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Tea Ceremony Excellence Card Story - Episode

Let's Show Our Support


Hanasakigawa Girls' Academy
School Gate

Kanon: Ah, Misaki-chan! Are you heading home?
Misaki: Ah, Kanon-san. Yeah, Tennis Club just finished up.
Kanon: I'm sure you're tired after all that hard work... Sigh, I wonder how Rinko-chan is doing.
Misaki: She didn't seem like herself today, did she? Checking out all these sports clubs...
Kanon: Yeah. It's Rinko-chan, so I'm sure she has her reasons for trying them out, but still...
Kanon: Ah, you should have seen her at the tea ceremony though! Even our advisor was impressed!
Misaki: I can see that. She didn't seem very good at sports, but she'd probably fit right in with a culture club like that.
Kanon: Mhm. We all tried to convince her to join, but... we were probably a little too aggressive. I think we scared her...
Misaki: Ahaha. I can understand both sides there~.
Misaki: I noticed something while playing tennis with her though. I think she's the type who's too mindful of what people around her are thinking, like when they're cheering her on, or when they have expectations of her.
Kanon: You think so?
Misaki: When we were playing, she felt really bad that Sayo-senpai had to hit every ball she missed... She even said sorry that she wasn't able to do anything despite the time I spent teaching her...
Kanon: I see. We should have been more considerate of her feelings...
Misaki: After finishing up with me, Sayo-senpai brought her to watch the Kendo Club practice. I wonder how that went...
Eve: Misaki-san! Kanon-san!
Kanon: Eve-chan! Did your club meetings just end too?
Eve: That's right! Kendo Club is done for the day, so... Uhm, would you two come cheer on Rinko-san with me?
Misaki: Huh? What are you talking about?
Eve: I just saw Rinko-san at the archery range. It looked like Sayo-san was teaching her how to shoot, and Rinko-san was trying very hard.
Eve: She had this super serious look on her face, more serious than I've ever seen her...
Misaki: Cheer her on, huh? ... I don't know about that.
Eve: Do you think... it's a bad idea?
Misaki: No, not necessarily... But we were just talking about how when people cheer for Rinko-senpai, she seems to actually become distracted by it.
Misaki: I'd hate if our support ended up hurting her concentration...
Kanon: Yeah. Even more so if she's putting so much effort into it...
Eve: Wh-what if we silently supported her from afar? We can make sure we're not in her way!
Eve: I... really want to go cheer her on!
Kanon: Well, I do want to see how she's doing too. I'm a little worried about her.
Eve: Misaki-san... How about you?
Misaki: I am a little concerned myself...
Eve: Alright then...!
Kanon: Come on, Misaki-chan! We'll just take a teeny tiny peek.
Misaki: Yeah. Let's go.
Kanon: Great! To the archery range, right? This way!
Misaki: Ah, Kanon-san, wrong direction. It's this way~...!

Tea Ceremony Excellence Card Story - Special Episode

Kanon's Tea Party


CiRCLE Lobby

Kanon: Ah, hello, BanG Dreamer-san!
Kanon: Ehehe... We actually have band practice today. I just got here a bit early...
Kanon: Is it alright if I relax here while I wait for everyone else?
Kanon: Thank you!
Kanon: Why am I in my school uniform on a day when I didn't have school? I had some club stuff going on before this.
Kanon: Which club? Tea Ceremony Club.
Kanon: Yes, we have lessons on days off too. Not every week, of course...
Kanon: Ahaha, thank you ♪ I have a lot of fun with my band and my club, so it's easy to give them both my all.
Kanon: Oh yeah, the other day... we were honored to have Rinko-chan join us for our Tea Ceremony Club meeting.
Kanon: She only saw us make tea once, but she was able to remember even the finer details of the ceremony... And her tea was delicious.
Kanon: I can't believe a beginner was able to make something so good...
Kanon: Ah, speaking of tea, I was thinking of having my own tea party, outside of the club.
Kanon: Something about the idea of having your friends over for tea just sounds so lovely...
Kanon: You bet it'll be fun? I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thinks so!
Kanon: If I end up doing it, maybe I'll ask everyone in Hello, Happy World! to join me...
Kanon: Something tells me that having a tea party with Kokoro-chan and Kaoru-san would feel like dining with royalty. I'm sure we'd all have a good time!
Kanon: Ah, of course, if I have my own tea party...
Kanon: I'd love it if you'd come too, BanG Dreamer-san! I know everyone would be thrilled to see you!