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Suguta Hina (直田 姫奈) was born on April 17, 1995, in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. She voices Kirigaya Touko, and is also Morfonica's guitarist.

She is currently affiliated with Haikyo.


Hina used to be a nursery teacher, however she realized she wanted to become a seiyuu because she wanted to participate in anime productions, especially after watching Gintama and because she wanted to have a conversation with the main protagonist Sakata Gintoki.[1]

She then debuted with the role of Haruka in the mobile game Shoumetsu Toshi 2, as well as became a member of the seiyuu unit SPR5. Her image color in the group is green. Hina is also known for voicing:

  • Kitagawa Marin in Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru
  • Natsuumi Marin in Riichi City
  • Guinaifen in Honkai: Star Rail

In 2018, she became affiliated with her former agency Animo Produce. On May 1, 2023, Hina announced that she has left Animo Produce and become a freelancer.[2] A month later on June 1, she announced that she has joined Haikyo.[3]

She used to host personal live streams called Hinamaroom (ひなまるーむ) on Showroom every other Thursday, before moving the live streams onto Niconico. She was also the co-host of BanG Dream! Garupa Presents Monica Radio together with Nishio Yuka.

Personality & Hobbies[]

Hina's special skills include singing while playing acoustic guitar, while her hobbies are singing and hair styling. One of her dreams is to star and participate in productions for children's anime. Aside from her love for anime, Hina mentions she used to be a chuunibyou in middle school, when she also discovered her love for animanga series.[4] She can also speak in the Kansai dialect.

Hina likes spicy things, strawberries, and cats. Her favorite BanG Dream! character is Uehara Himari.[5]

According to Hina herself she has a muscle fetish (筋肉フェチ), with her favorite muscles being the "swimmers' trapezius muscles", and the second favorite being "track and field athletes' thighs".[6] In addition, she used to be a member of the track and field club at school.

She is also close friends with Aimi's younger sister, Chiharu.


  • Her three sizes are 80-58-85.
  • She has named her acoustic guitar Gitamaru (ぎたまる).
  • Hina's favorite favorite food during autumn is pacific saury.[7]