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Sunny Side Live ~Days to Remember~ Event Story - Opening
Street Concert

Kanon calls out to Arisa while she watches a street concert.


Hanasakigawa Girls' Academy - Student-Council Room
Rinko: Ichigaya-san... All of the paperwork is finished... The only thing left is to tally the votes from the survey, correct...?
Arisa: Y-yes. I'm taking care of that right now. I should be done soon.
Rinko: Good... Then everything will be ready for tomorrow...
Arisa: You were a huge help. Sorry for all this, though. Here I am, bothering you when you've got band practice after this...
Rinko: I still have time to spare... and we can finish more quickly as a team... so please don't concern yourself...
Rinko: Besides... Ichigaya-san... you have always been there to help me with my work...
Arisa: That may be true, but you bail me out way more often and stuff...
Arisa: The other day, when everyone had their hands tied with those reports, you still took the time to check the supply stock for me.
Arisa: You're always keeping an eye on what goes on around here.
Rinko: No, not at all... If anything... I believe... that better describes you...
Arisa: Who, me? No way, I'm nothing like that.
Rinko: You simply haven't noticed that side of yourself... Ichigaya-san... I feel that you... are very observant... down to the smallest detail...
Arisa: I see... Th-thank you very much...
Walking Home
Station Entrance
Arisa: Nnn, I'm beat~. I'm just glad we were able to finish everything before tomorrow.
Arisa: Rinko-senpai saves the day once again... Hm? What's with that big crowd?
Arisa: Oh, some guitarist is putting on a street performance...
Kanon: Ah. So you're here too, Arisa-chan.
Arisa: Whoa, Kanon-senpai...? I was passing through just now... Huh? Wait, have you been watching this show?
Kanon: Yeah, but I haven't been here long, either. I was doing some shopping nearby when I noticed the huge crowd.
Arisa: It really is something. I can't believe a single guitarist pulled in this big of an audience.
Kanon: I know~. Do you think they're nervous being so close to all these people?
Arisa: Could be. It's nothing like what goes on in a typical live house. Ugh, all those piercing eyes right up in your face...
Kanon: I know what you mean! My legs wouldn't stop trembling that one time.
Arisa: That one time? Oh yeah, you've put on a street performance before, right?
Kanon: Uh-huh. I was carrying my snare drum near the station entrance when Kokoro-chan invited me to perform with her.
Arisa: Ah, I remember hearing this story before.
Kanon: But it wasn't really a street performance. More like an ad lib.
Arisa: Huh? Ad lib...?
Kanon: Kokoro-chan sang whatever came to mind, and I tried to play along with the drum.
Kanon: I was nervous beyond belief, so much so that I couldn't even look up at the audience.
Arisa: I imagine a freestyle show like that would draw a lot of attention.
Kanon: It seems so long ago, fufu. And when it was over, a huge crowd had formed around us...
Arisa: You said you were nervous, but I bet that must have felt like a huge accomplishment.
Kanon: Fufu. Why not give it a try yourself, Arisa-chan?
Arisa: What?! I could never do anything like that.
Kanon: Fufu, just kidding. But you know...
Kanon: I think I'd like to have another go at it...
Arisa: ... Huh?

Sunny Side Live ~Days to Remember~ Event Story - Chapter 1
The Scene I Couldn't See

Arisa wonders if Kanon was serious when she said she wanted to do a street concert...


