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The 6th Afterglow Event Story - Opening
How's the Homework...?

The girls of Afterglow have finished their last day of school,
but Himari's still got something in her mind...


Station Entrance

Himari: Phew~, that’s the last day we have to come to school. I'm so tired~...
Tomoe: We're done. How was class, Ran?
Ran: It was fine. The usual.
Moca: You're so chill, Ran~. Even though it's so hot out here. Ugh, I'm gonna melt.
Tomoe: Haha. The usual is a good thing.
Moca: We don't have to come to school anymore~, I think I'm ready to party~.
Ran: Did you finish all your homework, Moca?
Moca: Fufu~♪ All done~.
Tomoe: Moca is always strangely responsible at times like this...
Ran: Or almost sneaky...
Tsugumi: Ugh, homework... I still have some left to do…
Tomoe: Ahaha... I do too...
Ran: Me too...
Tomoe: What, we’re all in the same boat? How about you, Himari...?
Himari: ...
Tomoe: Himari...?
Himari: ... I haven't finished...
Tsugumi: Huh...?
Himari: I'm nowhere even near finishing! What am I gonna do? I'm so not gonna get it done!
Himari: Oh my god! Guys, help me! I'll never ask for anything ever again! This is a once-in-a-lifetime request!
Ran: Never ever...
Moca: Hii-chan, are you sure you wanna use a once-in-a-lifetime request on something like this~?
Himari: I am! Come on, please! Help me with my homework~!
Tomoe: Okay, okay, just calm down.
Himari: Wahhh, Tomoe~!
Tomoe: We'll help you, okay? It's not like we've all finished our stuff anyway.
Himari: Thank you~.
Ran: Himari, did you always used to leave your homework to the last minute like this? Seems kind of strange for you.
Tsugumi: Yeah... when we first started the band in middle school, everyone was too into it to get any homework done, except for Himari-chan.
Himari: ... I made sure to work on it little by little every day, but... I just didn't get anywhere with math...
Himari: And then after starting high school, math just got even worse for me...
Tomoe: Math definitely has gotten way harder now that we're in high school...
Himari: The more I think I have to do it, the more I avoid it...
Moca: And now here you are... right?
Himari: Yeah...
Moca: Jeez, this is what happens when you go to the beach, you know~?
Himari: I know... I can't argue...
Tomoe: You should've told us sooner... Oh well, guess there's no point saying that now.
Tomoe: Is everyone free after this? Let's get our homework done and out of the way.
Ran: Sure.
Moca: I'm already done, but I'll go since I've got nothing better to do~.
Tsugumi: I'd like some help too if it’s possible...
Tomoe: Okay, done. We’re having a homework day today! Can we use your place, Tsugu?
Tsugumi: Yeah, of course!
Himari: Thank you sooo much, guys~! I'll never forget this!
Ran: She said it again, "never ever."
Tsugumi: We can eat some sweets at my place while we do our homework!
Himari: Yay~! Sweets, beautiful sweets~♪
Moca: Hii-chan, no cake until you finish your homework, got it~?
Himari: Ugh... fine...

The 6th Afterglow Event Story - Chapter 1
Important, yet Forgotten

The girls plan on finishing up their homework.
However, Himari realizes she may be in trouble...


