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Tearful Smile Anchor Runner Event Story - Opening
Red Team or White Team

Hanasakigawa Sports Day is coming up. The teams will be decided based on class letter.
Everyone is excited to see how the girls will be split up.


Hanasakigawa Girls' Academy - Class 1A

Kasumi: Hey~! They're announcing the teams for the Sports Day today! I'm so excited~!
Hagumi: I wonder if I'm gonna be in the red team or the white team~. I hope I'm on the same team as you, Kaa-kun!
Kasumi: I wanna be in the same team as everyone else...! Rimi-rin, O-Tae, Saaya, Eve-chan... oh, and Arisa!
Hagumi: Me too~! Don't forget Mii-kun or Kokoron...
Kasumi: ... Ah, Hagu! The teacher's here!

Hagumi: Hey~, so which team did you get put in? I'm red!
Saaya: Really?! I'm in the red team as wll! You too, right, Eve?
Eve: Yes! I'm so happy we are on the same team!
Hagumi: Ehehe, I'm looking forward to it, Eve-chin!
Eve: I'm looking forward to it too!
Saaya: We've got super sports girl Hagumi on our side, we've practically won already.
Eve: Hagumi-san is as strong as 100 men! We will definitely win!
Hagumi: ... Y-yeah! O-of course!
Kasumi: Urgh~, I'm a different team to Hagu~. She's gonna be tough to beat...
Kasumi: But that doesn't mean we're gonna lose! The White team is gonna come out on top! We've got Rimi-rin and O-Tae!
Rimi: Kasumi-chan... I-I'm not very good at sports, so...
Kasumi: Rimi-rin, you've gotta be strong! I know we can win if we work together! You think so too, right, O-Tae?!
Tae: Yeah, I do.
Kasumi: ... W-we can do this! The Sports Day is something we all do together! Let's go for it, Rimi-rin, O-Tae!
Saaya: Kasumi is pretty pumped, huh~? We're going to give it everything we've got too, you know? You won't beat us easily, right guys?
Eve: That's right! A warrior always fights to the very end!
Hagumi: Y-yeah. Let's all do our best! I-it doesn't matter who wins or loses though!

School Path
Walking Home

Misaki: Our class did its team allocations and event choice today. How about you guys?
Saaya: Our class did too. Which team did you end up on, Misaki?
Misaki: I'm on the white team. What about you two?
Hagumi: ...
Misaki: ... Hm?
Saaya: We're on the red team. Isn't that right, Hagumi?
Hagumi: ... Huh? O-oh, yeah!
Saaya: What's up with you today, Hagumi? You were quiet during the lunch too... You're not sick or anything, are you?
Hagumi: N-nah, I'm fine! I'm totally okay!
Hagumi: I-I got chosen as the anchor runner... I guess I just got kinda antsy...
Misaki: ... Antsy, right...
Saaya: But like, if anyone is going to be chosen to run anchor, it's you, Hagumi! You're such a fast runner!
Saaya: I didn't think that'd make you feel antsy though... I always thought you loved everything and anything to do with sports...
Hagumi: I really love sports, I do, i-it's just...
Misaki: You're looking forward to Sports Day, aren't you, Hagumi?
Hagumi: Yeah, of course! You know what I'm looking forward to the most...? The dance!
Saaya: Oh, really~? I always thought you were into the super competitive stuff.
Hagumi: I don't mind that kind of thing, but in dance, everyone works together, right? I like that too!
Saaya: I see~.
Misaki: I'm too busy trying to keep up when we dance to actually enjoy it.
Saaya: ... Oh, my place is this way.
Saaya: See you guys tomorrow!
Hagumi: Okay! Bye bye, Saaya!
Hagumi: ... *sigh*
Misaki: ... Hey. I think I know what you're feeling.
Hagumi: ... Huh? Mii-kun?
Misaki: You don't want there to be winners and losers, right?
Hagumi: H-How did you know that?! Mii-kun, do you have super powers?!
Misaki: Well, we've spent a pretty long time together now. It's not that hard to tell what you're thinking.
Hagumi: You're actually right though, Mii-kun... I mean I'm gonna do my best, but... now that it involves winning and losing, I just...
Hagumi: But don't worry! It's Sports Day, so I'm going to have a great time!
Misaki: (I wonder if she's going to be okay... She can be pretty sensitive, after all...)