A Few Days Later - Recess
Hanasakigawa Girls' Academy - Courtyard
Kasumi: Rimi-rin! I'll trade my fried chicken for your octopus wiener~.
Rimi: Sure. Here you go, Kasumi-chan.
Kasumi: Yay~! Thank you~! Mmm~♪
Saaya: Fufu, Kasumi always looks really happy when she eats. Look at that smile. So unfair~.
Kasumi: I can't help that it's so yummy~♪
Tae: Saaya. Here, have some fried egg.
Saaya: Okay, let me trade with you. Want one of my meatballs? Arisa, is there anything you'd like?
Arisa: ...
Saaya: Hm? Hey, Arisa?
Arisa: ... Ah, my bad! I spaced out for a second.
Kanon: Fufu, just kidding. But you know...
Kanon: I think I'd like to have another go at it...
Arisa: (Was Kanon-senpai serious about putting on a street performance?)
Arisa: (I didn't get a chance to ask because Grandma texted for me to come back home. I'll try to clear it up after school.)
After School
Hanasakigawa Girls' Academy - Third Year Floor
Arisa: Now, where could she be...? There she is. Kanon-senpai~.
Kanon: Ah, Arisa-chan. Hello. Are you looking for Rinko-chan?
Kanon: I think she's still in the classroom. Hang on, I'll go get her.
Arisa: Ah, no! I came to see you today, Kanon-senpai.
Kanon: Me? What for?
Arisa: What you said the other day, about holding another street performance... Were you being serious?
Kanon: Uh-huh, I sure was! I even stopped by the station yesterday to ask for permission.
Arisa: Huh? You already did all that?
Kanon: It's like they say: there's no time like the present. So I went ahead and asked.
Arisa: I-I see... I didn't think you were that serious about it...
Arisa: Then again, a street performance suits your band well. I can imagine Tsurumaki-san having a blast with one...
Kanon: Ah, I was actually thinking I might go it alone this time, not with the band or anything.
Arisa: Huh?! By yourself?!
Kanon: Yeah. The other members and I discussed it, and they gave me their full support. Fufu.
Arisa: But why do it alone...? I assumed this would definitely be a Hello, Happy World! kind of thing...
Kanon: Hmmm, I'm not really sure, myself... It could be about getting better, or maybe I just don't want to see myself as that same person who couldn't even look up while she was playing.
Arisa: You don't want to see yourself in that way...?
Kanon: That single performance was what helped me join Hello, Happy World! in the first place.
Kanon: The fact that I can barely remember what happened is kind of a shame, and that performance from the other day helped me realize that.
Kanon: If the rest of the band were to join me, it would be just another fun-filled concert, but what I'm aiming for is a scenario like that one from the past...
Arisa: I see... You've thought this through...
Arisa: Ah... Would it be alright if I offered a hand with the preparations?
Kanon: I-I couldn't ask that of you. I only plan to use a single snare drum to play along with one of our songs, so there isn't really anything to help out with.
Kanon: I really appreciate the offer, Arisa-chan, but that time might be better spent on the student council.
Arisa: No, that's not true! I'm typically free on days without any council or band duties.
Arisa: Besides, it's my responsibility as a council member to assist any students of Hanasakigawa who are in need!
Kanon: Are you sure? In that case... maybe I'll take you up on that offer. Thanks, Arisa-chan!
Misaki: There she is. Kanon-san~.
Kanon: Misaki-chan? What is it?
Misaki: I wanted to talk about our concert at the preschool... Oh, Ichigaya-san?
Misaki: What brings you all the way here?
Kanon: We were discussing that street performance I told you guys about yesterday. She stopped by to offer a helping hand.
Misaki: Who? Ichigaya-san?
Arisa: Yeah. It won't be easy to do alone, so I want to do whatever I can.
Misaki: Oh, I see~.
Kanon: Ah, Misaki-chan! I'm sorry! I've got Tea-Ceremony Club right after this... Can we save our talk for later?
Misaki: Okay, sure. I'll message you afterward, then.
Arisa: See you, Kanon-senpai. Feel free to text me if anything comes up.

Sunny Side Live ~Days to Remember~ Event Story - Chapter 2
Arisa's Determination

Misaki appears as Arisa and Kanon prepare for their street concert...


