Yeah... We're probably thinking the same thing... But rearranging this part is super hard!
Tomoe: I know... Messing up this part could change how the song feels...
Himari: Wh-what are we supposed to do~?!
Moca: Looks like the rhythm section's having trouble~.
Ran: Our new-and-improved leader's already pulling her hair out.
Himari: Argh~, guys! Don't just watch, give us a hand~!
Tsugumi: Hmm... Ah. Maybe we can help! There's something Maya-senpai said during a session...

Tomoe: ... Huh! That's Maya-senpai for you!
Moca: Divine Tsugu-sama to the rescue again~.
Himari: Thanks, Tsugu... We'll make a great phrase now for sure~...
Tsugumi: Yeah. Good luck!
Ran: Himari, Tomoe. Do you think you guys can manage?
Himari: I think so! We'll have something ready for you before we practice at the studio~!
Tomoe: How are the lyrics coming? We've figured out what to do here, so if you want, we can lend you a hand!
Ran: We're just about to get started. I'm sure we could use all the help we can get.
Moca: You know~, the music's turning out pretty good, so maybe there's no need to mess with the lyrics~.
Ran: No. I don't feel the same way as I did when I wrote them... I want to change the words.
Moca: Well~, I guess I can help since you feel that way, Ran~.
Ran: You don't have to if you don't want to.
Moca: Eep, I was just kidding~. Please let me help~.
Tsugumi: Fufu. Let's start brainstorming then!
Tomoe: On it! We're just putting our current feelings into words, right?
Himari: Umm, we watched an amazing show and did one of our own. We couldn't do as well as we wanted, and uh, things didn't feel right, but it turns out we all felt the same way, and...

Himari: Th-this is really hard to turn into a song, isn't it...?
Moca: Hii-chan, we can't just write down our experience as is.
Himari: I-I know that! I was just thinking out loud!
Ran: ... Fufu.
Himari: Hey! No need to laugh, Ran~!
Ran: It's not that. I wasn't laughing at you... Doesn't this remind you of the last time?
Tsugumi: You're talking about when we wrote "Tied to the Skies," right? We also gathered on the roof and wrote the lyrics, didn't we?
Moca: Now that you mention it, that did happen.
Tomoe: That feels like ages ago.
Ran: Whenever I sing "Tied to the Skies," I think of everything we went through leading up to when we made that song.
Ran: ... No, it's not just that song. It's all our songs. Whenever we perform them, our memories come back to me.
Himari: Yeah! It's like each and every one of our songs is filled with our memories!
Ran: ... And when I sing this song, it'll also bring back lots of memories.
Ran: It'll remind me of the things that we struggled with, our decision to give an incredible show, and how we rewrote this song...
Tsugumi: Yes. If you think about it, all of our songs are like time capsules.
Moca: ... Ooo~, now that was some deep stuff there~.
Tomoe: But it's true. All of our songs are our feelings given words.
Moca: In other words, we'll be able to remember how fired up we are right now whenever we perform this song~.
Ran: Yeah, I guess that'll happen. I know we're going to face all kinds of challenges.
Ran: We might get lost. We might stumble. But as long as the five of us are together, and as long as we have this song, we'll be able to burn just as brightly.
Ran: Let's engrave our resolve into this song... together.

Stepping into Tomorrow Card Story - Special Episode

Regret and Envy


Record Shop

Ran: ... I wonder if this one also has samples I can listen to.
Marina: Hm? Ran-chan?
Ran: Oh, Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san. Hello.
Marina: Hi. Out shopping, Ran-chan?
Ran: Yeah. I want to listen to some genres I've never tried before.
Marina: That's great! Doing so will give you all kinds of new ideas.
Ran: Yeah... And that's exactly what I'm after.
Marina: ...? Why's that?
Ran: Um... Minato-san said something after Future World Fes...
Ran: She told us that Roselia had learned a lot from Afterglow and the other bands.
Ran: She also said it was because of all of us that Roselia was able to make it to that stage.
Marina: I see. As the organizer of the Girls Band Party, I'm really honored to hear she said that.
Ran: Fufu, so am I... That's why I've decided to learn more about other bands.
Ran: I'm sure listening to other music genres will teach me a lot of stuff.
Marina: I see. It looks like Yukina-chan had quite the effect on you.
Ran: ... To be honest, I don't really like how it seems like I'm copying Minato-san. But Roselia's concert was just that amazing.
Marina: Yes, I've heard that from a lot of people.
Ran: ... Well, I can talk about it now, but there was a time when I was really frustrated because their performance had something ours didn't...
Ran: It made me realize just how incredible Roselia was... And also how we wouldn't be able to give a performance like them.
Ran: But I didn't want to admit that we weren't as good... That's why I couldn't tell anyone, so I practiced alone instead.
Ran: Looking back, everyone else probably felt the same way.
Marina: So that's why all of you came in separately to practice that one day.
Ran: Yes. I know it was lame. Still, Himari dragged me out of my corner... and Tsugumi's positivity showed us that it's not about who's better or worse.
Ran: That's when we decided that we were going to do an amazing show, even better than Roselia's.
Marina: Fufu, you look like you're enjoying yourself, Ran-chan!
Ran: I-it does? ... I guess I can see that.
Ran: We have a big goal now and we're trying something we've never done before. I... everyone's really fired up.
Ran: I'm excited to see what kind of a mark we'll be able to leave if we keep going...
Marina: I like your spirit~! So much determination! I can't wait to see how Afterglow grows!
Ran: Yeah. We'll make sure to put on a concert people will never forget.