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Temporary Chaperone Card Story - Episode

Being From the Same Band


Walking Home
Arisa: (Phew, it's finally over. I'm free.)
Arisa: (Organizing a party is actually pretty rough work. Eve seemed happy so it was worth it though...)
Arisa: (Gah! Kasumi and Himari-chan are talking about going to karaoke.)
Arisa: Hey, Kasumi! I'm beat, I'm gonna head straight h-...
Chisato: Hello, Arisa-chan.
Arisa: Huh, oh, Shirasagi-senpai... H-Hello.
Arisa: (She's initiating conversation with me...? I don't dislike her or anything, but she's kind of scary...)
Chisato: ... What's the matter?
Arisa: Oh, no, it's nothing.
Arisa: Umm, is there something you wanted to talk to me about?
Chisato: Yes, I wanted to thank you.
Arisa: Huh? Did I do something that needs thanking...?
Chisato: But of course. You helped with the preparations for Eve-chan's party, didn't you?
Chisato: I just wanted to thank you for coming today to help Eve-chan. As a member of the same band, I wanted to show my appreciation.
Arisa: ... All I did was lend a hand...
Arisa: I have to say it's kind of surprising to hear this from you.
Chisato: Oh, did I say something strange?
Arisa: I guess you just don't seem like the type to say this kind of thing...
Arisa: ... Ah, sorry, that's kind of rude of me...
Chisato: Fufu, it's fine. In fact, I agree with you.
Arisa: Huh? You do?
Chisato: I believe the old me would not have said anything.
Chisato: I never imagined I would become the member of a band that would be so dear to me... I guess meeting them has changed me.
Arisa: (Sounds like a lot of things went down with Pastel ✽ Palettes...)
Arisa: (I could never work her out, but I guess I was just misunderstanding her.)
Arisa: Oh, um, you don't need to be so formal. I wanted to return the favor for everything with Kasumi anyway.
Chisato: The favor? What is it that you're talking about?
Arisa: Kasumi told me about it. Whenever she screws up in class, Eve always looks out for her. So, I guess as a member of the same band, I too wanted to...
Chisato: Fufu, for some reason, I feel like that's not the only reason, but... if that's what you say, then I suppose that's how it is.
Arisa: H-Hey, what I meant was...!
Chisato: Oh, I think Kasumi-chan is calling for you, Arisa-chan.
Arisa: Huh? Argh, that Kasumi, how did she end up over there...?
Chisato: Fufu, it seems they went on quite ahead while we were talking.
Arisa: ... Ugh. We should get going, Shirasagi-senpai.
Arisa: Hey, Kasumi~! Don't go off and leave people behind like that~!

Temporary Chaperone Card Story - Special Episode

That Kind of Honesty


Edogawa Music
Arisa: Oh... so these are the kind of keyboards that are out now...
Arisa: An 88 key is kind of cool, but they're just so heavy...
Arisa: A 61 key would be good as a portable type...
Arisa: Oh, this is the one I saw on the net the other day. The reviews were all pretty positive.
Arisa: ... Ugh, that price tag! That's brand power for you... huh?
Arisa: Gah! How long have you been standing there for?!
Arisa: If you were looking at me, you should've said something...
Arisa: Me? I'm getting my keyboard tuned. They said it'll only take a minute, so I'm just browsing in the meantime.
Arisa: Oh, this is totally unrelated, but did anyone tell you about the home party we had at Eve's place?
Arisa: We had it just for her friend who came all the way from Finland.
Arisa: It was the first home party I'd even been to, so...
Arisa: It's not like was all carrying on or anything ‘cause it was my first time, you know? Got it?
Arisa: Anyway, the other members of Poppin' Party and I helped Eve prepare for the party.
Arisa: Cooking, decorating the place, it was actually pretty hard work...
Arisa: But it turns out that Eve had kind of lied to her friend about something, and she opened up to her friend about it at the party.
Arisa: ... I was kind of impressed by that side of Eve.
Arisa: I can't just open up and say how I feel like that, so I guess I felt kinda... envious.
Arisa: There's times when I uh, wish I could say what I actually mean...
Arisa: Wait! It's not like I'm opening up now or anything! Don't you dare get the wrong idea!
Arisa: ... Ugh, I'm aware of what I do, it's just hard to break the habit.
Arisa: But... I guess I'll try a bit harder to do something about it.