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Sundays at a Distant Park Event Story - Opening
Their Beginnings

Kasumi and Hagumi remember playing together as children.
They said they met at a park but something's strange...


After School
Hanasakigawa Girls' Academy - Class 1A
Arisa: Hey, Kasumi. Come on, let's go home.
Kasumi: Ah! Sorry, Arisa! Just wait a couple more minutes! I'm almost done!
Arisa: Hm? What are you doing?
Kasumi: Our homework for Japanese History. I just have to fill in these spaces, but it's really hard.
Kasumi: Hey, Hagu, how far are you?
Hagumi: Ehehe! I'm just finishing now! Saya helped me out with the second half!
Kasumi: Hey, no fair~. Saya, help me too~!
Saaya: Okay, okay, understood. Ah, Arisa's here now, so why don't we all do it together?
Arisa: Saya... Don't get me involved...
Kasumi: Oh~, don't be like that~. Please, Arisa!
Arisa: ... Fine. Whatever~. Wait, you haven't even gotten through half this worksheet...
Kasumi: I'm so bad at Japanese history~. You have to memorize all those dates and names.
Hagumi: Yeah! There's so much you have to remember. My head gets all dizzy.
Kasumi: I know what you mean~.
Hagumi: That's why whenever I get stuck on a test question, I always write "Oda Nobunaga"! You're sure to get at least one answer right that way.
Kasumi: Ah, good idea! I'll have to try that next time!
Hagumi: Careful, Kaa-kun. His name is really hard to write. Sometimes, I still mess it up when I'm not paying attention.
Kasumi: Ah, you're right! It's really complicated! What a clever trap...
Arisa: ... You two are unbelievable.
Arisa: Make sure you know your history. They say history repeats itself for a reason, you know.
Others: They do...?
Saaya: Yes, that's why we need to learn from the events of the past. To help us out here in the present.
Others: I see!
Saaya: Fufufu. You two are so in sync. It's like you're two peas in a pod.
Kasumi: Well, yeah! Hagu and I have been friends since we were kids~♪
Hagumi: Uh-huh! We used to play together all the time at the park!
Saaya: Yeah, that's what you guys are always saying...
Arisa: Oh, finally. I've been meaning to ask about that story myself.
Saaya: I know, I'm so curious~. I mean, don't you guys live fairly far apart?
Saaya: I can't really imagine how you two would have been able to play together...
Arisa: Exactly! I don't get it either. Kasumi has to come here by train, so I don't see how you two could have met in the first place.
Kasumi: Fufu~♪ Well, you see, when I was still in kindergarten, my mom would take me to a park a little farther away from home on Sundays.
Kasumi: I loved it because the playground there had a bunch of things the one by my house didn't have!
Saaya: That makes sense. My brother and sister's eyes always light up when we go somewhere other than our usual park.
Hagumi: And I used to go to the same park a lot too, so that's how I met Kaa-kun!
Saaya: Oh~, so that's how it happened.
Arisa: And then you two were, by some miracle, reunited in high school, right? So things like that really do happen.
Hagumi: I didn't recognize you at first, Kaa-kun. You didn't have those ear things back then~. Your hair was totally different~.
Kasumi: Ehehe~♪And I never thought I'd be in the same class as Haa-chan!
Arisa: ... 'Haa-chan'?
Kasumi: Back then, I used to call her Haa-chan!
Hagumi: And I called her Kasumi-chan.
Saaya: That's pretty cute when you think about it. What kind of games did you two use to play?
Kasumi: Hm~, a whole bunch of different things~. We'd get there around lunchtime, and we'd keep playing until it got dark.
Hagumi: I always thought time went by extra fast when Kaa-kun was around~.
Kasumi: Same here! I remember crying and begging my mom to stay longer. I never wanted to leave.
Saaya: So you two were close even back then. That explains why you guys are so similar now.
Arisa: But if you were such good friends, why did you stop hanging out together? You two didn't meet again until high school, right?
Kasumi: Hm~, yeah~... What happened? Do you remember anything, Hagu?
Hagumi: Nope, not at all~.
Arisa: Well, you were kids after all, so you probably got into a fight over something minor, right?
Kasumi: I don't think so... I always had so much fun with Hagu...
Hagumi: I can't really remember that far back, but I don't think it was a fight either...
Hagumi: Actually, I don't even know where that park is anymore.
Saaya: Huh? It's not the park downtown?
Hagumi: Nope, not that one. I had just learned how to ride a bike, so I'd go a little farther away to get there.
Kasumi: Hey, that gives me an idea! Why don't we look for that park together?! I bet we'll remember all sorts of stuff along the way!
Hagumi: Wow, that sounds great! I want to go back to that park anyways!
Kasumi: Arisa, Saya, you guys help too! Won't it be fun playing detective?
Saaya: I don't really have any plans after this... Why not? I'll go. How about you, Arisa?
Arisa: I'm not doing anything either, so I guess I'll tag along.
Kasumi: Yay~! Alright, childhood park, here we come~!

