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Tank in Training Card Story - Episode

Quest Marker


Departure Village

Ako: Alright, we're off to Rogolo Mine~!
Sayo: He said west, right? So, that way? I don't see anything that looks like a mine though...
Rinko: It'll come into view once we leave the village (`・ω・´)ゞ
Yukina: Really? Just doing that will allow us to see something that we currently can't? That's bizarre.
Sayo: Well, in that case, why don't we head out... then?
Yukina: Sayo? What happened?
Sayo: That person standing there has an exclamation point over their head.
Rinko: That indicates that there's a quest. Anyone who has one over their head needs help. They ask players to do jobs for them and to assist with various things (*´ V`*)
Ako: If you talk to one of them, they'll ask if you can defeat some monsters, or deliver a package, or something like that!
Ako: Then, when you finish the quest, you get a reward!
Sayo: I see. So those people want to ask us for help, or in other words, they're having trouble with something, correct?
Rinko: I suppose you could put it that way ('ω'*)
Sayo: Alright, then let's hear what they have to say.
Ako: Huh?! Ah... There she goes...
Rinko: I kind of remember that man's quest being a long one... ヾ(。>Д<)シ
Sayo: I talked to him. He said he would like for us to search for his dog in the forest south of here. That's a different direction from the mine.
Ako: Why don't we start by delivering Jake-san's letter? Then we can do that quest afterward!
Sayo: I cannot allow that. That man's dog is very important to him.
Sayo: He has cherished it since before he can remember and loves it from the bottom of his heart. We must head to the forest immediately...!
Ako: Sayo-san, Sayo-san... It's okay, that quest doesn't even have a time limit.
Sayo: So if you put this off and something happens to that poor dog, what do you plan to do about it? He mentioned that there are a lot of monsters there, too.
Ako: We can just go to the mine first. The dog will still be okay. Besides, aren't there a lot of steps to complete that quest...?
Rinko: There are (´・ω・`;) Once we find it, it'll run away, and then we'll have to go to the canyon on the other side of the forest...
Ako: And the monsters in the canyon are super strong, which means we should start by going to the mine...
Sayo: But that man needs help.
Yukina: ... A moment, you guys. This conversation is just going in circles. At this rate, it'll never end. You need to decide whether we're going south or west. And quickly, please.
Sayo: I want to go south.
Ako: If we do that quest first, we won't be able to start Jake-san's before our computer time runs out!
Rinko: If that happens, the campaign weapon will be lost...
Yukina: Right, and that's the whole reason we're here. Sayo, let's look for the dog afterward.
Sayo: Are you saying you don't feel bad for that man? We're the only ones he can count on.
Ako: Sayo-san, Sayo-san. Look, some other travelers just started talking to him. It should be fine now!
Sayo: ... I see. You're right. Okay, I suppose we'll leave that job to those people then.
Rinko: Okay. Let's get back on track and make our way to the mine... Hm? Hikawa-san...?
Sayo: There are people over there who have exclamation points over their heads. In there, too. Everyone seems to be having some sort of trouble.
Sayo: Shouldn't we try to help these people solve their problems since none of the other travelers are talking to them?
Sayo: I'm going to go talk to the person in blue. You guys go talk to the rest of them.
Ako: What~?! You're gonna accept all of those quests?!
Sayo: Let's hear what everyone has to say, then create a priority list for the order in which we should deal with each request.
Rinko: If we accept every quest in town, we might not be able to finish them even if we extended our computer time (゜Д゜;)
Ako: Yeah. Let's just start by playing until we have the campaign weapon!
Sayo: But...
Yukina: Sayo... You're not... becoming addicted to this game, are you...?
Sayo: Of course not. However, whether it's a game or not, I can't just ignore someone who needs help...
Yukina: There, you just said it. This is a game. Stop worrying about that, and let's do what we came here to do.
Sayo: ...Understood. We just have to go to the mine west of here, right?
Rinko: She says she understand, but... Hikawa-san looks like she's still thinking about it, Ako-chan (´・ω・`;)
Ako: She really does have a sweet side, huh?
Yukina: I think she's just taking things too seriously.
Sayo: ...? Guys, hurry up. Let's go to the mine already.
Sayo: Once we're done there, we can hear what all of these people have to say. Let's get a move on.

Tank in Training Card Story - Special Episode

A Serious Personality



Sayo: Looks like we arrived a bit early. Udagawa-san, let's wait for everyone else at the café.
Ako: Yeah, alright!
Sayo: Hm? Is that BanG Dreamer-san over there?
Ako: It is! Hello, BanG Dreamer-san! Mind if we join you?
Sayo: Thank you. I suppose I'll sit here then.
Ako: Coming through~! Oh, hey! BanG Dreamer-san, listen to this! The other day, all the members of Roselia hopped online and played a video game together!
Sayo: She's been telling this story to everyone we run into...
Ako: I have to! Doing that as a group was just so much fun!
Ako: Especially with how dead set you were on doing those quests!
Sayo: Again with that...? BanG Dreamer-san, this story isn't of any importance. You can pretty much ignore her. It's fine.
Ako: Sayo-san, don't say things like that~! BanG Dreamer-san, you wanna know, right?
Sayo: ... If you insist, I'll do the talking though. No need to waste time with unnecessary details.
Sayo: In the game, indicators appear over the heads of people who want to ask travelers for help.
Sayo: They have a system in place where you receive rewards for accepting and completing these types of requests.
Ako: You don't have to agree to do all of them, but that's exactly what Sayo-san wanted to do.
Sayo: It bothered me that those indicators were left there... Actually, I couldn't stop thinking about it, so I went back to the internet café and kept playing.
Ako: What~?! You're totally addicted!
Sayo: I'm not addicted. It was just bugging me, that's all. Wouldn't something like that b ug you too, BanG Dreamer-san?
Sayo: ... No? I think if you played, you would understand.
Ako: So did you accept all of the quests?
Sayo: No, there wasn't enough time for that. I did realize one thing though. When you complete a quest, you get a stamp of some sort in this journal-looking thing.
Ako: Yeah! Once you have enough, you can trade those for items!
Sayo: Right. I don't care much about the items. However, it's really unsettling to see all of those empty spaces where a stamp is supposed to go.
Sayo: I can't just have one stamp, I want all of them to be nicely lined up together in their boxes, which means I would have to complete every single quest.
Sayo: having only some of the stamps filled in just wouldn't feel right, would it, BanG Dreamer-san?
Ako: Hmm~... It doesn't really bother me though... Not to mention, if you tried to fill them all in, you'd be playing forever...
Sayo: ... Oh... But it still makes me feel uneasy...
Ako: You're even serious when you're playing a video game, Sayo-san. You know, if you care that much, we can play again sometime!
Sayo: It's true that I can't get it off my mind, but whether or not I'll play again is another story. After all, I haven't forgotten about my guitar.
Ako: What~?! Aww, man~...