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Super Fun Strategy Meeting Card Story - Episode

Let's Make a Constellation!


Haneoka Girls' Academy - Roof

Kokoro: Thanks for coming today, everyone! Enjoy the glittery night sky to your heart's content!
Kasumi: Wow! There are so many stars~! Look, if you reach, it feels like you can touch them!
Saaya: They sure are pretty... So this is what they look like from Haneoka's roof.
Tsugumi: Ah! Was that a shooting star just now? I think I saw a light moving through the sky...
Kasumi: Bringing everyone together to do this reminds me of the time a bunch of us went on that stargazing tour.
Saaya: You mentioned looking at the sky from the mountaintop, right? Who was it again? You, Tsugu and Ran?
Tsugumi: Mhm, that's right. And by chance, we ran into Kokoro-chan and Hina-senpai there. We all watched a meteor shower together.
Kokoro: What a wonderful time that was! It was like a starry-sky orchestra, the way they were all zooming!
Kasumi: I know what you mean! I couldn't take it anymore! I just had to take out Random Star and start playing!
Saaya: Ahaha... That's easy to picture.
Kasumi: That reminds me! Hey, Kokoron! You were saying that you're on the hunt for a star that people can live on. How's that going? Did you find it?
Kokoro: Not yet! I feel like I will soon though!
Kokoro: I'll let you know when I do, so you should look forward to it!
Kasumi: Okay! When the time comes, I'll grab Random Star and speed on over!
Saaya: Th-this conversation is something else...
Tsugumi: This is exactly how it was when we were stargazing as well.
Kokoro: Lately, I've been looking for something else too! I wanna find a bunch of stars and make a new constellation! Don't you think a Michelle one would be lovely?
Kasumi: That's a great idea! The more constellations, the more fun!
Tsugumi: I-I suppose I would agree, but... that might be kind hard, no?
Kokoro: Hm? Why do you say that?
Tsugumi: I think most of the stars that can be seen from the earth have been found, and the constellations have been decided.
Kokoro: Really? Hmmm~... Do they ever remake some of the old ones into new ones?
Kasumi: What do you mean?
Kokoro: Well, there are infinite shapes made up of stars in the sky, so we can have a contest to redo them!
Kokoro: Everyone can think of ways to make outer space more fun. Doesn't that sound like a great time?
Kasumi: Yeah~! I wanna be a part of that!
Tsugumi: I don't know if that would be any easier... The constellations have been the same for a very long time, and they don't change.
Saaya: Hm~, it might not be impossible though.
Tsugumi: Wait, really?
Saaya: I don't know much about astronomy and stuff, but... weren't they saying at one point that there might actually be thirteen astrological signs instead of twelve?
Tsugumi: Ah, yeah, I did hear about that. Something about one that's like a serpent bearer being added to the group, right?
Kasumi: Awesome! So there can be new astrological signs!
Kokoro: I'm sure the serpent bearer loves fun! After all, more people in a group means more smiles!
Kokoro: He probably saw all the other ones together, and swam through space to join them!
Kasumi: That's the Astronomy Club for you! You know so much about the stars!
Tsugumi: I don't think that's part of the serpent bearer's story...
Saaya: Th-that's not the only thing they don't understand...
Tsugumi: Okay, so the path the sun passes through is called the ecliptic. Twelve constellations on that path are the signs used in astrology.
Tsugumi: Also on the path is another constellation, a serpent bearer, so people were wondering if there should actually be thirteen signs.
Kasumi: So that's how it works! I thought stars swam through outer space to get here!
Kokoro: Amazing, Tsugumi! You know so much stuff!
Tsugumi: I-I wouldn't say that...
Kokoro: How do we take what we know from that story and make it so that we can make new constellation names though?
Saaya: All I was saying was that not all rules decided long ago are necessarily right.
Saaya: Since new opinions came up about the twelve signs, maybe there will be a chance to rethink some of the constellations too.
Tsugumi: That's what you meant... Yeah, I guess you can't say anything for sure.
Kokoro: I know it'll come! If they need a reason, I'll just find one!
Kasumi: Wow~! Kokoron's fired up!
Saaya: Ahaha, if anyone's gonna find it, it'll be you, Kokoro.
Kokoro: Alrighty, we gotta prepare so that'll we'll be ready for when that time comes! We should decide which stars can form Michelle beforehand!
Kasumi: Yeah, that sounds fun! I wanna do that!
Kokoro: Okay, let's think about it together! We're gonna make the cutest Michelle constellation!

Super Fun Strategy Meeting Card Story - Special Episode

A Fun Future!



Marina: Hm? Hey, is that...? I think it is... Kokoro-chan~!
Kokoro: Oh! BanG Dreamer and Marina!
Marina: Who'd have thought we'd run into each other here? Looks like you were watching the sky. Is something up there?
Kokoro: I was looking at the stars! With how nice the weather is, I can see even more than usual!
Marina: Yeah, I think you're right... Ahaha, of course someone in the Astronomy Club would know that. Do you do this often?
Kokoro: Yep, I'm always looking at the stars. The other day, I did some gazing on the roof of Hina's school!
Marina: Ah, now that you mention it, yeah, I think Hina was saying something about that. That you girls had an event.
Kokoro: It was a blast! We talked about stars and did some singing!
Kokoro: It's fine doing it on your own, but when you go stargazing as a group, you have so much more fun! The stars become a lot more sparkly too!
Marina: Ahaha, glad to hear the club activities are going well.
Kokoro: Mhm, clubs are wonderful!
Kokoro: Now that we're talking about it, Hina's is absolutely lovely!
Marina: You mean... Haneoka's Astronomy Club?
Kokoro: Yep. I went to the school and she showed me their room. There were lots and lots and lots of stuff left behind by students that already graduated!
Marina: Wow, so like commemorative pictures and things like that?
Kokoro: Hm~, just a bunch of stuff that confused me. But they were definitely things that help you have a good time.
Kokoro: I saw that, and then it hit me. Clubs are made up of all different types of people and the things that they leave behind.
Kokoro: Hina's is made up of all the activities that past members took part in. And there were a lot of members, so they've done tons.
Marina: Y-yeah, I think that's how it normally works. Is your astronomy club not like that?
Kokoro: Nope, mine is different. It couldn't be the same! I'm the first-ever member, so there's no way it could have history. It doesn't even have a room. And I'm still the only one in it.
Marina: O-oh, okay... Those circumstances must be hard to deal with.
Kokoro: Not at all. Even if those things are true, I can still look at the stars.
Kokoro: And I may be alone now, but new students might join in the future.
Kokoro: If that happens, then the Astronomy Club will be an even funner place than before! I get super excited just thinking about!
Kokoro: And isn't it wonderful to have fun things to look forward to!
Marina: Ahaha, that seems like the kind of mentality you would have. Sounds like you'll need to get more students to join, then.
Kokoro: Yeah! I've gotta think of ways to make that happen!
Marina: Good luck! You have our support!