Hazawa Coffee

Moca: Phew~. So nice and cool~.
Himari: Ooh, this summer-only mango soda is amazing~ ♪
Tsugumi: Really?! It was actually me who came up with that one! I'm so glad you like it!
Ran: ... Himari.
Himari: Uh...
Ran: Tsugumi, you shouldn't be so soft on Himari.
Tsugumi: Ugh... I'm sorry.
Tomoe: C'mon, why don't we relax a little before starting our homework?
Tomoe: ... Okay, let's get started.
Ran: I'm going to work on the stuff I haven't finished yet.
Moca: In that case, I'll look after Hii-chan. I hope you realize how lucky you are, Hii-chan~.
Himari: You're a saint, Moca~!
Tomoe: I'll start with my own stuff too then. Tsugu, if you need any help, just let me know.
Tsugumi: Thanks, Tomoe-chan!
Tomoe: You too, Ran.
Ran: Sure.
Moca: So~? Which part can't you do, Hii-chan?
Himari: Umm, pretty much everything after this question...
Moca: Hmm, lemme see~. For this one, you can just use the formula. You know, uhh, the formula.
Himari: Which one?! Oh, I should just check my textbook... Wait, huh?
Moca: Hmm? What's up~?
Himari: I can't find my textbook~. This is so strange, I brought it to school today because I need it in class...
Moca: Don't tell me...
Himari: I left it... in the classroom...
Tomoe: Uh... is it just me or did I hear something really foreboding just now...?
Ran: Just go get it tomorrow.
Tsugumi: I think I heard that the entire school is locked from tonight until the first day of next semester...
Tomoe: So today is her last chance...
Himari: M-my last chance...!
Moca: Don't worry, Hii-chan. Just give up.
Himari: What, nooo~! I can't do my homework without that textbook~!
Ran: I know how you feel, but... the school is probably totally dark by now, you know?
Himari: So umm... would you guys get angry if I asked you to come with me to get it?
Ran: ... I knew you were going to say that.
Tomoe: ... Yeah, I had a feeling that's where this was going.
Himari: Don't be like that~! Come on, guys, please! I'll buy you dinner or something! I'll never ask for anything ever again!
Moca: Hii-chan, you've said that too many times today~.
Tomoe: I'm not sure I like the idea of letting Himari go in the dark by herself though.
Tsugumi: That's true, if something were to happen... Himari-chan, I'll go with you!
Himari: You're a saint, Tsugu~!
Moca: So many saints~!
Tomoe: Okay, I'll go too. You're buying dinner after this, you know~?
Himari: You're a saint too, Tomoe~!
Moca: I'll go too then~! I think it'll be fun. I feel like something interesting will happen. C'mon, Ran~ ♪
Ran: ... Okay. Let's go.
Himari: Thanks, everyone...! You're all saints...!
Tomoe: Let's make a move then. It's always the sooner the better with this kind of thing.

The 6th Afterglow Event Story - Chapter 2
Time for Night School...

Able to retrieve the textbook, the head for the exit,
only to find that they've been... locked in...?!


Haneoka Girls' Academy
School Gate

Himari: Ugh... it's so dark...
Tomoe: I think Tsugu was right, feels like they're going to lock this place starting tomorrow.
Tsugumi: I wonder if it's still unlocked.
Moca: Don't worry, we're good. It looks like we can get in~.
Himari: What a relief...!
Tomoe: Okay, let's go get that textbook.

Haneoka Girls' Academy
Class 1-B

Moca: Hii-chan, do you remember where you left it~?
Himari: I'm pretty sure I left it in my desk~. I'll check now.
Ran: ...
Moca: ...?
Moca: Raaan~.
Ran: Wahhh!
Tomoe: Ahh! Wh-what is it?!
Ran: Moca's trying to scare me...!
Tomoe: Cut it out, Moca...
Moca: Me? Never~, Ran looked scared so I was just trying to help her relax~.
Ran: I-I'm not scared, okay?!
Tsugumi: Ran-chan, you don't like dark places, huh? Don't worry, we'll be out of here soon!
Ran: Tsugumi...! It's not what you think...!
Himari: Found it! I found my textbook!
Tsugumi: I'm so glad~...
Himari: Thanks, guys~! Now I can get my homework done~!
Ran: Let's get out of here, right now.

Haneoka Girls' Academy

Tomoe: Now, what do we have Himari buy us~?
Moca: I just want buns~.
Ran: I want some coffee from Tsugumi's place.
Tsugumi: Fufu, thank you for being such a loyal customer♪
Himari: Ugh, okay~...
Ran: ... Huh?
Tomoe: What's up, Ran?
Ran: The door's locked...
Himari: No way...! What about the other doors?!
Tsugumi: All the doors have been locked from the outside... The security guard might have come around and locked the doors without knowing we were here...
Himari: So that means we're...
Tomoe: L-locked in...?!
Ran: ...!
Himari: Wh-what do we do?! Does this mean we're stuck here until school starts again?!
Moca: This is getting interesting~.
Ran: There's nothing interesting about this...!
Tsugumi: O-okay, everyone, calm down! It'll be okay, I'm sure there's a door somewhere that's still unlocked! Umm, uh...
Tomoe: The emergency exit in the gymnasium might be open!
Tomoe: They always leave it unlocked for students whose club activities run late. It could still be open...
Himari: The gym is pretty far from here... Are we really going to walk all that way?
Ran: ... It's better than sitting here and waiting to shrivel up.
Others: ...
Tomoe: ... Is everyone ready?
Tsugumi: Y-yeah...!
Tomoe: Okay, let's move...!

