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TRY! Card Story - Episode

Soothing the Heart


Rimi's Room / Yuri's Room

Rimi: Hello~. Can you hear me~?
Yuri: I can hear you. You all put on a great show yesterday.
Rimi: Really?! Did our feelings reach you?
Yuri: Absolutely. The excitement I felt still hasn't died down, you know?
Rimi: Yay~!
Rimi: By the way, I wish you had told me you were also going to be performing.
Yuri: Fufu, then it wouldn't have been much of a surprise now, would it? So, what did you think of our performance?
Rimi: It was so amazing~! The people there loved it, and we were really excited!
Rimi: The cheering didn't stop even after you were done!
Rimi: All of you showed just how incredible you still are by playing in perfect harmony. You were even performing in different places.
Yuri: Fufufu, thanks. Getting to that point wasn't exactly easy, though.
Yuri: It was especially difficult at first. We just couldn't seem to play in sync over video calls.
Yuri: Playing the way we did took a lot of work and the help of the owner and the staff.
Yuri: The performance you saw that day wasn't just our work, it was a team effort.
Rimi: We also feel the same way about our show.
Rimi: It was a success because live houses from all over the country, everyone at the venue, and the owner all gave us their strength!
Yuri: ...
Yuri: Hey, thanks for making the festival possible.
Rimi: ...?! Why are you suddenly thanking me...?
Yuri: We got to be a part of the festival because of Poppin'Party's hard work to make the livestream happen.
Yuri: It goes without saying that I've been playing the guitar every day, but it doesn't compare at all to playing with the rest of the band.
Yuri: You let me experience that joy again. That's why I wanted to say thanks.
Rimi: ...
Rimi: Hm...? Wh-why am I crying...?
Yuri: You did great, Rimi.
Rimi: S-Sis... S-sniff~...
Yuri: Feeling better?
Rimi: I-I'm sorry... The moment I felt relieved, the tears just wouldn't stop coming.
Yuri: I know the feeling. We all have times like those.
Yuri: But that's because of how hard you've been trying. I'd like to reward you right here and now.
Rimi: Really?! I'm going to be rewarded...?
Yuri: Yeah, sure. As long as it's something I can do.
Rimi: Yay! Then~...
Rimi: It would be nice if we could do a session together... We haven't done one in ages...
Yuri: A session?
Rimi: ... Is that a no?
Yuri: I don't mind, but there'll be some lag if we're doing it over a video call.
Rimi: Oh yeah! Too bad...
Yuri: ... But if might be doable if we film ourselves playing and send the clips to each other.
Yuri: It wouldn't exactly be a session, but it would be similar.
Rimi: Wow, that's a great idea! What song do you want to play?
Yuri: Why don't we make it two songs? One of ours and one of yours.
Rimi: Okay~! Could you give me a second? I need to get ready...!
Yuri: Hey, slow down. Fufufu♪

TRY! Card Story - Special Episode

Someday for Certain


Shopping Mall

Rimi: Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san, hello. Are you doing some shopping?
Marina: We're actually here to take a break. We're on our way back after taking care of some business at a nearby live house. What about you?
Rimi: I came to buy some snacks.
Rimi: I ended up going through my entire stash when I video-called my sister the other day.
Marina: Fufu, that sounds nice. I wish I could've been there too.
Marina: I have a ton of things I can talk about when it comes to Poppin'Party and Glitter*Green concerts.
Rimi: Our concerts...
Marina: ...? Is something the matter...?
Rimi: Um... I'm just thinking about how we got to perform with Glitter*Green at the same festival.
Rimi: The festival really felt like something everyone worked on together, even more so than usual.
Rimi: You, the owner, the people from all the live houses, the bands, the audience, the viewers...
Rimi: I think the festival was such a huge success because we all came together.
Marina: Yeah, it really did feel that way.
Rimi: And I'm so happy Glitter*Green was a part of it. It's always been my dream to perform with my sister on the same stage.
Rimi: It's not quite the same thing, but I feel like I'm even closer to my dream because they got to perform online at a festival we were in.
Marina: It's probably because all of you worked so hard to discover what a new concert should be like.
Rimi: Thank you. I don't know when I'll be able to perform with her, but I hope the day comes soon.
Rimi: And it would make me so happy if we could actually be together instead of online.
Marina: Don't worry. I'm sure your dream will come true as long as you keep playing music. Don't you think so too, BanG Dreamer-san?
Marina: When the day does come, it would be nice if you could pick CiRCLE for your show... Just kidding~.
Rimi: Fufu... Ah, I should go now. I'm supposed to meet up with Kasumi-chan and the others.
Marina: Oh, sorry I kept you. I hadn't realized we had been talking for so long.
Marina: We should head back too. See you.
Rimi: Okay. I enjoyed chatting with you! Bye!