Tearful Smile Anchor Runner Event Story - Chapter 1
No Holding Back!

It turns out that Hagumi and Kasumi will be racing against each other.
What happens when neither of them hold back...?!


Hanasakigawa Sports Field
Red Team Area

Eve: The big day is finally here! Look at how beautiful the weather is!
Saaya: Yeah! Let's give this everything we've got!
Kasumi: ... Ooh, check it out! I think they're about to do the Oath of Sportsmanship!
Arisa: As athletes, we hereby swear, in the name of sportsmanship to...
Saaya: Arisa's so nervous~. I have to say though, I'd never have imagined that our Arisa would be making the Oath of Sportsmanship.
Hagumi: But Aa-chan is a top student! She's the only one who can be student representative!
Saaya: She's not exactly a top student when it comes to sports though... Look how seriously she's doing it. She almost sounds like a real athlete... fufu ♪
Eve: U-umm.. I think it would be better to say "in the name of the bushido spirit"...
Hagumi: Oh, Aa-chan is back! Nice speech, Aa-chan!
Arisa: ... Ugh, why do I have to be the one who makes the Oath of Sportsmanship? This whole Sports Day thing is going to kill me... I just can't...
Saaya: Oh, don't be like that. You really looked the part when you were making the oath! I should've taken a picture.
Arisa: Don't even joke about that!
Saaya: That reminds me, you're on the red team too, right, Arisa? Let's give it our best!
Eve: We are going to be victorious! The red team has Hagumi-san leading the charge!
Hagumi: Leading the charge...? Stop exaggerating, Eve-chin~.
Aya: Oh, you guys are on the red team too! I'm so glad~. I gotta split up from my close friends, but it's okay now that you guys are here~.
Eve: Oh, you're on the red team too, Aya-san! Yay! I'm so happy we're together now ♪
Aya: Me too ♪ I'm doing cheerleading today too, so the red team is going to be ready for everything!
Saaya: Great! The first event is the running race, right? I think it's... Arisa and Hagumi who are running, right?
Hagumi: ... Y-yeah.
Arisa: Ahh, that's right, I'm running first...
Eve: In that case, you should get going! Good luck, Arisa-san!

Arisa: *huff*... *puff*...
Eve: Good race, Arisa-san. You... did your best.
Arisa: Th-this is why I hate Sports Day! I looked so lame...!
Aya: Hey! That's not true! You came last, but you were very cool! Who cares about the results!
Arisa: You know, I'm doing my best to not think about it, so could you not remind me I came last?
Saaya: But you ran hard without goofing about or anything. We could tell you were really trying, Arisa.
Hagumi: Yeah! You tried really hard! That's what counts! Your form was kinda weird, but you were still cool!
Arisa: Didn't I tell you not to remind me of stuff like that?!
Saaya: You say it's killing you and all, but even then you're still so hardworking~.
Arisa: Hey, who said I even tried?! Don't call me hardworking ever again!
Eve: Oh, it's almost time for Hagumi-san's race! Good luck, Hagumi-san! You must avenge Arisa-san!
Saaya: Hagumi! Go get that first place!
Aya: Good luck, Hagumi-chan! Heave-ho! Heave ho!
Arisa: U-um, Aya-senpai... Heave-ho is what you say during tug of war...
Hagumi: A-ahaha... Okay, I'm off.

Starting Line

Kasumi: Oh, Hagu! Hey~!
Hagumi: Ah, Kaa-kun! Are you running next? I guess... we're in the same race, huh?
Kasumi: Yeah! Which means you've gotta take me on! No doing easy on me, Hagu! I wanna race you for real!
Hagumi: No going easy... O-okay, you're on!
Track Judge: Runners, please go to the starting line. On your marks, ready...

