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Tanabata Pair Card Story - Episode

Thanks to Lisa


CiRCLE Studio
Reception Area
Sayo: Good afternoon.
Staff: Ah, Sayo-chan. Good afternoon. You're quite early again. Here for some solo practice?
Sayo: Yes. Is it okay if I use the studio reserved for Roselia starting now?
Staff: No problem. No one has it booked at the moment, so you're free to use it. Please, whenever you're ready.
Sayo: Thank you.

CiRCLE Studio
Sayo: (Have to go back to that line from earlier. I couldn't strum the way I wanted too... And it has to be perfect before the band gets together.)
Lisa: Ah, there you are. Heyya~, Sayo
Sayo: Imai-san? ... You're quite early.
Lisa: Well, I was thinking of doing some solo practice as well, but when I got here the receptionist told me you were already here.
Lisa: Since we're both here, I was thinking we could practice together. Is that okay?
Sayo: That's fine. Playing with a partner does make things a little easier. I don't mind.
Lisa: Alright~! I thought I might be getting in your way, jumping in like that, but I'm glad I can help.
Lisa: Okay, why don't we set up the instruments then?
Sayo: Yeah, alright.
Lisa: Hmhmm~ Sayo~, help me out with some tuning. Can I get an E, please~?
Sayo: No problem. E coming up... You know, you're in an awfully good mood today. Did something happen recently?
Lisa: Yep! Actually, Yukina and I went to the Star Festival together~.
Sayo: (Star Festival... Yeah, that's right.)
Lisa: It'd been pretty long since we hung out, so I'm just really happy ♪
Lisa: Every time I think about it, I feel powerful energy bursting from deep inside, and I can't sit still ♪
Sayo: I see. Which is why you came to practice on your own for once.
Sayo: Speaking of that... Imai-san...
Lisa: Hm? What's up?
Sayo: Thank you for lending Hina a hand with the whole festival thing.
Lisa: Ah, ahaha~! After talking to her about it, I couldn't just ignore her. I gave my best shot at casually bringing it up while talking to you, but...
Lisa: I kinda just came off as really nosy... I'm working on fixing that for next time...
Sayo: I wouldn't say that. That day didn't go as smoothly as one would hope, but... we went to the festival together, and Hina was really happy.
Sayo: So, I just... wanted to let you know I was grateful... Thank you.
Lisa: F-Forget about it. You don't have to thank me!
Lisa: (W-Wow. She's all red, and she's saying thank you... This is unreal...
Sayo: Imai-san, what's wrong? Is there something on my face...?
Lisa: N-No, nothing! By the way, what exactly happened with you and Hina that day?
Lisa: Whenever I ask Hina, she just smiles and says nothing~.
Lisa: And then you said that the day didn't go smoothly. Now I really want to know~.
Sayo: Yeah... Things happened. But if Hina didn't want to say anything, I'll keep my mouth shut too.
Lisa: Aww~, I thought if I couldn't hear it from Hina, I could at least get it out of you~. Sheesh.
Lisa: But~... Okay♪ If Hina looks like that when I ask her, that must mean it was good, whatever it was.
Lisa: Fufufu~, that means my butting in was definitely worth it~... Just kidding ♪
Sayo: Uhm... Imai-san. If something else comes up with Hina, will it be alright if I ask you for help?
Lisa: Huh?!
Sayo: I know as her older sister, I should be the one looking out for her. But I don't know if I can...
Sayo: Sorry, was that too much to ask?
Lisa: No, of course not! I was just shocked that you would come to me with that type of favor.
Lisa: I'd be happy to take on that job for you! Besides, we're at the same school, so I see her all the time. I'll be sure to reach out if she needs it!
Sayo: Imai-san... Thanks a lot.
Lisa: (Ah...)
Lisa: (Sayo looks... kinda relieved... They won't say it, but I know something incredible happened between the two of them at the festival.)
Sayo: My guitar's ready. How're you coming along?
Lisa: Raring to go ♪
Sayo: Alright, let's get started.
Lisa: Okay~!

Tanabata Pair Card Story - Special Episode

Hina & I


CiRCLE Studio
Reception Area
Sayo: BanG Dreamer-san, hey. We have rehearsal in the studio today, but I came a bit too early...
Sayo: If you have time, would you mind if we have a quick chat?
Sayo: Thank you.
Sayo: I've been wanting to talk to someone about this for some time, but I haven't been able to find the right person.
Sayo: I think with you, it'll be a little easier, so you'll really be helping me out.
Sayo: Ah, but it's nothing too serious, so don't worry.
Sayo: It's about... Hina and me...
Sayo: The other day, they had the Star Festival downtown. Hina and I went to that together.
Sayo: Don't look so surprised. Even I go to events like that sometimes.
Sayo: It was actually a coincidence that I ended up with her... At first, I told her I wouldn't go.
Sayo: I said that she should invite someone like Maruyama-san since I don't like crowds and I'm not comfortable in that kind of space.
Sayo: She still insisted that she wanted to go with me, but...
Sayo: ... However, I had forgotten about the event and went downtown to buy something for my mom on the day of the festival.
Sayo: I finally realized what was happening when I saw all of the decorations, and by chance, I ran into Hina in the crowd of people.
Sayo: She was in the middle of writing a wish on a strip of paper...
Sayo: But right at that moment, a bird flew by and snatched it.
Sayo: Can you believe that? That really happened.
Sayo: It completely took me by surprise. Birds are not supposed to do that.
Sayo: We ended up chasing after it, but we never caught it.
Sayo: Fortunately, by some miracle, the bird dropped her wish once we reached the park near downtown and we were able to find it.
Sayo: That park happened to be... the place Hina and I went to frequently as kids.
Sayo: I remembered the times when we were small and we would play together.
Sayo: I felt jealous of Hina pretty often when we were that age... But we got along a lot better than we do now...
Sayo: ... I'm sorry, I didn't mean to go on like this.
Sayo: She also told me about what she's been doing lately, like joining the astronomy club, and how she's the only member...
Sayo: I didn't know any of those little details. Hina said this too, but we haven't had a conversation like that in a while.
Sayo: Since that day I've been feeling like... even if it takes a lot of time, it'd be nice if we could start talking to each other like that more.
Sayo: We've been somewhat distant for some time now, so it's not like we'll become close right away, but...
Sayo: I think if we could do it slowly, bit by bit, that'd be okay. We've started talking more, so I think we can get there, one step at a time.
Sayo: ... Besides, I'm the only one who can make my wish come true.
Sayo: ... Never mind that, I was just thinking aloud.
Sayo: Up until now, I was caught up in the idea that I didn't want Hina trying to be anything like me, so I've ignored Pastel ✽ Palettes.
Sayo: But now, I honestly feel like I want to be there for her and support her band in any way I can.
Sayo: I'll even show up to one of their concerts if I have the chance.
Sayo: Of course... It's not like I'd be in the front cheering, I'd rather sit towards the back and keep a low-profile.
Sayo: And there's no way I'd tell Hina. She'd be the first to suggest that I sit in the front row.
Sayo: Fufu, she's so predictable.
Sayo: Before, I had very little interest in trying to understand Hina and what she was doing...
Sayo: But I guess a small change can create a domino effect.
Sayo: My relationship with Hina is kinda like a band.
Sayo: If you change costumes, or you change the set list, the way the audience reacts and how the members feel are also bound to change.
Sayo: Ah, sorry... Looks like I went on for a bit too long.
Sayo: But I'm glad you were here to listen. This is not really something I can talk about with the other band members.
Sayo: Well, it's time for rehearsal, so I'll be going.
Sayo: Bye.