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Sweet Cat Card Story - Episode

The Key to Acting


Haneoka Girls' Academy - Theater Club
Kaoru: Shall we commence with your training?
Maya: O-okay! Th-th-thanks for doing this!
Kaoru: So, allow me to apprehend the situation once more. You're seeking to elevate your acting skills for your upcoming performance as the mastermind of a Halloween special?
Maya: Yes, that is correct! And I cannot fail! So I need to practice beforehand!
Maya: If the others figure out I'm the mastermind, the whole program will be ruined!
Kaoru: Fufu, for the success of this program, you're willing to undergo a transformation to become a deceitful Maya... Oh, just that thought alone has me overcome with fleeting emotion.
Kaoru: I believe I have a firm grasp on your state of affairs... but please do enlighten me with what lines you will be delivering.
Maya: For example, there's this situation where I'm thinking of saying, "Whoa, there's a card over here..." So that I can guide the others through the game.
Kaoru: Hmm... I see.
Kaoru: ... Very well, let's start by practicing that line. Perform for me! As if I were a cast member in your program.
Maya: O-okay!Ngh... Ahem.
Maya: Wh-whoa...! E-everyone look over here! There's a card h-here~?!
Kaoru: I see what I am working with...
Maya: H-how did I do...?
Kaoru: You are not... fleeting enough.
Maya: Not... fleeting? Sob... Kaoru-san! Can you please use a different word~?
Kaoru: Our endeavors will be for naught if I provide you with all the answers. Maya, perform for me once more!
Maya: O-okay! ... Fleeting, fleeting... How should I do this...? Okay, let's try this!
Maya: E-everyone, l-look... Th-there is a...There is a message card here...
Kaoru: Stop at once!
Maya: Y-yes, Kaoru-san?
Kaoru: Your words are not reaching your audience... You must project your voice using your diaphragm! And don't forget, fleeting!
Maya: Huh? Project my voice using my diaphragm and be fleeting?! ... Ohh, it's no use. I'm trying, really... But I simply have no idea what you're talking about.
Kaoru: ... How about this? I shall perform and you will be the spectator.
Maya: O-okay! Thank you!
Kaoru: Ah~! Whatever is this card doing here...? It must have been sent to us from the heavens above...! Gather around, everyone! We shall read what has been inscribed upon it!
Maya: ...
Kaoru: ... Fufu. Surely my magnificent performance has rendered you speechless.
Maya: No, not at all! If anything, you have rendered me confused!
Maya: Now I have even less of an idea of what it means to be fleeting~! And also, why was the card even sent from the heavens above?
Kaoru: Easy there, Maya. You must compose yourself. If you hear my next lines, surely you will understand my intentions!
Maya: ... Okay, then. Please continue.
Kaoru: Action! ... Why? Oh, why has the door shut upon us...?! This is no mere door... It is the door of destiny that bridged our two hearts together!
Kaoru: Yet now, it's as though we've been separated by the milky way! How... fleeting!
Maya: ...
Kaoru: ... How was that?
Maya: What do you mean, how was that?! What has the milky way got to do with all of this? I'm not even sure we're in the same universe anymore!
Maya: Sigh... Maybe it was a mistake asking for your help... But when it comes to acting, there's really no one better...
Kaoru: ... Fufu. Now there's the Maya we all know and love.
Maya: Huh? ... 'The' Maya?
Maya: ... Kaoru-san, is it possible that you were trying to get me to relax...?
Kaoru: Nervousness is not always unfavorable, Maya. But it becomes a problem when you let it hinder your performance.
Kaoru: It is important in acting to put on a natural display. If you're too rigid, you won't be able to have a good show.
Maya: ... Now that you mention it, I have been tense all day.
Maya: But I get it now! I should just be like how I always am!
Kaoru: Well said! That's the very essence of a fleeting performance! And, whenever you become tongue-tied from nervousness, all you have to say is-
Maya: "It is but that," am I right?
Kaoru: Fufu. You know it, Maya. Now, shall we proceed with the rehearsing?
Maya: Fufu. Yes! I'm looking forward to it, Kaoru-san!

Sweet Cat Card Story - Special Episode

Secret Story


Residential Area
Maya: Why, hello there, BanG Dreamer-san!
Maya: Do you have the day off? Ah, you're doing some shopping I see.
Maya: What am I doing? I'm heading to practice right now.
Maya: Ever since we did that Halloween special, the other members have been quite motivated... So I can't slack off either!
Maya: Oh, wow! You watched our show?!
Maya: Thank you very much! It genuinely makes me happy to hear that people are watching it!
Maya: Since it was my first time being the mastermind behind something, I've rewatched it to look for areas of improvement in my performance.
Maya: ... You got that right! Being the one pulling the strings was a lot harder than I had thought~!
Maya: I had to secretly plant cards here and there, and give signals to the staff members...
Maya: I also had to ensure everyone's safety...
Maya: And while doing all that, I had to make sure I didn't reveal my identity as the mastermind. That was definitely the hardest part of it all!
Maya: But Chisato-san and Hina-san saw right through my performance anyway.
Maya: Having to hide something is rather difficult. The more I tell myself I can't be found out, the more conscious I am of how I act...
Maya: And it ends up having the reverse effect, making it more obvious... I guess it was still a bit of a tall order for me at this point.
Maya: Since we're on the topic of hiding things, there's something I'd like to ask you, BanG Dreamer-san.
Maya: Do you by chance have any secrets that you've never told anyone?
Maya: For example, perhaps you have a hidden interest, or that you're born of noble birth, or maybe you're actually a cyborg! ... Anything of that sort?
Maya: ... Huh?!
Maya: Whoa~! Wait a second! On second thought, it's okay if you don't tell me!
Maya: I-I'm sorry for asking... But I know I wouldn't be good at keeping it a secret!
Maya: Not that I'd purposely go and tell people, but, like I said earlier, I might end up acting all weird...
Maya: I know I'm the one who asked, but I'm sorry...
Maya: You can keep it a secret from me, at least until I can be a little bit more discreet...
Maya: Anyway, I should be on my way now! Thank you so much for listening to my weird rant!