Red Team Area

Aya: W-wow, that was amazing! Hagumi-chan just kept on getting further and further ahead until she came in first!
Saaya: I knew she was fast, but... that was even crazier than I'd imagined.
Arisa: Kasumi did her best to keep up with Kitazawa-san, but even then she got left behind. Kitazawa-san is seriously amazing.
Hagumi: Phew~, I'm back~!
Aya: Welcome back~! That was amazing, Hagumi-chan! You were so fast off the starting line ♪
Kasumi: *huff*.. *puff*... *huff*... *puff*... Hagu~...
Hagumi: Ah... K-Kaa-kun...
Kasumi: Hagu... you were sooo amazing~! You totally zoomed right past everyone! It was so cool~!
Hagumi: ... Huh? I-it was cool?
Kasumi: I had no idea you were that fast~! You speedy little...! That was amazing~!
Hagumi: K-Kaa-kun! Thanks...!
Kasumi: I'm not gonna let you beat me next time! Let's have another race sometime!
Hagumi: S-sure!

Tearful Smile Anchor Runner Event Story - Chapter 2
We Lost...

It's Sports Day, but Hagumi has on a gloomy face. Someone seems to notice...


Hanasakigawa Sports Field
Red Team Area

Aya: Umm, the next event is... the First Year ball toss!
Eve: It's my turn now! I will fill the baskets with dozens of balls!
Saaya: Let's do our best, Eve! Okay, we're off!
Hagumi: Good luck, Eve-chin, Saaya!
Aya: Hagumi-chan, you and Arisa-chan don't need to get going?
Hagumi: Nah, we drew straws and got the running races.
Arisa: The ball toss would've been the lesser punishment... Ugh, why did we have to draw straws? I could've been in the ball toss group.
Aya: Ahaha... So that's why you were in the running race, Arisa-chan.
Hagumi: Ooh, it's about to start!

Ball Toss Area

Eve: Saaya-san... Seeing it up close makes me realize just how high the basket is...
Saaya: ... Oh, Rimi-rin, O-Tae, and Misaki are playing for the white team.
Misaki: Hanazono-san, you're tall, so we should probably get you to throw the balls.
Tae: Does being tall help?
Misaki: I guess so. We have to get the balls into that basket all the way up there. Nothing wrong with throwing from a slightly higher position, right?
Rimi: Okay, how about we have O-Tae-chan do the throwing, so Misaki and I will collect the balls?
Misaki: Ah, that sounds good to me. Okay, Ushigome-san and I will pass the balls at you.
Tae: ... And then I just... line them up?
Misaki: Ugh! What game do you think you're playing? You have to throw the balls into the basket up there!
Arisa: Hey, it's on!
Hagumi: Whoa! The white team is awesome! Look how many balls they've already sunk!
Arisa: Look at O-Tae go. Every ball she throws goes right in...
Aya: Sh-she's almost like a machine...!
Arisa: Whoa... the white team is crushing them...
Aya: Everyone! This isn't the time to be impressed! At this rate, we're going to lose! Let's cheer for them!
Hagumi: Y-yeah. You're right! Come on, Eve-chin, Saaya!
Arisa: ... U-uh, yeah. Um...
Hagumi: Aa-chan! C'mon, help cheer with us!
Arisa: Wh-what? Why do I have to...?
Aya: Because they're your teammates! Let's cheer for them, Arisa-chan.
Arisa: F-Fine... C-come on, guys~!
Hagumi: They can't hear you, Aa-chan! You've gotta cheer in a louder voice!
Arisa: O-okay, okay... urgh!
Arisa: *inhale*... -exhale*... Saaya, Eve, you can do it~!
Aya: Nice, Arisa, that's the spirit! Let's keep cheering! Heave-ho! Heave-ho!
Arisa: I told you, that's for tug of war!

Red Team Area

Saaya: ... Argh, we lost. O-Tae is way too good at this~. She had like machine-level accuracy...
Eve: She was too strong for us...
Hagumi: Welcome back! Saaya, Eve-chin!
Saaya: Sorry, Hagumi~, we lost~.
Aya: Don't worry about it. You guys did your best, but... Tae-chan was really good, plus Rimi-chan and Misak-chan just worked so well together...
Arisa: Guess it was a strategic victory. Anyway, good work, you guys.
Eve: I'm sorry... Everyone cheered so hard for us too...
Hagumi: But but but, you guys both tried really hard! It doesn't matter who wins or loses!
Eve: That's very kind of you to say, but... it's still frustrating to lose...
Saaya: Of course. It would've been nice to come back with a win, huh?
Hagumi: ... O-oh, okay. I guess that's how everyone thinks... right...?
Aya: We just have to win the next one. Let's use this frustration to make us do even better ♪
Eve: Good idea! One of the period dramas I watched said that the taste of defeat leads to the cultivation of strength!
Saaya: Let's get back at them for the ball toss in the next event!
Aya: Yeah, that's the spirit! The Sports Day isn't over yet!
Array: Yeah!
Hagumi: ...
Saaya: (... Hagumi?)

