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Summer Happiness Card Story - Episode

Hagumi Prepping



Hagumi: Hmm... Uh-huh.
Rinko: ... Oh? Is that person sitting over there... Kitazawa-san? I don't usually see her in the library...
Rinko: Such concentration... I wonder what she's reading...
Rinko: Excuse me... Kitazawa-san...
Hagumi: Huh? Oh, Rinko-senpai! Hello!
Rinko: Hello... What are you reading...?
Hagumi: It's a field guide of bugs! Check it out!
Rinko: ... Eek! Insects...!
Hagumi: Aren't they cool~? Do you wanna read with me, Rinko-senpai?
Rinko: Oh, no... You looked so serious, so... I came over... Why are you reading that book...?
Hagumi: Ehehe, you see, Hello, Happy World! is gonna have a training camp at Mii-kun's grandma's house!
Rinko: I see. If it's with the Hello, Happy World! members... I'm sure it will be fun...
Hagumi: I'm super looking forward to it~. Apparently, there's lotsa nature there!
Hagumi: That's why I figured I might see a bunch of bugs that I can't find around here. So I was studying 'em with this book!
Rinko: That explains... why you were so focused... Do you like insects... Kitazawa-san...?
Hagumi: Yep! When I was small, I even collected 'em with my big brother.
Rinko: Wow... But what kind of information... are you studying...?
Hagumi: Stuff like names and characteristics! If I learn that kind of info, I can share it with the others, right?
Hagumi: Then, I bet everyone will have even more fun!
Rinko: Fufu... You're doing your best... for the sake of others... How lovely...
Rinko: Except... isn't this a training camp for your band...? Why are you... researching insects...?
Hagumi: Whoa! Look, Rinko-senpai! These stag beetles and rhinoceros beetles are cool, aren't they? What kind of bugs do you like?
Rinko: U-umm... I'm not very familiar... with that stuff...
Hagumi: Really? In that case, let's read this book together! See, this stag beetle here is mega cool! It's rainbow-colored and shiny!
Rinko: Oh... you're right. It's glistening. How pretty... So it's called a rainbow stag beetle...
Rinko: I've never seen... this kind of insect before... It looks a little like... a rare item in NFO...
Hagumi: I wonder if there'll be any around Mii-kun's grandma's house. Do you think I should take some stag beetle food?
Rinko: Umm... Ah, their natural habitat is... overseas... They don't seem to live in Japan...
Hagumi: Oh man, that's a bummer. But there's gotta be even bigger and better bugs, right?
Rinko: I think so... If anyone can find them... it's you, Kitazawa-san...
Hagumi: Right?! I think so, too~! Alrighty! I'm gonna pull out all the stops at training camp~!
Hagumi: Oh, I know! If I find an awesome bug over there, I'll let you know, Rinko-senpai!
Rinko: I'm looking forward to it... I'll be waiting for... your impressive report...
Hagumi: Uh-huh, you just sit tight! I'll go hunting for 'em with the Hello, Happy World! gang!
Hagumi: Okey-dokey, I'm gonna go borrow this book! Bye-bye, Rinko-senpai!
Rinko: Sure, goodbye...
Rinko: ... Kitazawa-san sure was excited... Maybe it's not a training camp... for band practice... but a training camp... for catching insects.

Summer Happiness Card Story - Special Episode

CiRCLE BBQ Meat Edition


Downtown - Kitazawa Meats

Marina: Alrighty! I think that's about it for the vegetables. Now, all we need is... meat. Excuse me~.
Hagumi: Hi~, welcome~! Ah! Marina-san and BanG Dreamer-san!
Marina: Hello. Could we buy some meat for a barbeque?
Hagumi: Huh? You're having a barbeque?! I'm jealous~!
Marina: Yes, it's a thank-you to the CiRCLE staff for all their hard work~.
Hagumi: I see~! The weather's nice today, so it'll be fun for sure! Okay then, I'll pick a selection of the yummiest meats for you!
Marina: Thank you, Hagumi-chan. I'll leave it to you!
Hagumi: No worries, I got this! Hmm~, what to choose~?
Hagumi: Oh, that reminds me. When I went to our Hello, Happy World! training camp, I took lots of meat~.
Hagumi: We put it into a curry, and it was so yummy that it practically melted in my mouth~!
Marina: I heard about that from Kaoru-san~. You made a curry with the vegetables you harvested yourselves, right?
Hagumi: Yeah! It was a hearty curry with chunky meat and freshly picked veggies, which we ate with piping hot rice! I went back for seconds and thirds and fourths!
Marina: That sounds delicious~! Hearing your story is starting to make me crave curry.
Hagumi: Ah, then why don't you make a curry from the leftover meat and veggies from the barbeque?
Marina: I see! That might be a good idea! I'll pick up some curry roux on the way back.
Hagumi: If you eat it together, it'll definitely taste good~! Here, your meat is ready~!
Hagumi: I picked all the best-looking cuts! I guarantee these will melt in everyone's mouth!
Marina: Thanks for the meat and the great idea, Hagumi-chan.
Hagumi: Ehehe, glad to be of service~! Have a fun barbeque with everyone~!