A Few Days Later - After School
Arisa: Alright, we have permission from the station to play.
Kanon: We can't stay for too long, but they said that around an hour or so is perfectly fine.
Arisa: Let's see, we've also rented all the supplies that we'll need... Looks like everything is coming along well enough.
Kanon: All thanks to you, Arisa-chan. The preparations went smoothly because you drew up a schedule and charted all the stuff we'd need.
Arisa: No way, I'm just used to making documents for the student council. Okay, all we have left to do is... Oh, this. Selecting the music.
Kanon: That's the tricky part~. All of our songs mean a lot to me, so it's kind of hard to choose...
Arisa: That makes sense. It can be hard to pick one when the tracks we make all mean so much to us...
Kanon: Exactly! No matter the song, they all hold some kind of memory, doing this and that together~.
Arisa: I totally get you. But hey, there's no need to rush. Take your time in thinking it over.
Kanon: You're right! Ah, are you okay for time, by the way?
Arisa: I'm good. I don't think I have anything planned for today outside of this meeting.
Kanon: Okay, that's a relief. Because Misaki-chan is actually going to be joining us soon.
Arisa: Oh, Okusawa-san...
Kanon: I'm not sure why, but it sounded like she wanted you to be here too, Arisa-chan.
Kanon: She should be here any minute now~... Ah! I think that's her! Misaki-chan~! Over here~!
Misaki: I apologize for the wait~. Sorry for doing this on such short notice. Brrr, it's freezing out there...
Kanon: Why not get something warm to drink? Here's the menu.
Misaki: Ah, there's something I want to give you first. Um, it should be in my bag...
Misaki: Found it. Here you go. This is yours, Kanon-san. And this one is for Ichigaya-san.
Kanon: Huh? Is this a... score? What's going on?
Misaki: Well, this is what Kokoro and I whipped up yesterday. We tried to go with something that would work for your street performance...
Kanon: Huh?! You made an entire song just for us?!
Misaki: You see, Kokoro insisted on doing whatever she could to help out with your show, and things just sort of went from there.
Kanon: Misaki-chan, I can't believe you two did all this...
Kanon: Thank you! I'll make sure this song gets the performance it deserves! Fufu, I'll have to thank Kokoro-chan later.
Misaki: Would you mind looking over the score one time? Please let me know if there are any areas that stand out. Feel free to help her, Ichigaya-san.
Arisa: ... Huh? Me...?
Misaki: Trying to nail down the keyboard part is tough, you see. I mean, our band doesn't even have one.
Arisa: Huh?! W-w-w-wait a second!
Misaki: Why are you getting so worked up...?
Arisa: By 'keyboard part', are you implying that I should play it?
Misaki: ... Yes? Aren't you playing with her?
Arisa: Whaaat~?! Out of the question~!
Misaki: ... B-but you did say you were going to help with the show...
Arisa: I meant helping with the preparations and stuff!
Misaki: Oh, I see now. That's what you meant~... Sorry, I completely misunderstood you...
Misaki: So just to confirm, Ichigaya-san, you're saying you won't do it...?
Arisa: Absolutely not!
Misaki: Yeah, I thought so. In that case... Sorry, Kanon-san. Do you mind if I take back that score for now?
Misaki: I'll need to go back and do it over again. Hopefully it will be done by tomorrow... Sorry.
Kanon: N-no problem... I don't mind, but... Um, Arisa-chan...?
Arisa: Y-yes?
Kanon: Do you think you could... maybe try playing in the show with me?
Arisa: Huuuh?!
Kanon: Misaki-chan and Kokoro-chan went out of their way to make this song. I won't force you, of course...
Kanon: But I feel like being able to play with you would make my performance a lot more fun.
Arisa: More fun...?
Kanon: I had a blast doing the prep work with you.
Kanon: That single performance was what helped me join Hello, Happy World! in the first place.
Kanon: The fact that I can barely remember what happened is kind of a shame, and that performance from the other day helped me realize that.
Arisa: ... I see... I understand. In that case...
Arisa: Okay, I'll do it.
Kanon: Huh?! You will?!
Misaki: Whoa, what's with the change of heart? You were totally against it a minute ago.
Arisa: Well, the score is already finished, right...? Besides...
Misaki: Yes?
Arisa: I mean, it's like... That feeling of accomplishment that Kanon-senpai is searching for? I kind of want to experience it for myself...
Kanon: Thanks for putting up with my request, Arisa-chan. Glad to have you on board!
Arisa: No, the pleasure is all mine. Let's... do everything we can to make sure the show is a success.