Sundays at a Distant Park Event Story - Chapter 1
A Hot Summer Day

Arisa and Saya agree to help Kasumi and Hagumi find the park.
Could clues to its location be in their memories...?


Kasumi: Alright! This is where our adventure begins!
Hagumi: Yup! I remember this part! I'd always head away from the station on my way to the park!
Saaya: Opposite the station, huh...? So this way, right?
Hagumi: Yeah! There's a lot more cars by the station, so my dad always said to ride my bike over this way instead!
Arisa: I see. So we're going to find this park by going through your old memories, huh?
Kasumi: Hey, look! The downtown streets are all decorated for Tanabata!
Saaya: Tanabata's a big tradition around here. We decorated the bakery too.
Hagumi: And I helped!
Saaya: Thanks again, by the way. We really appreciated it. Especially considering the heat.
Hagumi: Ehehe~♪ That's what neighbors are for! We help each other! Besides, I like sunny days.
Arisa: It's pretty warm today too... It really feels like summer.
Kasumi: Ah! Now that I think about it, it was hot the day we met as well, wasn't it, Hagu?!

Others: Wow~! What a big park! Look at all these things I can play with! What should I do first~?!
Others: Uhm... My mother told me to pick the very best one and you... are... it!
Others: Yay~! The swings! Here I come!
Others: Hey, are you playing on the swings? Can I play too?
Others: Uh-huh! Sure! Let's swing together!

Kasumi: It was hot, so the wind hitting my face felt really good.
Hagumi: That's right! I remember now! We kept swinging to see who could get higher!
Saaya: Wow~, okay. So that's how you guys met, huh?
Arisa: Can something like that really make you such good friends though...? You were close enough to meet each other every week...
Saaya: I've got siblings, so I kind of understand. Kids make friends really fast.
Kasumi: Ah, wait! Right after that...

Others: What~?! Haa-chan, you can ride a bike? That's amazing~! I still need training wheels~.
Others: I bet you could do it too, Kasumi-chan~! I'll teach you!
Others: Uhm~, you sit here, right? Then you just push like this! Zoom!
Others: Uhm~... First this~, and then... Zoom!
Others: Yeah! Then you squeeze this! That's how you stop!
Others: Here...? Squeeze! You're right, I stopped!
Others: That was great, Kasumi-chan~!
Others: Let's go over to that hill over there next! That's how I practiced with my dad!
Others: A hill? But won't it hurt if I fall...?
Others: It's okay! I'll hold onto the back for you! Let's go!
Others: Yeah!