Tearful Smile Anchor Runner Event Story - Chapter 3
What's Everyone's Bento Like?

Time for a lunch break. Everyone is showing off their unique bentos
when Saaya decides to talk to Hagumi...


Lunch Break
Red Team Area

Hagumi: Ehehe, I'm starving~!
Saaya: Guys, let's eat our bentos together! We'll be able to do better in the afternoon with some food in our bellies!
Eve: You can't wage war on an empty stomach! Isn't that right?
Aya: Ehehe~ I worked extra hard on my bento today ♪ Look everyone~! It's super cute~!
Saaya: ... U-umm~. Is this... chirashizushi or something...?
Aya: Ch-chirashizushi...? No, it's... No waaay!!
Eve: A-Aya-san? What's the matter?
Aya: I-I put so much effort into making it~! ... *gasp* I must've put it in my bag sideways!
Hagumi: But but but, those little sausage octopuses look really good! Let me trade you for one later!
Aya: *sniff*... Thanks, Hagumi-chan.
Saaya: Okay, next up is Arisa! What's your bento like?
Arisa: Mine is... There we go...
Saaya: Whoa, a layered bento! Why did you bring so much food?!
Arisa: M-my grandma wanted us to share it, so she went a bit overboard in the kitchen... *sigh*
Eve: Simmered shrimp, rolled eggs...! This is amazing! This bento has everything a Japanese bento should have!
Arisa: Now you're definitely exaggerating! Anyway, what did you bring, Saaya?
Saaya: I want the red team to win, so I packed a katsu sandwich! I even made it with bright-red ketchup to match our team~!
Hagumi: Wow, that looks really good! Katsu and ketchup might be a good combination!
Eve: ... Oh, I get it! "Katsu" can also mean "to win" in Japanese, so that's why you chose it!
Saaya: In Japan, we like to be auspicious with stuff like that. So what's in your bento, Eve?
Eve: This is what I brought! A warrior's resolution is most important, and the food of a warrior is a nigirimeshi!
Arisa: Nigirimeshi... uh, a rice ball, you mean?
Eve: The warriors in period dramas call them nigirimeshi. I prefer to do so too!
Arisa: ... Well, I guess if that's your preference then sure, why not...?
Eve: ... I also cooked one more thing. In Finland, this is called a "Karelian pastry".
Hagumi: Huh? K-kareri... Karepa...? Umm...?
Eve: A Karelian pastry! It is mashed potato or egg butter baked into a pastry.
Arisa: What happened to your warrior's preferences?! Now you're onto something from a totally different culture! Pastry and potato... That's like a carbs explosion!
Aya: Hey~! I wanna see your bento too, Hagumi-chan!
Hagumi: Sure! I packed my bento full of our all-famous croquettes! That, and...!
Aya: Wow! Your rice ball is so cute ♪ It's supposed to be Michelle, right?
Saaya: Oh, you're right! She used pink fish flakes to make it look just like Michelle!
Arisa: ... Did you make that yourself, Kitazawa-san?
Hagumi: Yeah! My dad made the croquettes, but the rest was all me!
Eve: Wow! It's so cute it almost feels like a shame to eat it!
Arisa: Kitazawa-san... You like cute stuff, huh...? I'm kinda surprised...
Hagumi: Ehehe, really? I love Michelle! I worked really hard to make the rice ball! Let's share it!
Eve: Let's all enjoy eating Michelle's head and do our best in the afternoon events!
Arisa: Could you not phrase it like that?!