Sunny Side Live ~Days to Remember~ Event Story - Chapter 3
New Discoveries

In order to prepare for their concert, Arisa and Kanon practice together for their first time.


The Next Day - After School
Arisa: It's good that we were able to snag a reservation on such short notice.
Kanon: Marina-san showed me their openings, and this week did seem pretty booked.
Kanon: Alright, let's get to practicing. The score we got from Misaki-chan yesterday is... Ah, found it.
Arisa: I guess if we're going to play anything, it should be this one first.
Kanon: Yep! I've been dying to play this with you ever since last night~.
Arisa: I went through it on my own already, so I'm ready whenever you are.
Kanon: Same here. Let's go for it!
After The Performance
Arisa: Ohhh... Is it me, or did that sound pretty good...?
Kanon: You thought so too...? I felt the exact same way!
Arisa: Right?! I figured it would be a lot harder, but it wasn't bad at all...
Kanon: We've never had much of a chance to play together if you think about it.
Arisa: As for me, I was a little worried because I haven't played many tracks that weren't made by Poppin'Party.
Kanon: Oh, I had no idea.
Kanon: But yeah, now that I think about it, hearing a keyboard in one of our songs was a refreshing new experience.
Arisa: You know that build up before the chorus? And the way it takes off right after? That made me realize how it's a little different than the music Poppin'Party makes.
Arisa: This might be going too far, but it's almost like catching a glimpse of how deep music can really be...
Kanon: Yeah, I think I follow you. It's like, you can't help but be amazed by how wonderful music is.
Misaki: Ah, there you two are. Kanon-san, Ichigaya-san. Hard at work, I see~.
Kanon: Ah, Misaki-chan?
Misaki: Ichigaya-san mentioned you'd be practicing here, so I thought I'd stop by and have a listen.
Arisa: I can't believe you actually came...
Misaki: Well, I was curious to see how the song is coming along. So, how did it go?
Kanon: It was great! Thanks for making such an amazing song!
Misaki: Nah, all I did was help give form to Kokoro's thoughts...
Kanon: Fufu, thanks to both you and Kokoro-chan, then.
Kanon: Arisa-chan and I were just talking about it. How we like that build up before the chorus and the way it really takes off from there.
Arisa: Ah, no! I never said anything about "liking" that. Just that I noticed it or whatever...
Misaki: Hahaha...
Arisa: B-but I, uh... Yeah, I thought it was a really good song. Really.
Misaki: Oh, thanks.
Misaki: Speaking of which, were there any areas that were too difficult? I'm not used to composing anything with a keyboard section, so feel free to let me know.
Arisa: Ah... If we're speaking honestly...
Misaki: Oh, what's up?
Arisa: It's not like it was hard to play or whatever, but... there was one section that came to mind.
Misaki: There's no need to sugarcoat things. I want this to be a song everyone is happy with since it's so important and all.
Kanon: I'd also like to hear what you thought, Arisa-chan. If we're going to be putting on a show together, then I think we should be on the same page.
Arisa: Okay, then... It's about this part of the score...
Arisa: ... What do you think about making those kinds of changes?
Misaki: Oh, I think I get what you mean. Your way might give the chorus more impact, actually.
Kanon: I agree. And that would help its tempo even more.
Misaki: It wouldn't interfere with Kanon-san's part as much, either... Wow, I never considered that...
Misaki: And you came up with this after only running through it one time... That's Poppin'Party's keyboardist for you.
Arisa: No, I didn't do anything, really. It just sort of came to me...
Misaki: In other words, you appreciate the praise.
Arisa: Oh, shut up!
Misaki: So, would you be down for reviewing some other songs too? We could always use more of your insight, Ichigaya-sensei.
Arisa: Ugh, knock it off I said...!

Sunny Side Live ~Days to Remember~ Event Story - Chapter 4
Proof of a Challenge Met

Arisa tells Rinko about her discovery regarding the possibilities in music...