Kasumi: Even though we were only in preschool, you already knew how to ride a bike. You were super athletic even back then, Hagu~.
Hagumi: Ehehe~♪ I'm pretty sure you rode your bike that day too, Kaa-kun. Right on that hill. I didn't even have to help you towards the end!
Kasumi: Now that you mention it, I think you're right...! So that means... you're the one who taught me how to ride a bike, Hagu!
Kasumi: ... Wow! It's all coming back to me now! There was a long road in front of the park, and I'd rode my bike down it!
Arisa: What a dramatic memory...
Saaya: Hold on a second... You're saying there was a hill in front of the park, right?
Kasumi: Yup! It wasn't one with a sudden drop either, but more of a long slope.
Saaya: Then it's probably on the other side of Hanasakigawa. That area has lots of rolling hillsides. I bet it's somewhere around there.
Arisa: Jeez, Saya... It's like you're an actual detective...
Saaya: Now that I think about it, I feel like someone has told me that before.
Kasumi: Well, what are we waiting for? Across the river!
Hagumi: Yeah! Let's go~!
Arisa: Well, I guess we better follow them...

Sundays at a Distant Park Event Story - Chapter 2
A Big Tree

Kasumi and Hagumi gradually remember the events of the past.
Just where is this park they remember so fondly?


The Neighboring Town
Kasumi: Whoa~, look at all these hills. It's just like you said, Saya~.
Saaya: No matter where we go in this area, we'll find a lot of sloping hills.
Arisa: We passed a park back there, and it even had swings. Was it that one?
Hagumi: No, I don't think so. The park we went to was much larger. Right, Kaa-kun?
Kasumi: Yup. Way bigger, and the surroundings were completely different.
Arisa: Impressive. You two have really great memories when it comes to your childhoods. If only you could apply some of that to your history classes.
Kasumi: J-Japanese History and my memories are completely different~!
Saaya: Fufufu... Ah, hey! There's a park across the street. Is that it...?
Kasumi: No~. It was in a more open space than this.
Hagumi: Yeah, and the hill in front of the park was a little bit longer too.
Kasumi: If we still haven't found it... maybe it's not around here after all.
Saaya: But if we're looking for hills, this has to be it...
Hagumi: Ah~, this brings back memories, doesn't it~?
Kasumi: It does? Of what?
Hagumi: Hide-and-seek! We'd always play together, and you were super good at hiding!
Kasumi: I was?
Hagumi: Yeah! You were always in the most unexpected places, so looking for you was always tons of fun for me!

Others: ... Eight! Nine! Ten! Ready or not, here I come~!
Others: Start over! I'm not ready yet!
Others: ... Ten! Ready or not, here I come~!
Others: Okay, come find me~!
Others: Yeah! I'll get you for sure~! I think her voice came from over this way... Maybe she's behind the tree~?
Others: ... Boo! Huh? She's not here~.
Others: Hahaha...
Others: Huh? That's weird, I thought I heard Kasumi-chan's laugh...
Others: Hahaha... Haa-chan! I'm right here~!
Others: What? Kasumi-chan, where are you?!
Others: I'm right... up here!
Others: Huh? Up?! Ah! Kasumi-chan, there you are!!
Others: Ta-da~! I was in this tree all along~! Ahahaha!
Others: So that's where you were! Cool! I had no idea!
Others: Did I surprise you~?
Others: You sure did! I can't believe you can climb such a big tree~! That's amazing~!
Others: You should climb up here too! Just put your foot over there... Then grab that branch there... That's it! You're doing great, Haa-chan!

Hagumi: That's how I learned how to climb trees!
Kasumi: Oh yeah, we did play a lot of hide and seek, didn't we?!
Hagumi: Kaa-kun, I still can't believe you could climb a tree like that back then. It was huge!
Kasumi: There were a lot of trees at the park by my house. I was always climbing them, so I bet that's why I was so good at it!
Saaya: Wow... There really is a story behind every person.
Kasumi: More and more memories are coming back to me now!
Saaya: So that means... The park we're looking for had a big tree, right?
Hagumi: Yup! It was near the entrance, right?
Kasumi: Yeah! It was huge! It really stood out.
Saaya: Maybe it can be a landmark for us? If it was really that big, I bet we'll be able to see it from far away.
Kasumi: Ah, good idea! Saya, you're so amazing!
Hagumi: You really are a detective, Saya!
Saaya: No, it's only possible because you two have such great memories. Alright, now we just have to find this tree! Isn't that right, Arisa? Let's go!
Arisa: ... O-okay.
Saaya: Hm? Is something wrong?
Arisa: No, not really... I'm just surprised how much Kasumi and Kitazawa-san influenced each other growing up, that's all.
Saaya: Arisa, could it be...? Are you jealous?
Arisa: Wh-what?! No way~! Wh-why would I be jealous of something like that?! That doesn't make any sense!
Saaya: I see~. You're right, Arisa. Sorry.
Arisa: Ahaha... Saya... You always say such weird things... Ahaha...
Arisa: (J-just how good of a detective are you, Saya...?)

