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Take My Hand (Okusawa Misaki) Card Story - Episode

What I Like


Ushigome Residence - Rimi's Room

Misaki: Phew... Are we up-to-date on the whole series now?
Rimi: Yup, we sure are! Now you can watch the new movie without missing anything!
Kokoro: I've never watched so many movies in one day before! I even got to discover the wonders of horror movies. What a stupend-erific day it's been!
Rimi: Really? I'm so glad you've discovered the appeal of horror.
Kasumi: I was terrified the whole time, but... I'm glad the child made it back safe! What a relief.
Rimi: Right? Most of these stories end badly, so it's refreshing to watch one where the people are actually saved in the end.
Misaki: We've been watching movies all day. It's already dark outside... The fact that you still have energy after all that shows how much you love horror...
Rimi: Oh, I'm sorry! I was getting carried away all by myself...
Rimi: You guys must be tired from watching movies all day... I was so immersed that I didn't notice...
Misaki: You have nothing to apologize for. At first... I started watching only because I was swept away by your enthusiasm...
Misaki: But as I was watching, I found myself enjoying the movie. Not to mention there were quite a few gripping scenes.
Kasumi: I know what you mean! I totally almost cried at the climax of the last film we watched!
Kokoro: It was so interesting to see how the story unfolded.
Kokoro: I wonder if Hello, Happy World! can do something related to horror!
Misaki: I don't think so. Isn't that straying a bit too far from the band's regular vibe...?
Misaki: Anyway, don't worry about us. As you can tell, we had a great time watching those movies.
Misaki: Now I have even higher expectations for the new one. I can't wait to see it.
Rimi: That's good... Thanks, everyone. I'm so happy I'm able to share my interests with others. And it's all because of you, Misaki-chan.
Misaki: Huh, me? I didn't do anything...
Rimi: By the way, Misaki-chan, what are some things you like?
Misaki: That came out of nowhere... Why do you ask?
Rimi: You indulged me in the things that I like, so I was hoping to return the favor and enjoy your interests as well, Misaki-chan.
Misaki: You don't have to go that far. Like I told you, I had a good time today.
Rimi: But I insist. Or is that a problem?
Misaki: No, it's not that it's a problem. It's just that... Well... I can't think of anything I like...
Rimi: Anything is fine! It could be food or a hobby, anything you can think of!
Misaki: You say that, but... I don't know...
Misaki: I mean, I like restaurants and stuff, but it's not like I wanna go for no reason. I don't have any extra passion or knowledge to talk about them either.
Misaki: Come to think of it, unlike you and the others, I might not have anything that I'm passionate about.
Kokoro: What are you talking about? You have a super wonderful hobby!
Rimi: She does?
Kokoro: Yeah! Misaki is really good at needle felting! She makes oodles of cute little animals and figures. In fact, I have one with me right now. Let me show it to you!
Misaki: What? Why would you have one here?!
Kokoro: Take a look! Isn't it just the cutest little bear?
Kasumi: Wow, you're right! It's so cute~! You made this, Misaki-chan?!
Misaki: Ah, yeah... I guess I did...
Rimi: That's amazing! You're so skilled with your hands!
Misaki: I've just made them so many times I've gotten used to it, that's all.
Rimi: Still, that's awesome! The bear you made is adorable, and doing this kind of hobby suits you.
Misaki: C'mon now, that's not true. At the very least, there's no way I fit in with the arts and crafts crowd...
Rimi: Are you sure...? I don't think it's that far-fetched at all. I mean, It's very well-made.
Rimi: You must've spent a lot of time crafting the details like the ears and the bear's expression, right?
Rimi: Those areas show how detail-oriented you are.
Rimi: The seams are nicely trimmed, and you deliberately picked a color that gives the bear a soft quality.
Rimi: It's because you're so meticulous that it turned out so well.
Misaki: Whoa, wait! I got it, okay? You don't need to say anymore... I'm really not used to being praised like this!
Kokoro: I completely understand what Rimi is saying. I love this little bear. That's why I carry it around with me everywhere.
Misaki: ...
Kasumi: Needle felting, huh? That seems like a pretty difficult hobby.
Misaki: That's not true. There are easy projects too, and you get better the more you do it. It's the same with instruments. You can't suddenly play a song that's way above your level, right?
Kasumi: Oh, I see! You have a point there!
Rimi: Now you've piqued my interest too. Can you show me when you're making something next time?
Misaki: As long as you're fine with the way I do it... Sure, I'll make you something.
Rimi: You will?! Thanks! I'm looking forward to it!
Misaki: (Somehow I ended up making a promise... Oh well.)
Misaki: ( I wonder what I should make for Rimi... She likes horror, but that might be a little too challenging...)
Misaki: (What else...? A chocolate cornet or something? That might be feasible...)
Misaki: (I'll think more about it on the way home.)

Take My Hand (Okusawa Misaki) Card Story - Special Episode

I Just Want Peace and Quiet


CiRCLE - Lobby

Misaki: Hello. Is everyone here already?
Marina: Hi! You mean from Hello, Happy World!? Nope, not yet.
Misaki: Oh really? I guess I came here a little early. Oh, well.
Marina: Say, Misaki-chan, did you appear on TV not too long ago?
Misaki: Huh? ... H-how did you know about that...?
Marina: So it was you! You're the one who appeared in that prank promoting that movie!
Misaki: Yeah... But I'd love it if you'd just forget that and never mention it again...
Marina: Why? It's kind of amazing that you got to appear in a promotion. It's like you're a celebrity!
Misaki: I'm not really the type that likes to stand out... Besides, it'd be embarrassing if someone I knew saw it... And if they asked me about it, I wouldn't know what to say...
Misaki: The prank was part of Aya-senpai and Shirasagi-senpai's job, so I reluctantly agreed for it to be broadcasted...
Misaki: Otherwise, I probably would've said no to it being shown...
Marina: Umm... Was it because it wasn't all that fun?
Misaki: No, it's not like that. The prank itself was fine. Definitely a memorable experience for me.
Misaki: I just didn't think I would be so distraught in a situation like that...
Misaki: The only reason I was there was because Rimi pressed me to see that horror movie with her...
Misaki: Then somehow Toyama-san and Kokoro were dragged into it, and for a while there, our days were filled with horror.
Misaki: And then we got tangled up in that prank... So I've had enough horror for a while.
Misaki: I don't find scary things that enjoyable on their own, but thanks to everyone, I came to see how they could be interesting to others.
Misaki: I'm glad we all got to experience the surprises, the thrills... and even the emotions of a story together.
Misaki: Rimi even pointed a toy machine gun at the zombies that were chasing us. It was so unexpected, seeing how different Rimi usually acts.
Misaki: I can laugh about it now, but Rimi and I were both scared at the time.
Misaki: Anyway, even if the day was full of horror, it didn't end up being a bad thing.
Misaki: It's just that... Well, I still prefer to spend my days in peace...
Misaki: I'd like to refrain from anything as potentially heart-stopping as horror for a while.
Misaki: ... That's what I hope for anyway... but I have rehearsal with Hello, Happy World! next.
Misaki: ... I mean, I'm all open to having fun... As long as that fun won't give me a heart attack...
Misaki: Anyway, let's just both hope we can have a fun, peaceful day today.