Aya: Mmm, that was delicious! Thanks for trading snacks, everyone~!
Eve: We ate ketchup katsu sandwiches, so now I'm sure the red team will be victorious!
Arisa: So? What's the score situation like?
Saaya: Umm... I think our team is ahead, but only by a little.
Aya: As long as we keep working hard in the afternoon events, I'm sure we can win!
Eve: Yes! Let's emerge victorious!
Hagumi: ...
Saaya: ... Hagumi?
Hagumi: ... Hm? Wh-what's up, Saaya?
Saaya: ... I've been thinking about this recently, but you always seem a bit down whenever the topic of the Sports Day comes up, huh?
Hagumi: Th-that's not true!
Saaya: But like, even just now you were looking at the scoreboard and thinking about something, right?
Hagumi: ...
Saaya: If you don't want to talk about it that's fine, but if there's something in your mind, you can talk to me. We on the same team and we're friends too, you know?
Hagumi: S-Saaya...

Tearful Smile Anchor Runner Event Story - Chapter 4
Winning and Losing

Hagumi explains the look on her face. Everyone tries to cheer her up, but...


Red Team Area

Hagumi: The truth is... I kinda don't like the whole winning and losing thing.
Hagumi: There was this one time in a softball game where we made a massive comeback and won...
Hagumi: It was my homerun that made it happen.
Saaya: That's actually amazing, you know? Isn't it something to be happy about...?
Hagumi: Yeah, I was super happy when I hit the home run.
Hagumi: But, after the game... I felt really weird when I saw how disappointed everyone on the other team was...
Hagumi: When I saw the look on their faces I just... stopped feeling happy...
Saaya: So you couldn't take joy in for what it was...?
Hagumi: Y-yeah... ever since then I've just never liked stuff that involves winning and losing...
Arisa: Huh? But you still play softball, right? How does that work?
Hagumi: Yeah, I mean I love softball itself.
Hagumi: Running around as fast as I can, chasing the ball, whacking it with a bat... It's all super fun! I just try my best not to think about the winning and losing part.
Hagumi: Anyway, sorry about this, you guys. I'm not really being myself, am I...?
Eve: That's not true! You're a very kind person, Hagumi-san!
Aya: Yeah, I think so too. It's also really nice that you can be so considerate of the other team.
Hagumi: Eve-chin, Aya-senpai... Thanks.
Arisa: But like, Kitazawa-san... isn't it possible you're just overthinking this?
Arisa: I know that saying this doesn't really change anything, but... it's just Sports Day, you know?
Arisa: It's not like you have to quit your club activity if you lose on Sports Day or anything, so why not just take it easy?
Hagumi: Ugh... I know, but...
Aya: It's the only Sports Day we have in the year! Why don't we try to stop being gloomy and just enjoy it~ ♪ ... Okay?
Saaya: Hagumi... I know it sucks to lose, but I think there's more to it than that, you know?
Saaya: I'm not sure how to put it into words, but... I think there's something to be gained from losing.
Hagumi: You think so...?
Announcer: It is almost time for the afternoon events. We will begin with the first year group dance.
Arisa: Hmm... it's almost time for the dance.
Kasumi: Arisa~, Saaya~! It's dance time!
Saaya: Whoa, Kasumi?! Y-you startled me...
Arisa: What are you doing here?! You're in the white team!
Kasumi: But the dance is for everyone in first year! That means it's okay for me to come ove here, right?
Eve: That's true! The dance isn't a competition! Let's have fun together, Hagumi-san!
Hagumi: Yeah! This is what I've been looking forward to!
Tae: Oh, I found Kasumi.
Rimi: I was so surprised when you just ran off like that.
Kasumi: My bad! I came to get Arisa and the others!
Arisa: No one asked you to come all the way over here...
Kasumi: The dance is the thing that both teams can do together! Let's have fun, no rivalry! Right, Hagu?!
Hagumi: Yeah! No rivals! Let's do our best together~!
Aya: I'm looking forward to watching the first year dance ♪ I think everyone's gathering now, so you guys should get going!
Kasumi: Ah! You're right, we'd better hurry! C'mon, guys!
Tae: Kasumi, am I supposed to do the dance too?
Rimi: O-Tae-chan, we're all doing it~.
Arisa: *sigh*... These guys are always all over the place. Oh well, I guess we'd better go with them.
Eve: Yes! You're right!
Saaya: Let's go too, Hagumi. Let's go have some fun!
Hagumi: Yeah! I'm gonna dance my way to happiness!
Aya: Have fun you guys~!

Tearful Smile Anchor Runner Event Story - Chapter 5
The Last Event

The red team and white team go back and forth but they're evenly matched.
The last event, a relay race, will decide it all...