Sundays at a Distant Park Event Story - Chapter 3
The Pretend Store

After having so much fun reminiscing about their past,
they finally remember where the park is, but...


The Neighboring Town
Kasumi: Let's see... Big tree... Big tree...
Saaya: We can't really see that far because of all the houses. Maybe once we get more out in the open we'll be able to find it...
Hagumi: But what if they've already cut that tree down?!
Arisa: I doubt it. If it was really that big, it's probably a protected tree.
Hagumi: Huh? A what?
Arisa: It's a tree selected to help preserve the area's natural scenery. If a tree is protected, you can't cut it down just like that.
Hagumi: That's a thing?! I've never heard of it before! Aa-chan, you're so smart~!
Arisa: I wouldn't say that... By the way, is there anything else you guys can remember?
Arisa: Up until now, your memories have given us the biggest hints of all, even when it didn't seem that important. Maybe we can keep that up.
Saaya: It's kind of like history really is repeating itself, isn't it? By going through the past, we're solving a mystery in the present!
Saaya: What other games did you play together, Kasumi? Anything coming to mind?
Kasumi: Hm~... Swings... Riding bikes... Hide-and-seek... What else...? Ah! That's right! The sandbox!
Kasumi: We dug out a tunnel together, didn't we, Hagu?!
Hagumi: Ah! We did! I remember putting all sorts of stuff, like a shovel and a bucket, in my bike basket before heading to the park!
Kasumi: You even made dango out of sand, right?!
Hagumi: Those weren't dango, Kaa-kun~. They were croquettes!
Saaya: Fufufu. So you liked croquettes even back then, huh, Hagumi?
Hagumi: Yup! My dad's croquettes are the best in the world after all! I'd make my own out of sand, and pretend to be a shopkeeper!
Kasumi: Oh yeah, that's right! I'd be the customer, and you'd pretend to hit the buttons on the cash register!
Kasumi: ... Ah! This is kind of random, but... do you remember that one time we were playing make-believe and that weird kid came and talked to us?
Hagumi: Huh? What weird kid? Did that really happen?
Kasumi: Of course it did! I was pretending to be a customer when...

Others: Welcome to the shop~! We're having a special on croquettes today~!
Others: Wow~, they look tasty~! Excuse me, I would like to buy some. How much are they~?
Others: Ten yen each~!
Others: Then can I have three please~?
Others: Okay~. Three croquettes, coming right up!
Others: I'm also looking for flowers too~. Do you have any~?
Others: Would you like pink flowers or white ones?
Others: Pink, please~!
Others: Right away, miss~. Your total comes out to 15 yen!
Others: Hey~, does your shop have any point cards~?
Others: ... Huh? Point cards? What are those...?

Hagumi: Oh yeah...! I remember now! We asked her to play with us after that, right?
Kasumi: Yeah! But then her friend showed up, so we never got to play together!
Hagumi: That's right. The two of them sat down on a bench near the pond and talked forever.
Saaya: ... Huh? Wait, that park had a pond?!
Kasumi: It sure did! It was pretty small, but I think I remember seeing carp swimming around in it.
Hagumi: Yeah, and turtles too.
Arisa: Oh! Now that's some helpful information. We could probably find a pond by pulling up a map on our phones.
Saaya: That's what I was thinking! Let me take a look!
Saaya: ... Let's see... We're right here... So the closest pond is...
Saaya: ... Found it!
Kasumi: Really?!
Saaya: Yeah! And it's not that big. This really could be it.
Hagumi: Yay~! We finally found it! Our long-lost childhood park!
Kasumi: Yay~, I'm so excited! What are we waiting for?! Let's go!
Saaya: Okay... but...
Kasumi: Hm? Is something wrong?
Saaya: N-nope! Nothing at all! Come on, let's go.
Others: Yeah~!

