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Strong Skier Card Story - Episode

To My Sister!


Ski Slope - Play Area
Hina: Ah! Ako-chan, check this out!
Ako: What is it, Hina-chin?
Hina: Looks like we can rent sleds here!
Ako: You're right! I wanna go sledding~!
Hina: Great idea! We can do it together!
Ako: Okay! We're ready to go! Let's do it~!
Hina: Yahoo~!
Misaki: What are you two doing?
Hina: Ah, Misaki-chan. I'm sure you can tell. We're going sledding.
Misaki: I mean, I get that part...
Ako: Wanna join us?!
Misaki: Ah, no, I'm good...
Ako: Oh... Ah, that reminds me. I used to go sledding with my sister just like this when I was younger!
Misaki: Really? Tomoe-san seems so athletic, I figured she'd be more into something like skiing than sledding.
Ako: Yeah, she came here to snowboard, but I was too little, so she'd go sledding with me instead.
Misaki: Oh, I see... How about you, Hina-san? You have a sister. Do you two do anything fun together like this?
Hina: We did when we were little, yeah, but not so much anymore. I bet it'd be super fun sledding with her now, though!
Misaki: You both really love your sisters, huh...?
Hina: Mhm, with all my heart!
Ako: Yeah, me too!
Misaki: That's great to hear, you two.
Ako: I wonder what Sis is doing right now?
Misaki: How about sending her a selfie?
Array: Good idea!
Ako: Since we're all here, let's take a picture with the three of us!
Hina: I want a picture too~!
Misaki: I... Whatever. Sure, why not.
Ako: Okay, say cheese~!
Ako: Alright, and... There! Sent!
Hina: I just sent it to my sister too!
Ako: Ah! I got a reply!
Hina: Same!
Misaki: What the-? That quickly...?
Ako: Uhm... "Looks like you're having fun~! You're not crying every time you fall, are you?"... Me? Cry? No way~!
Hina: My sister says, "Don't cause problems for the people around you." Kind of a cold response, huh~?
Misaki: Actually... I think that's exactly the type of response you should expect from those two...

Strong Skier Card Story - Special Episode

Let's Go Skiing!


Ako: That's right, we all ran into each other here and decided to go on the spot!
Marina: Wow~... Hm?
Ako: It's BanG Dreamer-san! Hello~!
Marina: Good afternoon. We don't often run into each other outside of CiRCLE, huh?
Ako: Hey, hey, did you hear?! I went skiing the other day!
Ako: I went with Hina-chin, Hagumi... Lots of people! It was super fun!
Ako: We ate snacks on the bus, and the ski resort itself was so beautiful! It was the best day ever!
Marina: Ahaha, sounds like a good time! I'm glad you had so much fun, Ako-chan.
Ako: Yeah! By the way, do you guys know how to ski?
Marina: I know the basics of moving around. That's about it... How about you, Ako-chan?
Ako: I'm super good at sports! And my sister and I go skiing together sometimes, so I can do that really well too!
Marina: Oh wow. Ako-chan, seems like you can do pretty much anything. Not just sports, but you're also good with computers, and you play the drums.
Ako: Fufufu... That's because I'm Ako the Unstoppable... uhm~... Lady of Darkness!
Marina: Ufufu, you might actually be unstoppable, yeah.
Ako: Oh, I know! If you two are free, we should go skiing together sometime!
Marina: Skiing, huh?! Sure, sounds like fun. Ah, but I wonder if we'll ever have time...
Ako: Well, let's go right now then!
Marina: N-now?! No way, I can't~!
Ako: Why not~?! 'Kay, then when can you go?!
Marina: Wh-what?! Uhm, uhh... Maybe if I can manage to get three days off in a row?
Ako: But that means we'll never be able to go~! Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon~!!