A Few Days Later - Recess
Hanasakigawa Girls' Academy - Class 2A
Kanon: Um... Ah, Arisa-chan~.
Arisa: Whoa, Kanon-senpai! What is it? Do you need something?
Kanon: Are you busy today? I figured we had better start practicing the street performance like how it's actually going to take place...
Kanon: I'd like to go over some things, like the transitions between songs and whatnot. Would you mind if we discussed it after school?
Arisa: Right, it would be best to start doing that... As for today, I've got a few simple tasks for the student council, but I should be otherwise available.
Kanon: Thanks! Could you text me when you're done?
Arisa: Understood.
Kasumi: Hey, Arisa! What were you and Kanon-senpai talking about?
Tae: The two of you have been hanging out a lot lately, haven't you?
Arisa: Ah, well, here's the deal. With how our conversations tend to go, I never had a good time to bring it up before now, but...
Tae & Saaya & Rimi: A street performance?
Kasumi: Wow~! Awww, you're so lucky~. I want to play too~.
Kasumi: Hey, hey! Is there anything we can do to help?
Arisa: Hm, not at the moment~.
Kasumi: Awww, then come up with something~! Think good and hard, Arisa~.
Arisa: S-saying that won't change anything... Besides, why do you want to help out so much?
Saaya: Arisa, isn't that how you were? You wanted to help out Kanon-senpai at the start of all this, didn't you? It's the same thing, right?
Arisa: Well, when you put it that way...
Rimi: A street performance~. Playing outdoors does seem nice. Good luck, Arisa-chan! We'll definitely be there to cheer you on.
Saaya: For sure. And we mean that, don't we~? Expect us to be loud and proud, Arisa.
Tae: I'll start cheering right here and now. Go for it, Arisa~!
Arisa: Stop! Keep your voice down! Everyone is staring...
Arisa: But yeah, about the show... I, uh... Okay. I'll do my best.
Saaya: Oh, now that's rare. Can't remember the last time Arisa said that.
Arisa: Hey, it's not my fault Kanon-senpai is so pumped. I've got to give it my all for her sake and all that.
Tae: That sentiment right there is what matters. Just make sure you have a good time as well.
Arisa: Yeah... You're right. Thanks, O-Tae.
Kasumi: Mmm~! I'm still so jealous~! Good luck, Arisa~!
Arisa: A-alright already! I get it! Stop squeezing me!
After School
Hanasakigawa Girls' Academy - Student-Council Room
Arisa: There. The meeting documents are all finished. Next is...
Rinko: Ichigaya-san... You are finishing all of your tasks rather quickly today... Will you be... practicing with Matsubara-san later...?
Arisa: Th-that's right. We'll be meeting up after this... Wait, how did you know about that?
Rinko: Matsubara-san... told me all about the street performance... Your rehearsals... seem to be going well...
Arisa: Yes, they are. The more we practice, the better our songs seem to sound.
Arisa: The way we imagined the music is starting to take form, and it feels like we're both working towards the same goal.
Arisa: That feeling grows stronger with each rehearsal... You know, like what we're doing actually means something.
Rinko: Fufu... Ichigaya-san... It is obvious that you're enjoying yourself...
Arisa: D-do you think so...? Sure, that's not too far off, I guess.
Arisa: I've never played anything outside of Poppin'Party songs before, so it's like discovering a bunch of new things...
Arisa: When we practice, it feels totally different from when I play with Poppin'Party, and that's really refreshing in a way...
Rinko: I believe... that feeling you're referring to... is almost certainly... a result of challenging yourself, Ichigaya-san...
Arisa: Huh? Challenging myself? No, it's nothing as deep as all that. I figured I'd give it a try since Kanon-senpai bothered inviting me.
Rinko: You thought to give it a try... That feeling... is very important, in my opinion...
Rinko: What spurred me into participating... in that piano competition... was a small feeling like that one...
Arisa: Rinko-senpai...
Rinko: I very much hope... that you discover... something new... through this street performance...
Arisa: Thank you... I'd also like to feel... something new.
Rinko: Ichigaya-san... Please give it your all...
Arisa: I will!

Sunny Side Live ~Days to Remember~ Event Story - Chapter 5
Let the Street Concert Begin!

The street concert is today! Kasumi and the others come to cheer on Kanon and Arisa.