Red Team Area

Announcer: The dance performance by the Hanasakigawa Girls' Academy first-year students will now begin. Please welcome everyone with a warm round of applause.
Aya: Oh, the dance has started!
Aya: Wow, this is so cool~ ♪ They went all out on the choreography and everyone is so into it!
Aya: Aww~, watching everyone dance makes me want to get up and join them!
Aya: Eve-chan, you can do it~! Saaya-chan, Arisa-chan, keep going~!
Aya: Kasumi-chan, Rimi-chan, Tae-chan, Misaki-chan...
Aya: Hagumi-chan, you can do it~!

Arisa: ... *phew* I-it's finally over...
Misaki: Dancing in front of everyone is easily the most embarrassing thing ever...
Rimi: O-Tae-chan... I got the dance mixed up...
Tae: Really? I thought it was really cute how you were waving your arms like an octopus, you know?
Rimi: Urgh... don't say that, O-Tae-chan~.
Eve: Dancing is truly wonderful! I felt like our hearts were unified!
Saaya: I really know what you mean~!
Kasumi: Playing shows is fun, but dancing like this with everyone is really fun too~!
Hagumi: Yeah, this is what I was talking about! The feeling of just totally getting into it and moving about!
Hagumi: I love this feeling! I had so much fun out there~!
Saaya: Yeah, you totally looked like you were having the time of your life, Hagumi.
Eve: Yes, her dance was so wonderful I'm sure it made everyone smile!
Hagumi: Ehehe, really~?
Saaya: Let's try and do the same thing, and just enjoy the rest of the events without thinking about it all too much.
Hagumi: Y-yeah...! I'll give it a shot!

Aya: The final event is up next. Aww, I'm getting nervous...
Eve: The red team and the white team have almost equal scores... Which means the final relay will decide which team is the winner, right?
Hagumi: ... Ahh. The really is going to decide everything...
Saaya: Hagumi, they want all the relay runners to go to the starting line.
Hagumi: S-sure...
Hagumi: (I thought the dance would help me stop thinking about everything, but when it comes to the relay, I...)
Hagumi: (If I win then it's going to be like the softball tournament again. I'm going to make the people on the white team sad...)
Aya: Hagumi-chan, try not to think about it too much. Just have fun running.
Eve: That's right! Give the race everything you've got!
Misaki: ... Hey, Hagumi.
Hagumi: H-hu, Mii-kun?! Wh-what are you doing in the red team area?
Misaki: I came over to check on you since you're over here looking troubled even though you're supposed to be at the starting line.
Misaki: ... You've got lots of things going through your head, right?
Hagumi: ... Yeah.
Misaki: ... You don't have to do it if you don't want to, you know? If you really don't want to win, you could just hold back a bit.
Hagumi: Huh...? Hold back? I-I'm not gonna do that!
Misaki: But that's the problem, right? If you don't want to see the other team be sad, then you just have to lose.
Misaki: If you lose on purpose and let the white team win, then everyone on that team will be happy.
Misaki: In exchange for that, everyone on the red team that cheered for you might end up being sad though.
Hagumi: Ah...
Misaki: If it's a matter of winning or losing, the people who don't win are going to lose, and the people who don't lose are going to win. That's just how is has to be.
Misaki: ... M-Mii-kun.
Eve: Hagumi-san...! A warrior always fights to the very end! That is the honor of a warrior!
Hagumi: Eve-chin...
Kasumi: Hagu~! Arisa told me everything! Don't hold back or anything and just give it everything you've got!
Arisa: Aren't you supposed to be on the other team?!
Kasumi: When we raced against each other earlier, it was so cool how you ran right past me like that!
Hagumi: Kaa-kun...
Kasumi: It didn't matter that it was a race. It was just so exciting! You were awesome, Hagu!
Hagumi: I-I was just...
Kasumi: I wanna see that awesome kinda Hagu again!
Saaya: ... See, Hagumi? You beat Kasumi, but look how much fun she had? Seems to me that losing is more than just a sad experience.
Kasumi: Yeah! It felt so good just having a full on race like that! I didn't even care about who won in the end!
Aya: There's no point cheering you on unless you give it all you've got, Hagumi-chan!
Arisa: That's right! I can't run to save my life, but I still gave it my best! ... Even if I did come last.
Saaya: Go get 'em, Hagumi! Run as fast as you can and make the red team win!
Hagumi: You guys...
Hagumi: ... O-okay.
Hagumi: ... Thanks... you guys... I'll do my best... and give it everything I've got!