Sundays at a Distant Park Event Story - Chapter 4
The Park of Memories

The four girls head to the park of Kasumi and Hagumi's childhood.
What will they find...?


The Neighboring Town
Kasumi: Saya, are we there yet?
Saaya: We're getting pretty close. It should be just a little further.
Hagumi: Ah! Hey, look over there! You can see a big tree!
Kasumi: You're right!
Saaya: The pond is supposed to be somewhere around there too.
Arisa: And there's a long hill that goes all the way over there... Looks like this is the place.
Kasumi: Oh~, have we really found our park?! My heart's beating so fast!
Hagumi: Mine too~!
Kasumi: I'm gonna sprint there! See ya!
Hagumi: Ah, wait for me, Kaa-kun~! I'm coming too~!
Hagumi: The Long-Lost Park...?
Kasumi: Is this...
Hagumi: Our childhood... park...?
Others: ...
Arisa: Huff, puff... So? Did you find it?
Kasumi: No... There's no... park here...
Arisa: Huh? Does that mean this isn't the place either?
Hagumi: No, I think we're in the right place! There's a tree over there, and a small pond right next to it. And the road in front of it is a hill... This has to be it!
Kasumi: This building wasn't here though. This used to be all park before!
Saaya: It looks like the culture center for this district. My phone says the same thing...
Arisa: So in other words... They tore down the park to make room for this?
Kasumi: ... Ah! I remember now!
Hagumi: Yeah, me too!

Others: Look at all the trucks and workers... Are they doing something to the park...?
Others: ... Yeah. We can't get in...
Others: ... O-ooo... No! No, no, no, no~! I don't want the park to go away!
Others: Me either~... I wanna play here with Kasumi-chan~...! Waaah~!!

Kasumi: I see... So that's why we stopped playing together...
Hagumi: ... Yeah. If the park hadn't disappeared, we could have kept playing together forever~...
Arisa: Well... Times change, things happen. Not much you can do about that.
Saaya: Still, isn't this great?! That means the reason you two stopped playing together wasn't a fight after all! Just knowing that makes it all worthwhile, doesn't it?
Kasumi: You're right... Once you entered the park, the swings were on your right. That's where Hagu and I first met.
Hagumi: Toward the back, there was a big slide! You used to go down it head first, Kaa-kun~.
Kasumi: Oh, and the sandbox was around here!
Hagumi: And I think the drinking fountain was over there.
Kasumi: When I fell down and hurt myself, you brought me over there and helped me wash my knee.
Hagumi: Ah! That looked like it really hurt~.
Kasumi: This... brings back so many memories~...
Kasumi: Hagu! Thank you so much for playing with me back then... And for being my friend!
Hagumi: No, I'm the one who should be thanking you~! It was so much fun hanging out with you!
Arisa: U-uhm, hey... Sorry about before. I just assumed you guys had a fight, and that's why you stopped hanging out together... I had no idea you two were so close...
Kasumi: No biggie! It's thanks to you and Saya that we were able to recover all these precious memories! I can't thank you two enough!
Hagumi: Aa-chan, Saya, thank you so much!
Saaya: Fufufu, you're very welcome. Ah, since we're already here, why don't we check out the culture center? I'm kind of thirsty anyways.
Arisa: Same here. We finally found the place from your childhood memories, so we might as well relax here for a bit.
Others: Yeah!

Sundays at a Distant Park Event Story - Chapter 5
Our Tanzaku

The girls take a break at the Culture Center.
Suddenly, they hear a familiar voice...