The Next Day
Chisato: Ah, yes... This chocolate cake tastes delightful with a cup of warm tea.
Kanon: Fufu, it has been a while since we met like this, Chisato-chan. How is work going?
Chisato: Fortunately, I have been able to participate in many new things. How about you, Kanon? Is your street performance coming along well?
Kanon: Yes. Arisa-chan and I got in some practice yesterday. I'm feeling kind of anxious because the big day is almost here.
Chisato: Fufu, I also have experience in business ventures with Pastel*Palettes, and it can be difficult to gain the attention of those passing by.
Kanon: I see. It makes sense that you'd be familiar with that kind of work, Chisato-chan.
Kanon: I've played in a street performance before, but I was way too scared to even look at the audience.
Chisato: And now you're having one again so that you have a second chance, yes? Please let me know what exactly you see once your show has finished, Kanon.
Kanon: Of course. I can't wait to tell you all about it.
Chisato: And I look forward to hearing it.
Chisato: Fufufu...
Kanon: Hm? What is it, Chisato-chan?
Chisato: I have known you for a long time, but you certainly have grown tougher recently.
Kanon: Huh? Y-you really think so...?
Chisato: Still, I suppose that is to be expected after having joined Hello, Happy World!
Kanon: True! Thanks to meeting my bandmates, I've really come to enjoy playing music.
Kanon: Last time I was mostly a nervous wreck, but this time, I'm hoping to put on a performance like the ones the others and I always do.
Chisato: Fufu. What an exciting concert it is certain to be.
Kanon: Mhm, it's going to be one amazing show!
Day of the Street Performance
Station Entrance
Arisa: The keyboard has been set up, Kanon-senpai.
Kanon: I'm all done too. That should be everything, right?
Arisa: Yes. All that's left is for us to decide when to begin.
Arisa: ... There are a lot more people than I expected. Was it like this the last time you played?
Kanon: I'm not sure. It's hard to remember, but I think it was kind of like this.
Arisa: I see... Do you think they'll stop and watch us? Ah, s-sorry. I shouldn't be like that before we even start...
Kanon: No, it's natural to feel nervous beforehand. My heart has been racing for a while now.
Kanon: But now, all we need to do is actually play. Don't worry, we practiced a lot to get here. It'll be fine.
Kasumi & Kokoro: Arisaaa~! Kanooon~!
Kanon & Arisa: Kokoro-chan! K-Kasumi!
Kasumi: Today is the big day, Arisa! And I'll be here cheering my heart out!
Kokoro: Kanon, when is your show starting? I've been positively itching to hear you play since yesterday!
Misaki: Alright, break it up. Sorry, guys. I know you need to focus before the show starts...
Tae: Arisa, you don't look so good. Did you eat anything today?
Arisa: It's because I'm sweating bullets over here!
Arisa: Sigh~. A little taste of the usual, and I already feel myself loosening up...
Kanon: Fufu. Thanks for coming out here today, everyone!
Hagumi: We won't be the only ones! Some others are on their way too!
Kasumi: Ah, it looks like Chisato-senpai made it! Over here~.
Chisato: Fufu, what a lively scene.
Kanon: Chisato-chan, you and Rinko-chan actually came!
Arisa: Th-thank you for going out of your way.
Rinko: I have been looking forward to... hearing the two of you play...
Chisato: How are you both feeling?
Kanon: About as nervous as I could be... but I feel like I can see the finish line better than before. And the faces of those around me.
Arisa: For sure. The same goes for me.
Chisato: Fufu, such a lovely expression. You are certain to put on a wonderful performance.
Rinko: If anyone can do it... it's Ichigaya-san... and Matsubara-san... Please be sure to enjoy yourselves...
Kanon & Arisa: You bet! We will!
Kanon: Fufu. Okay, we had better get started. Are you ready, Arisa-chan?
Arisa: Phew~. Yes, whenever you are.
Kanon: Alright, then... Let's do this!

Sunny Side Live ~Days to Remember~ Event Story - Ending
A Ring of Smiles at the Station

The show's over! Arisa and Kanon have gotten through their street concert...


