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Tanzaku from the Past Card Story - Episode

I Hope it Comes True


Hanasakigawa Girls' Academy - Class 1-B

Kasumi: Arisa~! I've got something for you! Here!
Arisa: Hm? What's this scrap of paper for?
Kasumi: It's not a scrap of paper. It's a tanzaku!
Arisa: Why?
Kasumi: They were giving them out downtown yesterday. So I grabbed one for you too.
Kasumi: Arisa, what are you going to wish for?
Arisa: Huh? Why would I write one in the first place?
Kasumi: Huh? It's for Tanabata. You're supposed to write your wish on a tanzaku!
Arisa: Why? I'm not a child. Besides, even as a kid, I never wrote one. Not once in my life.
Kasumi: What~?! Why not?! You've never made a wish during Tanabata?! Then there's no better time to start than now!
Arisa: I told you. It's fine.
Kasumi: No, it's not~. Come on, let's write some together, Arisa~.
Arisa: Qu-quit clinging to me like that...! Okay, I get it. I'll do it, I'll do it!
Kasumi: Ehehe~♪ Yippee~! I'm so glad we get to do something like this together, Arisa~.
Arisa: ...! I will never understand you, Kasumi.
Kasumi: Alright, I'll just put the tanzaku here, okay? I got a whole bunch, so we can make a ton of them!
Arisa: Kasumi... I don't care how you look at it, this is way too much. Just how many did you get...?
Kasumi: No clue. The person handing them out downtown gave me a lot though. That just means we can make lots of wishes!
Arisa: Hold on, there's no way we have enough wishes for this many tanzaku.
Kasumi: Really? I've been thinking some up since last night, so I've got loads of 'em!
Kasumi: Alright, let's get started~!

Ten Minutes Later

Kasumi: How's it going, Arisa? Did you write down your wish?
Arisa: No, not yet. How about you?
Kasumi: Yup. "I want everyone to stay by my side forever," and then "I want to do more concerts...." I think I've written about ten tanzaku.
Arisa: Ten?! You've already written that many?
Arisa: I can't believe you have that many wishes. In a way, it's kind of impressive.
Kasumi: You think so? Come on, Arisa, hurry up and write yours~. I wanna see what you're wishing for~♪
Arisa: Hey, quit peeking over here. I can't write with you staring at me like that, can I?
Kasumi: Ah, sorry. I'm not looking~.
Arisa: ... Jeez.
Kasumi: ... Are you finished?
Arisa: Not yet.
Kasumi: Okay...
Arisa: ...
Kasumi: ... How about now?
Arisa: I told you, not yet! If you keep looking over here like that, I can't write what I want!
Kasumi: But I'm so curious~. I really wanna know~. Hurry up~.
Arisa: ... Okay, I get it! But no peeking, got it?! Alright, just finish this here and... done. Happy now?
Kasumi: Whoa, really?! Arisa, you really made a wish!
Arisa: I mean, I just wrote the first thing that came to mind, really.
Kasumi: Alright, now give me your tanzaku! I'll tie it to one of the branches downtown!
Arisa: Huh?! What do you mean?! You never told me about that!
Kasumi: But if you don't tie them to a tree, your wish won't come true.
Kasumi: So hand it over! I'll take it from here!
Arisa: N-no way!
Kasumi: What~? Why~? You don't need to hide it behind your back like that~!
Arisa: ... Ah! Now that I'm looking at it, I made a mistake! Guess I'll have to write a new one!
Kasumi: ... Oh? Ohhh~?!
Arisa: Wh-what's with you...?
Kasumi: I can see it reflected in the window behind you... Let's see... "I want to stay by everyone-"
Arisa: O-oh no, you don't!
Kasumi: Ah, I can't see it anymore... Let me see it one more time! Please, Arisa~!
Arisa: Nope! No way! Not going to happen! Not in a million years! And don't you dare take one step closer!!

Tanzaku from the Past Card Story - Special Episode

Could It Be?


Arisa: Ah, BanG Dreamer. Are you on your break?
Arisa: Uhm, if you're free right now... Do you have time to talk?
Arisa: ... N-no! It's fine if you're too busy!
Arisa: ... Oh, I see. Then how about we just chat for a little bit?
Arisa: I finally figured out something that's been bothering me for a while, and I want to tell someone about it.
Arisa: It's about Kasumi and Kitazawa-san. I'd heard that they used to play together as kids.
Arisa: But Kasumi's house is really far from Kitazawa-san's. So it was always a mystery to me how those two even knew each other.
Arisa: ... Huh? Then why didn't I just ask...?
Arisa: I-it's not like it was bothering me that much! I just never had the chance to ask before now!
Arisa: Ugh, maybe I shouldn't tell you after all...
Arisa: ... Haha, just kidding. Quit making that face~.
Arisa: It seems that Kasumi's mother used to take her to a park a little farther from their house every week. That's where she met Kitazawa-san.
Arisa: And naturally, they became good friends after that.
Arisa: We actually went looking for this park together a little while ago.
Arisa: At first, we didn't have any clues, but those two slowly started remembering things from back then.
Arisa: So eventually, we were able to find the place where the park used to be.
Arisa: For being so terrible at memorizing names and dates for Japanese History class, those two sure remembered a lot about the past.
Arisa: Personally, I think that memory of theirs is better used for other things, but... I guess that's pretty typical of those two.
Arisa: They were having so much fun reminiscing about the past too...
Arisa: Wh-what?! I am not jealous!
Arisa: I'm just glad to finally know the truth, got it?!
Arisa: By the way, about that park. When I got home, I realized my grandma and I used to go on walks in that area.
Arisa: ... Yes, really! I even asked her about it! And she told me I was right!
Arisa: So that means...
Arisa: Maybe I... also crossed paths with Kasumi way back then...
Arisa: No! I don't care if it's true or not!
Arisa: I'm just saying it's possible, okay...?!
Arisa: I told you, that's not what I meant!!