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That's an Idol Card Story - Episode

It Was Fate After All


Dressing Room

Aya: Great job out there, everyone!!
Eve: The fans certainly had a good time, didn't they?!
Chisato: The fact that we came up with the setlist ourselves gives me this greater feeling of accomplishment too.
Maya: I agree! There was this increased sense of responsibility since we were the ones who came up with it!
Aya: The crowd got really into it when they realized that Shuwarin☆Dreaming was the last song!
Aya: I was glad to see our plan worked!
Eve: Aya-san, you know what you have to do now! It is time to look yourself up on the internet!
Aya: Right! Let's see what everyone has to say about the show.
Eve: "I had a great time! I thought they might leave Shuwarin☆Dreaming out, so I was happy when I realized it was the last song."
Chisato: "The setlist felt different than usual. I guess that means Pastel✽Palettes has made some progress in terms of performance. That's great."
Maya: Looks like they were surprised by the set list!
Hina: "I was ready to cry when I heard Shuwarin☆Dreaming. It reminded me of everything the group has been through. When I felt the tears coming, that's when my eyes met with Aya-chan's!"
Aya: Yeah! I did see a teary-eyed person.
Hina: "I felt like she mouthed to me, 'Don't cry.' She's always the one with the tears flowing down her face, but there she was, making me cry~ ><"
Hina: Aya-chan, you made a fan cry~!
Aya: N-no! I was trying to get them to smile...!
Eve: Aya-san, I believe that fan understood what you were trying to do!
Maya: The concept for the set list was showing thanks and creating joy. I think from the fans' reactions and enthusiasm, we can assume those things were communicated!
Chisato: And a performance where we were able to express ourselves appeared to be appropriate for the event itself.
Hina: Express ourselves, huh? Self-expression is so weird.
Aya: Really?
Hina: I mean, sure, we were the ones who came up with the setlist, but it's not like we're the ones coming up with the song or the lyrics, right?
Hina: We play on stage, but the songwriters came up with the phrases and stuff for us in the first place.
Hina: We are Pastel✽Palettes, but other things related to the group are made by other people. Isn't it weird to express "Pastel✽Palettes" using a collection of stuff we didn't create?
Aya: But I think that's what makes idols so cool!
Hina: What does?
Aya: Idols take what was made and show it off in a way that exceeds both the creator's and the fans' expectations! That's what I was talking about.
Chisato: Yes, it does take a pro to take something they were given and make it even better. I think that same process takes place during dramas and variety shows.
Maya: Theater is the same. You take something that already exists, and you go deeper through interpretation. You can have fun by thinking about how you personally would express that thing.
Hina: Okay~, so that's what it means to be an idol, huh? Do you agree with them, Eve-chan?
Eve: Listening to this, all I can think is, "Oh, yes, that makes sense." Models do the same thing.
Eve: You wear the outfits, you get a sense of the atmosphere that envelops the studio... Then you decide how you want to express yourself, which poses you want to do, things of that nature.
Hina: Yeah, I see. I've never taken the time to think about it. I just did whatever I thought was boppin'♪
Chisato: You're likely the type to naturally fit in and take on the appropriate role without thinking about it... Just as I thought, you're quite similar to Kaoru.
Maya: It's like things just fall into place for you.
Aya: Ah! But other people are the ones who give us what we need and create the shape for us to fall into... Isn't that similar to something you've said before, Hina-chan?
Hina: I'm me because of people who are not me... Is that the idea? ... Yeah! You're probably right!!
Hina: Aya-chan, you genius! Alright, I get it now!
Aya: I'm a genius?! E-ehehe~... You really think so?
Hina: So idols are a creation of others! That's interesting!
Hina: That just might be the reason I became an idol. It's like it was my fate to become one~. Even if I'm only saying that now~♪
Chisato: I'm glad to see you've discovered the joy of being an idol.
Eve: Hina-san! Let us continue to work toward being the best idols we can be!!

That's an Idol Card Story - Special Episode

Appearing with a Bang!



Hina: Hmhmhmm~♪ What shall I do today~? Shall I eat french fries~? I wonder if Aya-chan is working~.
Marina: Hina-chan! Hello.
Hina: Hey, it's Marina-san and BanG Dreamer-san! Whatcha doin'~?
Marina: We're shopping. Do you have a day off today?
Hina: Mhm! The other day, we took part in an event with a bunch of different idols, so now we have a break!
Marina: Oh, okay, so you performed at an event. How was it?
Hina: Super fun! It was the first time that the other girls and I came up with the setlist!
Marina: Ooo, I bet that was a great experience, right?
Hina: Hmmm~, I guess so. And the audience seemed to really like it, so I think it was a good list!
Hina: I enjoyed deciding what songs we would play. It's nice to be able to play what you want~♪
Marina: What if you use Pastel✽Palettes to find yourself more opportunities to do the other parts you've never done before?
Marina: For example, you could design the outfits, decide on the structure of the show... I bet having more freedom as the producer would be pretty interesting.
Hina: I'd have freedom~? Okay, okay... I see...
Hina: Hmmm, first I could have Aya-chan shoot onto the stage! "Boom!"
Marina: B-boom...?
Hina: Hm... Maybe that's not exciting enough! But if she and Chisato-chan both went "boom," that could work!
Hina: We'd start with the first boom, then start the onion song... Aha, I think I'm onto something good!
Marina: The "onion" song...? Hold on, Hina-chan. What are you talking about?
Hina: Yep, I think this is gonna be interesting! It's fun being able to do whatever you want~♪
Marina: Uh-oh... I think I just flipped the mischievous switch...
Hina: I'll have to tell the staff members my ideas! I hope you two will be there for my show~. A Hina-chan production!
Hina: I just know it'll be boppin'♪
Marina: Y-yeah... We look forward to it...
Marina: Pastel✽Palettes... I'm so sorry...