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Tears in the Closet Card Story - Episode

Bare Companionship


Asahi Bathhouse - Changing Room

CHU2: Jeez~... I'm so hot...
PAREO: Are you alright, CHU²-sama? I shall bring you some water.
LAYER: Are you okay? You didn't have to stay in that long if you were overheating.
CHU2: We were counting to one hundred, so what else could I do?
MASKING: Man, that felt great~! That freshly drawn bath was the best!
LOCK: Agreed! Baths always make everyone happy.
CHU2: I don't see the appeal. A show is more than enough for me.
MASKING: You really don't get it. Baths are way more liberatin'~.
CHU2: By the way, what was with that mountain painted on the wall?
MASKING: That's Mt. Fuji, obviously!
CHU2: I know that! I'm asking why it was there!
LOCK: Well... I suppose that mountain is considered a quintessential Japanese image... Ah, but I heard only the Kanto region has murals like that, so it might be specific to regions that can see it.
CHU2: Hmmm, so it's part of traditional culture.
PAREO: I'm back, everyone~! The bathhouse hostess told me to bring these to you!
LAYER: Whoa... Coffee milk. Thank you. We'll have to thank her later.
PAREO: Indeed♪ They're nice and cold too~♪
MASKING: Ahhh~! Nothin' better than a drink after takin' a bath!
LOCK: Huh?! You drank it already?
MASKING: You bet! It was delicious!
CHU2: Coffee milk? Is that different from a café au lait?
LOCK: Um, well... A-anyway, it's really good! Our coffee milk is the best!
CHU2: How do I open this paper cover...?
LOCK: Ah, sorry! This tool should open it easily... There you go.
CHU2: Th-thank you...
LOCK: Now give it a try!
CHU2: Coffee milk, huh...? Mm! ... Sweet!
CHU2: I-I mean, it's not bad.
MASKING: You say that, but you downed the whole thing in one go.
CHU2: I was thirsty!
CHU2: We should get going. We're losing out on practice time.
LAYER: We can't go yet, CHU². Your hair is still wet in the back. You're going to catch a cold.
PAREO: She's right♪ I'll dry it for you~.
CHU2: It's fine. Just leave it.
PAREO: I can't do that! If we don't dry it, your hair cuticles will-
MASKING: Ah~, this massage machine felt great~. CHU², you gotta try this~.
CHU2: I'm good.
MASKING: Come on, it'll really do a number on your sore body~.
LAYER: Wow, that does sound nice. Maybe I'll give it a try.
MASKING: Hey, we should come here again sometime.
LOCK: Yes, please do!
PAREO: I also highly recommend the bath at CHU²-sama's penthouse!
CHU2: What?!
PAREO: I do believe it is around the same size as the bathhouse!
MASKING: Oh~! Now that sounds good! I'd love to!
LAYER: I agree. Maybe we could take a bath after practice.
LOCK: That sounds like so much fun~!
PAREO: I think they also have a hot tub~♪
MASKING: Seriously?! Now I gotta see this!
LOCK: The decor must also be spectacular, judging from the rest of the penthouse~!
PAREO: Yes♪ I can personally guarantee it.
CHU2: Stop! Stop! Stop! Don't just invite yourselves into someone else's home!
LOCK: I-I'm sorry! We got carried away. This is your home, after all. If you don't want us there, we should respect that.
PAREO: Agreed, although I am a little disappointed... Oh well...
CHU2: Grrr... You guys are playing dirty! Fine, but just this once!
LOCK: Yay~! Thank you!
MASKING: Looks like we've got something to look forward to, huh, LOCK?
LOCK: Yes!

Tears in the Closet Card Story - Special Episode

My Headphone's Secrets


Edogawa Music

Marina: Huh? Isn't that CHU²-chan?
CHU2: ...
Marina: She's really inspecting those speakers. I don't want to bother her, so we'll have to talk to her next time.
CHU2: Be quiet...! ... Marina?
Marina: Whoa! You surprised me. H-hey there, CHU²-chan.
CHU2: Hi, Marina, BanG Dreamer.
Marina: Are you looking for a speaker?
CHU2: I wanted to compare these speakers to the ones we have.
Marina: I see. You were inspecting it really closely.
CHU2: I do most of my shopping online, but with music, I prefer to see and hear things for myself. I suppose it's part of my job as the producer.
Marina: Wow, that certainly sounds like you! Can you hear them even with headphones on?
CHU2: Don't compare my headphones to other cheap imitations. I had them custom made by a company I trust!
Marina: Oh~, I didn't know they were custom. That's so cool~.
CHU2: You're looking at the producer of RAS, the band pursuing the best sound ever. These headphones are one of a kind and fit all my extensive criteria!
CHU2: With their closed design, low impedance, built-in amplifiers and superior noise-cancelig abilities, I know I'm not losing out on resolution or surround sound.
Marina: Wow, those are some pretty impressive headphones then. Can I ask you one more thing?
CHU2: By all means! Ask whatever you like.
Marina: Was there a reason you had cat ears added?
CHU2: W-well, that's because...
Marina: Huh? I'm sorry, I didn't hear you. What did you say?
CHU2: It's because they're cute!
Marina: I see~! Cute things do give you energy, don't they? That must mean you like cats, right~?
CHU2: So what if I do?! What's the big deal?!
Marina: Ah, wait, CHU²-chan! Aren't you going to buy a speaker?
CHU2: I just stopped by to check today! I'll be going now! See you later!