Culture Center
Saaya: Ah~, nice and cool~. We walked pretty far, didn't we? I'm all sweaty.
Arisa: Let's see, where's the vending machine...?
Others: Ahahahaha! You can't catch me~!
Others: Hold it right there~!
Kasumi: Whoa! There sure are a lot of children in this culture center.
Hagumi: I was thinking the same thing! Look, there are more girls playing over there.
Saaya: What a lively place. You can even hear laughter coming from the room way back there.
Kasumi: You're right~. I wonder if they're having some sort of event. I'll go check it out!
Hagumi: I'm coming too!
Arisa: ... Hm? For a second there, I thought I heard a familiar voice along with children laughing... Was it just my imagination?
Saaya: Huh? You too? I was thinking the same thing. That voice... Could it be...?
Others: Huh?! Kokoron?!
Kokoro: Oh? Kasumi? And Hagumi too? What brings you here?
Hagumi: Huh~?! What are you doing here, Kokoron?! What's going on?!
Kokoro: I just happened to see how many children were at this culture center, so I decided to give a puppet show to make everyone smile!
Kasumi: A puppet show?
Kokoro: Yes! These puppets belong to the culture center, but thanks to them, we're having tons of fun!
Hagumi: What~?! Really~?!
Kokoro: See for yourself! Look at all these kids. If I can make them happy, then I'm one step closer to making the whole world smile!
Hagumi: Th-that's so cool, Kokoron! You really are amazing~!
Kokoro: What are you two doing here anyways?
Kasumi: Arisa and Saya are here too! We were looking for the park we used to play at as kids, and we ended up here! So we-
Others: Hey, miss! What happens next?! I wanna see more of the puppet show!
Kokoro: You got it! Alright, I have a show to put on, so I better get going!
Hagumi: Ah, Kokoron! Good luck!
Kokoro: Of course! I'll make everyone smile! Now, where were we?
Others: Uhh~, the penguin had just escaped from the zoo! Hurry! Hurry! Finish the story! Ahahaha!
Arisa: So Tsurumaki-san does stuff like this too. She's really something, isn't she...?
Saaya: Y-yeah.
Kasumi: Hey, I was just thinking...
Hagumi: Hm? What is it, Kaa-kun?
Kasumi: Originally, this place was a park that held many of the precious memories we share. So at first, finding out it was gone was really sad...
Kasumi: But aren't these children doing the same thing we did back then? Having fun?
Kasumi: Something about that makes me feel a lot better...
Hagumi: I know exactly what you mean! I want these kids to make lots and lots of fun memories here, just like we did!
Saaya: I see... That's our Kasumi! What a great thing to say~.
Arisa: Haha... That is typical Kasumi, isn't it...? Hm? What are those girls over there up to? It looks like they've got some pieces of paper... What are they doing?
Saaya: Ah, they look like tanzaku for Tanabata. You know, the pieces of paper you write your wishes on and tie to a bamboo branch.
Kasumi: ... Ah! Hey, Hagu, that reminds me...

Others: Hey, Haa-chan, what's that paper for~?
Others: This is for Tanabata! They say if you write your wish on this paper, it'll come true!
Others: Whoa~, cool~! I wanna write one too~!
Others: Okay, let's write some together~! My dad said he'll decorate the shop with them!

Hagumi: Ah~! I remember now! We made them on the park bench, right?!
Kasumi: Yeah, we did! Hmm, what did I write for my wish again? Do you remember, Hagu?
Hagumi: Nope, not at all. I'm only just remembering writing one now!
Arisa: Oh~, now I'm really curious~.
Saaya: Wait, so did your dad end up using them to decorate the shop?
Hagumi: Yeah. I'm pretty sure he did.
Saaya: Then maybe... Your tanzaku are back at Hagumi's house?
Hagumi: ... Ah! They probably are! When we were decorating before, I saw a lot of old streamers and stuff in our shed!
Kasumi: Really?!
Arisa: Well, we've come this far... We can't just stop before checking that out. Isn't that right, Kasumi?
Kasumi: Yeah! I wanna see! Alright, to Hagu's house!
Hagumi: Yeah!

Sundays at a Distant Park Event Story - Ending
Wishes and Promises

The girls head to Hagumi's house in search of the tanzaku
they wrote their wishes on so long ago. What will they find?


