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Teardrops and Rainfall Card Story - Episode




Hina: ... The rain just keeps coming... Why don't we start walking home once it slows down a little?
Sayo: ... Yeah. That seems like the best idea.
Hina: Uhm, Sis... Are you okay...?
Sayo: ... No need to be concerned. Sorry you had to experience such an unpleasant sight earlier.
Hina: No no, I-I wouldn't say that...!
Sayo: ...
Hina: ...
Sayo: (I'm so pathetic... All I've been doing is making Hina worry about me...)
Sayo: (No, this may not even be the first time. I've always been completely focused on myself. I didn't even have the chance to realize...)
Hina: Ah, uhm... I just remembered! So, the other day, Aya-chan was so funny during rehearsal!
Sayo: ... Hina?
Hina: She kept on starting the song off-key, so we all started singing together, and eventually, she got it right~.
Hina: Aya-chan kept apologizing for it, but it was fun for us all to sing together~. Ah, and that time when we all had an event together, Eve-chan was...
Sayo: (Looks like Hina is trying to be considerate of my feelings again...)
Hina: ... Uhm, Sis?
Sayo: ... Hina, you've been talking about your band a lot recently.
Hina: Hm? You think so?
Sayo: Yes, you definitely have. It must be proof that it's become a big part of you.
Sayo: ... Do you enjoy being a part of Pastel✽Palettes?
Hina: Mhm, I do!
Hina: The whole idea of being an idol was all fuzzy to me at first, but I've started to feel like it's actually unexpectedly awesome! Not to mention, everyone in the band is super interesting!
Sayo: I see...
Hina: I know! You should come to our office to hang out!
Sayo: To the office...? Wouldn't I just be in the way?
Hina: No way~! Besides, everyone was saying how they wanted to have a chance to talk to you!
Sayo: ...? Why me?
Hina: Uh-uhm, I guess because I talk about you a lot~.
Hina: Oh yeah! Th-That and...! There's a place near the office that makes a yummy beef stew~.
Hina: I know you'll be boppin' if y—
Hina: Ah, s-sorry! You don't like carrots. That's right...!
Sayo: Yeah, I'd like to avoid them if possible...
Hina: ... Ah, uhm... Hey, Sis? Do you remember the reason you started hating carrots?
Sayo: Reason...? I don't really think there's a specific reason why...
Hina: Oh, but there actually is a small one...
Hina: You may have forgotten about it, but I remember.
Hina: Think about it. Wasn't I the one who hated carrots a long time ago?
Sayo: You...? But the foods you don't like are tofu, tofu skin... things that are lightly flavored, right?
Hina: M-Mhm. Yeah, those things are totally not boppin' still, but...
Hina: When we were kids, I also hated carrots.
Hina: And so when I had some left over, you would eat them for me. So that I wouldn't get in trouble.
Sayo: I did...?
Hina: But then, since you were eating all of my carrots, you stopped finishing yours.
Hina: Really, I was the one who should have gotten in trouble, but you ended up taking the blame instead...
Hina: I think you started disliking carrots after that happened...
Sayo: ... You think so?
Hina: And now, I'm completely fine with eating them, but you still hate them...
Hina: It seems like all I do is make your life harder... I'm really sorry, Sis...
Sayo: There's no reason to apologize to me. I don't recall this happening, but it's something I chose to do...
Sayo: I see, though... I guess during that time, I was able to do something for you...
Hina: Mhm. Thanks for that, Sis.

Teardrops and Rainfall Card Story - Special Episode

Spare Umbrellas



Sayo: ... Good afternoon, BanG Dreamer-san.
Sayo: Bringing equipment inside? You always seem to be taking care of some business for CiRCLE.
Sayo: ... Me? I was just taking a short walk.
Sayo: ... Yeah. Without even realizing it, I ended up coming in this direction.
Sayo: ... Fufu. Really, it'd be nice to be able to just wander around aimlessly, but...
Sayo: I guess... that's fairly difficult for me to do.
Sayo: I'm sure if it were Hina, she could enjoy her stroll a lot more...
Sayo: ... Never mind, sorry. I was talking to myself.
Sayo: ... BanG Dreamer-san, do you have something you can call your own?
Sayo: ... Ah, my apologies. That question was out of nowhere, wasn't it...?
Sayo: I kinda just felt like I had to ask it, though.
Sayo: It's not like there's any deep meaning behind it, so no need to let it bother you.
Sayo: ... Yeah. Actually, I still haven't been able to find a sound I can call my own.
Sayo: One's own sound... Too abstract to make any sense, isn't it?
Sayo: ... No, of course not. I don't plan on quitting the guitar. I made a promise to someone, so I can't...
Sayo: Although, at the time, I genuinely did consider dropping it...
Sayo: The only thing playing the guitar was doing for me was causing me pain and suffering...
Sayo: ... Yes. Even during rehearsal, I was missing so many notes.
Sayo: I was really giving the other members a hard time.
Sayo: It was shameful. I couldn't focus on my playing at all.
Sayo: I hope to never repeat such disgraceful behavior.
Sayo: Because of that, Minato-san became angry with me, but for whatever reason, that made me really happy.
Sayo: It's quite bizarre, but... More than ever before, I got the feeling that I was a part of Roselia.
Sayo: ... Sorry. You must have no idea what I'm talking about.
Sayo: I think that's only natural considering I also have no idea...
Sayo: ... Right. It's like you just said, my spirit was fragile.
Sayo: I had been avoiding the sound of Hina's guitar for so long, and when I finally heard it, I don't think my heart could bear it.
Sayo: ... If you think about it like that, music is quite a scary thing...
Sayo: The sound of your instrument is honest, and your real self is exposed.
Sayo: ... No matter how much I want to hide, my guitar tells the truth and reveals everything.
Sayo: And that's likely why I didn't want to play...
Sayo: ... No, that's why I couldn't play.
Sayo: You know, on that rainy day... I actually cried really hard.
Sayo: Hina was worried about me and brought an umbrella for me to use...
Sayo: But for some reason, the moment she held up that umbrella, everything that happened up to that point just came flooding back...
Sayo: By the time I realized it, tears were rushing down my face.
Sayo: ... Yeah. It's been so long since I cried like that.
Sayo: Crying is... pretty exhausting.
Sayo: Uhm... Could I ask you to do something?
Sayo: If possible... I'd like for there to be free-to-use umbrellas here at CiRCLE...
Sayo: So that even if it rains, there will be nothing to worry about...
Sayo: And so that I don't cause Hina any trouble...
Sayo: I'd like to avoid being tired like that again if I can.
Sayo: ... Please, if you could.