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  • Introduced during the Iris of Secrets and Youth event.
  • During a Team Live Festival Event, players will be split into two teams based on responses to the presented theme. Up to ten players will be able to play together during the event.
  • Unlike normal Multi Lives, two teams of five players from each Team will play Team Lives against each other, and all members of a player's band will be able to activate their skills.
  • In Team Lives, scores will be calculated differently depending on which of the three special rules are in effect. The active rules and playable songs will change based on the time of the day.
  • The winning team of a Team Live will earn bonus Event Pts and Medals.
  • Medals earned from Team Lives can be spent to receive rewards from Marina's Gift Box.
  • Event Pts will unlock Event Stories as well as allow players to receive Event Rewards and Ranking Rewards.
  • In addition, players will receive bonus rewards if their Team has more total Event Pts than the opposing Team at the end of the event.
  • During Team Lives, both featured member bonuses and type bonuses will be available.
  • Featured members will receive a bonus to their Power during Team Lives when they are in the band, making it easier to score higher.
  • Additionally, the bonus that a featured member receives to their stats when they are in the band will increase even further when both the Type and Character Bonus also match, making it even easier to score higher.
  • Event Pts and Medals earned during this Team Live Event will not carry over to the next one.

List of Events

4 events match the category selection:

Event ID Featured Cards Type Attribute
Event 157.png 157 Our Secret icon.pngI'm a Total Genius! icon.pngWhat Stirs My Heart icon.pngLooking Upon Talent icon.pngStarry Night's Twinkle icon.png Team Live Festival Power.svg
Event 163.png 163 With Adoring Eyes icon.pngPerfect Smile icon.pngWhat?! icon.pngThe Urge to Geek Out icon.pngDetour on the Way Home icon.png Team Live Festival Happy.svg
Event 177.png 177 My Holiday icon.pngSpring-Blooming Lip icon.pngNot Always for Me icon.pngThe Reason for Longing icon.pngFashionable Tie icon.png Team Live Festival Cool.svg
Event 184.png 184 Soaring to the New World icon.pngA Brilliant Introduction icon.pngResound, Song of Creation icon.pngUnexperienced Joy icon.pngOne Way to Shangri-La icon.png Team Live Festival Cool.svg