Kitazawa Residence - Hagumi's Room
Hagumi: My dad helped me look, and we're pretty sure they're in this box.
Kasumi: Whoa... You really did have them!
Hagumi: He said he always saves the tanzaku the children write after Tanabata ends. These are their wishes after all.
Arisa: True, you can't just treat that kind of stuff like trash.
Saaya: Your dad's always so nice to kids. I can see where you get it from, Hagumi~.
Hagumi: Really~? Ehehe~♪ So I'm like my dad, huh? That makes me happy to hear~.
Arisa: Still... Are you sure your tanzaku are really in this box...? It's like we've finally reached the end...
Saaya: Arisa... Aren't you a little too anxious? What exactly do you have to be nervous about?
Arisa: It just feels like a historic occasion...
Saaya: Well, I guess I can see what you mean.
Kasumi: So... should we open it...?
Hagumi: Yeah! I wanna see what's inside! Open it up!
Arisa: H-hold on a second! This isn't something that happens every day. We should savor the moment!
Kasumi: Seems like you're looking forward to this even more than us, Arisa...
Arisa: I-I am not! It's just that up until now we've only heard about stuff from your childhood. Now's our chance to see the real thing. Of course I'm a little excited.
Arisa: But seriously, you don't remember anything about what you wrote?
Kasumi: Nope, not at all. I just want to see! Come on, hurry! Open sesame~!
Arisa: Whoa! What?! Seriously?!
Kasumi: Wow~! Look at all these tanzaku~!
Saaya: And each and every one of them holds the dreams of the child who wrote it... I can see why your dad couldn't throw them out...
Hagumi: Let's see... Where's mine and Kaa-kun's...?
Kasumi: Found it! This one's mine! I even wrote my name on it, see?! "Kasumi Toyama."
Hagumi: Ah, and here's mine! My name's right here! "Hagumi!"
Arisa: What?! Actually?! Wait, what's it say?! Oh~! This is it!
Kasumi: Alright, Hagu. On three, we read our wish. Ready?!
Hagumi: Yup! Ready!
Others: One, two... three!
Kasumi: Let's see... Mine says "I want to play a lot every day..."
Hagumi: And mine says, "I want to go to the amusement park..."
Arisa: Okay... Wait, is that it?
Others: That's it.
Saaya: Haha, ahaha... That makes sense~. That sounds like the kind of things kids would wish for~.
Arisa: Argh, what a waste of energy! I thought it was going to be something emotional like, "I want to stay friends forever!"
Arisa: You two haven't changed at all~. In a way, it's kind of reassuring. Even your spelling abilities are the same. "Amuzement." Kitazawa-san...
Hagumi: Ah, now that you mention it, I always mixed up "S" and "Z" as a kid!
Kasumi: I totally understand~! Those letters are so easy to mess up! A clear trap!
Hagumi: Thanks, Kaa-kun! You're the only one who's ever agreed with me!
Saaya: Fufufu... You guys really are two peas in a pod.
Arisa: Haha... Well, they are childhood friends, after all...
Kasumi: Ah, hey, Hagu! How about we go to the amusement park together sometime? That way we can make your wish come true!
Hagumi: Yippee~! That's my Kaa-kun! What a great idea!
Kasumi: Arisa, Saya, you guys are coming too, right? We should also invite Rimi-rin and O-Tae. Hello, Happy World! should come too!
Hagumi: Yay~! I can't wait~!

Others: Hey, Haa-chan. Do you know what you're gonna wish for~? I do~.
Others: Mhm! Me too! "I wanna go to the amusement park..."
Others: I hope we can go together!
Others: And "I wanna play even more and more..."
Others: With you, Haa-chan!
Others: Playing with you is so much fun! I wanna play with you every day!
Others: And I wanna go to all sorts of places with you, Kasumi-chan! Not just this park!
Others: Hey, Kasumi-chan! Let's stay friends forever, even when we grow up!
Others: Yeah! Best friends forever~! Come on, let's pinky swear!
Others: Yeah!
Others: Cross my heart and hope to die, stick a needle in my eye!

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