Tearful Smile Anchor Runner Event Story - Ending
Run, Hagumi!

Hagumi, the anchor for the red team, takes the baton in hand. How will the competition turn out?


Starting Line

Announcer: We are now going to hold the final event of the day, the Hanasakigawa Girls' Academy relay.
Track Judge: On your marks, get ready...
Hagumi: I-it's on...! The white team's taken the lead!
Hagumi: (If we don't close the lead at the next corner... Ah! They're getting ahead...! This is looking bad...)
Hagumi: ...I've gotta run extra hard! I want everyone to see me doing my best!
Announcer: The red team just exchanged its baton! Next up is the anchor runner.
Hagumi: (I-I'm up... I know what I've gotta do...)
Red Team Member: Go, Hagumi!
Hagumi: Got it! I'm... gonna win this!
Aya: Look~! Hagumi-chan just took the baton!
Saaya: Go get 'em, Hagumi~!
Eve: You can do it, Hagumi-san~!
Arisa: G-go~! Kitazawa-san~!
Kasumi: Wh-whoa, Hagu's so fast! She's going to overtake the white team runner...!
Tae: Go white team~!
Rimi: U-u-um... g-good luck, everyone~!
Misaki: ...

Red Team Area

Announcer: The relay marks the completion of the events for the day. Thank you for your sportsmanship! We will soon conduct the closing ceremony.
Hagumi: *huff*... *puff*... It's over...
Saaya: Hagumi, good job~! You did it! You gave me goosebumps when you sprinted right past the white team runner at the end!
Eve: Hagumi-san! That was an amazing run that even a ninja couldn't match!
Arisa: Thanks to Kitazawa-san we won the relay, so does that mean the red team won overall?
Aya: Yeah, that's right! And it's all thanks to Hagumi-chan! Yay! We did it~ ♪
Hagumi: You guys...
Kasumi: Hagu! That was amazing! I got so emotional watching you!
Tae: Me too. It was like reading the last book of a manga series.
Arisa: That depends on the manga!
Rimi: I'm in the white team, but when I saw you running like that, I wanted to cheer for both teams, Hagumi-chan.
Misaki: I honestly thought that the white team might be able to win it since they had a good lead, but... you ran like the wind, Hagumi.
Hagumi: But.. the white team lost, you guys? Doesn't that bug you?
Kasumi: Of course it does! It totally does! But we all got to give it everything we've got too, so there was just something really fun about it all.
Tae: It's a little frustrating, but it makes me smile too, I guess.
Hagumi: It bugs you, but it was still fun...? But when we won that softball game, the other team... ah!
Hagumi: ... That's it! I just remembered!
Saaya: ... Huh? Remembered what?
Hagumi: After we made that comeback and won, we all shook hands with the other team...!
Hagumi: The only thing I could remember was the look on their faces the moment the game ended, but... they were smiling when we shook hands!
Misaki: They probably gave it their best that day too, just like everyone did today.
Hagumi: ... Yeah! I was so caught up on how I didn't like seeing the other team look sad or frustrated...
Hagumi: I hate seeing my friends look sad too... if there's something bothering someone, I want to help them and put a smile back on their face!
Misaki: Seems like you've worked it out, huh? Guess that's what makes you the bassist for Hello, Happy World! ...
Hagumi: Ehehe ♪ In games or competitions or whatever... Even if it's our opponents, I want o show them a match that'll make them smile!
Hagumi: Not just in sports either, but band stuff too! I'm gonna make our competitors, the audience, everyone smile!
Saaya: Yep, that's our Hagumi. Okay, I think it's time for the ceremony, we should make a move.
Aya: That's true, Hagumi-chan needs to go up and collect the trophy.
Hagumi: Whaaat?! Why do I have to do that?
Arisa: It'd kind of like a rule that the anchor runner of the winning team accepts it.
Eve: Hagumi-san, thank you!
Hagumi: Okay, I'll go do my thing! ... Oh, hey!
Hagumi: Here's to the red team's victory... Banzai!!
All: Banzai!!

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