After the Street Performance
Station Entrance
Arisa: Huff... huff... It's finally over...
Kanon: The whole thing felt like a dream...
Kanon: Having that much fun, getting the audience that excited... So this is what I missed out on the first time.
Kanon: I... will never forget today.
Arisa: You said it. The moment we finished, I felt my entire body relaxed and thought to myself: "We did it..."
Arisa: That's when I heard your voice... and the voices of everyone around us...
Kasumi: Arisa~! Kanon-senpai~!
Kanon & Arisa: ...?!
Kasumi: Yes, yes, yesss~! That was so cool, you guys~!
Kanon: Fueee, don't shake me, Kasumi-chan~...
Arisa: Wh-why do you always have to cling to me like that?! Get off...!
Kasumi: Awww, but I can't think of how else to share these feelings~.
Rimi: Your performance was super cool, you two~.
Saaya: Everyone stopped what they were doing to watch the show. It gave me goosebumps!
Arisa: Goosebumps... Aren't you exaggerating a bit?
Tae: Not at all. The way you played had me trembling.
Kaoru: Brave were my little kittens as they frolicked and played... Still so clear and vivid in my mind... Ah, how fleeting.
Hagumi: My body was moving all on its own! You two are something else! Kano-chan-senpai, Aa-chan!
Misaki: I already heard you play during rehearsal, but today was the best performance yet, wasn't it?
Kanon: I think so! It's thanks to all the feedback you gave us, Misaki-chan.
Arisa: That and Okusawa-san's arrangement was just... really, really good.
Misaki: No, no, no. Forget about me. You two did a great job out there.
Kokoro: Mmm~! Kanon, Arisa! You were so amazing~! Think of all those new smiles you helped bring out!
Kokoro: Let's bring out more and more lovely smiles~! Here we go~! La~♪ La, la, la~♪
Arisa: Right now?!
Kasumi: Kokoron~! Let me join you~!
Arisa: H-hold on! You guys are getting way too excited.
Kanon: Hahaha...
Chisato: Good job today. It was a splendid performance.
Kanon: Thanks, Chisato-chan!
Chisato: So... were you able to finally see what you were longing for?
Kanon: Uh-huh! I'm not sure, but that was probably it. Everyone was having such a great time.
Kanon: It was such an amazing experience, not to mention how happy I felt being surrounded by all those cheerful faces.
Chisato: Fufu. I would love to hear more about it. Do fill me in later, as was discussed.
Kanon: Mhm, of course.
Rinko: Ichigaya-san... Were you able to learn anything... from your street performance...?
Arisa: Hmmm, well~... Nothing in particular stands out, but...
Arisa: It was, like, a huge learning experience for me. I've never had a chance to be in charge of the melody until now.
Arisa: I'm not sure what I found through doing this, but... I do know that music is pretty cool.
Rinko: It would seem that... you truly have... discovered something worthwhile, then...
Arisa: M-maybe you're right~...
Rinko: Yes... I believe I just might be... Fufufu.
Kanon: Arisa-chan, Rinko-chan. Sorry for interrupting. We need to start cleaning up now.
Arisa: Ah, right! See you later, Rinko-senpai.
Street Performance Clean-Up
Arisa: Phew, that should be everything.
Kanon: Yeah, I think that's good enough. Thanks for today, Arisa-chan.
Arisa: No, I should be thanking you. I feel like my eyes have been opened to a ton of new things.
Arisa: At first, I wasn't too sure if I could handle something like a street performance, but now I'm so glad I gave it a try.
Arisa: So yeah, um... thank you very much for asking me to join you.
Kanon: And I'm so glad that you actually decided to come, Arisa-chan. I had a blast working on the music together and playing with you.
Kanon: If you don't mind... I'd like to do this again sometime.
Arisa: Absolutely! But if we do, Kasumi is probably going to be there too. She was begging me to let her come along earlier.
Kanon: Fufu, Kokoro-chan said the same thing. Okay, why don't we have both bands play together, then?
Arisa: Oh boy, I can already imagine what a mess that'll be~.
Kanon: But think of how much fun we'll have! Fufu, I can't wait!

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