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Striving to Be the Perfect Idol Card Story - Episode

Just for Today


After School
CiRCLE - Café
Aya: Could be nice to take it easy now that the concert stuff has wrapped up. Just for today.
Aya: Wow! A new lemon tart item on the menu...?! Th-that looks so good...
Aya: But if Chisato-chan finds me eating sweets, she'll get mad at me again...
Aya: ...
Aya: ...J-just this once... should be fine, right...?
Hina: Ahh~, ahem... Maruyama-san, you're still making errors on the part before the chorus? ...Fufu~ ♪ Pretending to be Sis is so fun~.
Hina: ...Oh! There's Aya-chan! Perfect timing. Time to test it out.
Aya: Hmhmm~ ♪ A new dessert and some hot tea~ ♪ A reward to myself for all the effort I put toward this last show!
Aya: Mmm~, yum! And it doesn't go overboard with the sugar, so I'm sure Chisato-chan would still forgive m-
Others: Maruyama-san!
Aya: Y-yes?!
Hina: Aya-ch- Maruyama-san, wasting your money on sweets again?
Aya: S-Sayo-chan?! What are you doing here...?
Hina: It's only natural that a member of the disciplinary committee would patrol the road leading from school! To think you'd be gorging yourself here. Can't say I'm impressed.
Aya: Ohh~, I'm sorry... I was just treating myself...
Hina: Chisat- Shirasagi-san is always telling you to avoid sweets, isn't she?
Aya: Huh~?! You know about that too...?! Ngh... Could you look the other way, just this once?!
Hina: Absolutely not. I cannot allow myself to overlook this. I will be reporting this infraction to the other members of Pastel*Palettes.
Aya: What?! P-Pastel*Palettes?! Not to a teacher?
Hina: It'd be more boppin' that way, wouldn't it. ♪
Aya: B-boppin'...? So you use that word too, Sayo-chan...?
Chisato: Hm? What are you doing here, Aya-chan?
Eve: That's... Hina-san next to her, right?
Aya: Ah, Chisato-chan, Eve-chan! Hina-chan is next to me? What do you mean...? Wait!
Hina: Ahaha~, so I couldn't fool you two, huh~?
Eve: I saw right through your shinobi transformation technique!
Hina: Of course you would, Eve-chan! Which part gave me away?
Eve: Which part...? Hmm~... Right when I saw you I knew, even from far away.
Maya: Same. I didn't have to be close to tell either!
Aya: Maya-chan too~?! Ohh~, so I'm the only one who didn't realize...
Aya: I might have been panicking too much because of "Sayo-chan" coming down on me with all that disciplinary committee stuff.
Chisato: Fufu. That goes to show how guilty you felt for having that dessert.
Aya: Ngh...
Hina: Ahhaha! Aya-chan, you're such a naughty girl~.
Aya: I-I thought it might be fine, just for today...
Chisato: Do you know what happens when you keep saying 'just for today'...?
Aya: Yes...
Hina: Do you really~? Ah, Aya-chan! One other thing!
Aya: Hm? Something I'm missing...?
Hina: I think it's only right that you apologize for when you said my imitation of Sis was bad~.
Maya: You certainly were fooled today, that's for sure.
Eve: Hina-san, well done!
Chisato: And when you're at it, don't forget about the sweets. You need to think about what you've done.
Aya: Ohh~... Chisato-chan, Hina-chan, I'm so sorry~!!

Striving to Be the Perfect Idol Card Story - Special Episode

Experiences Pay Off


Station Entrance
Aya: Ah, BanG Dreamer-san! Hello♪
Aya: I seem to be in a much better mood than usual? Ehehe, that's because I am♪
Aya: The other day we had a show, and I did really well as the MC, even though I've always been pretty bad at it!
Aya: Even Chisato-chan complimented me on it! And I've been realizing, little by little, just how amazing that is, so it makes me happy...
Aya: I was talking to the other members after the show too. It made me feel like I've gotten a lot more used to being MC since joining Pastel*Palettes.
Aya: And I think I do a much better job of dealing with things whenever we run into trouble!
Aya: This is the payoff after everything our band has been through!
Aya: Even though Hina-chan says it'd be boring if I grew and improved...
Aya: I want to use this growth as a way to feel more confident, and I'll take that confidence with me as I continue to do my best.
Aya: My work ethic is what's great about me? Ehehe, thank you very much! Eve-chan said the same thing!
Aya: ... Ah, a phone call. Please excuse me.
Aya: Hello, this is Aya Maruyama! Ah, thank you for all your hard work! ... What?! A reshoot?! Right now...?!
Aya: Ah, yes... Okay... Understood... I'm on my way!
Aya: BanG Dreamer-san, what am I gonna do~?! They said the photos from my interview the other day are no good...
Aya: Now I have to go retake them! Not only that, but they want to redo some parts of the interview as well...
Aya: But I thought so much beforehand about what I would say during the first one~!
Aya: There's no way I can just come up with what to say to them now~!
Aya: BanG Dreamer-san, will you think with me?!
Aya: P-please, help me~!