The 6th Afterglow Event Story - Chapter 3
Seven Mysteries of Haneoka

Most of the girls are frightened, but what happens when
Moca begins to tell the legend of the seven mysteries of Haneoka...?


Haneoka Girls' Academy

Himari: Ugh... the school's even scarier at night than I thought it would be...
Tomoe: The fact that it's strangely quiet doesn't help either...
Tsugumi: I'm glad there were some emergency flashlights. We took them without permission though...
Ran: It'll be okay as long as we return them on the first day of school... I think.
Tsugumi: I-I guess so...
Himari: Eeek!
Tomoe: Ahh! Wh-what now?!
Himari: Did anyone see the face in the window just now?!
Moca: Hii-chan, take a closer look~. It's just Tsugu's reflection.
Himari: What...?! ... O-oh, you're right...
Tsugumi: Sorry...
Tomoe: *sigh* ... You actually scared me... Chill out, Himari. There's no such things as ghosts.
Ran: But you screamed too, Tomoe.
Tomoe: That was because Himari's scream scared me.
Moca: Speaking of sounds and stuff~, they say you can hear the sound of a piano coming from the music room in the middle of the night.
Himari: What...?
Moca: It's one of the seven mysteries of Haneoka Girls' Academy~. Haven't you heard of those before?
Tsugumi: I think I have... Things like the anatomy model moving, or seeing a stranger's face in the mirror, right?
Moca: Yeah! There's one about an extra staircase, and the sound of basketballs coming from the gym!
Himari: F-from the gym?!
Tomoe: H-haha... no way. It's just a rumor, you know? It can't be real.
Moca: Who knows~? Maybe we'll learn the truth today~.
Tsugumi: There's also a rumor about a well on the school grounds. When you look into it...
Ran: What happens...?
Moca: A hand reaches out and drags you in~!
Ran: Wahhh!
Himari: Hmph~! Stop it, Moca~! And don't encourage her, Tsugu!
Tsugumi: Aww, I'm sorry...
Ran: ... Moca, if you do that again, I'm going to hit you.
Himari: Oh no, Ran's serious! Moca!
Moca: I'm sorry~! It was just a little Moca-chan joke~... Wait, what was the seventh mystery?
Tomoe: The seventh what?
Moca: There's the midnight piano, the moving anatomy model, strangers in the mirror, the extra staircase...
Moca: The sound of basketballs in the gym, the well... That's six, right?
Moca: It's the seven mysteries, so there should be one more. What was it~...? Do you remember, Tsugu?
Tsugumi: Hmm... I can't think of it...
Tomoe: S-stop talking about this, okay?! We didn't come here to solve the seven mysteries, you know? We have to find a way out of here so we can go home!
Himari: That's right! Okay, let's head for the gym~!
Others: ...
Himari: S-somebody, feel free to go first~. Ran~?
Ran: Wh-why me?!
Moca: You always walk off first on your own~. Go do your thing~.
Ran: Y-yeah... but...
Tsugumi: I-I'll go first! Come on, everyone, follow me!
Moca: Ooh~, Tsugu the Fearless~ ♪ Ran, let's follow Tsugu~.
Tomoe: Tsugu suddenly looks so strong and dependable...
Tsugumi: I-it's okay! Everything's fine...!
Himari: It's scary, so let's all squeeze together! It won't be scary that way! ... I hope.
Moca: Good idea~. Mmm~.
Ran: Moca, you're crushing me.
Moca: Hehe~.

The 6th Afterglow Event Story - Chapter 4
The 12-step Staircase

The girls reach a stairway on their way to the exit,
but Himari is worried about something...


Haneoka Girls' Academy

Tsugumi: Umm... The fastest way to the gym is... taking the hallway to the next wing from the second floor, I guess?
Tomoe: Agreed.
Himari: It's just up the stairs and down the end of the hallway, but for some reason, it feels so far...
Tsugumi: We can do it, Himari-chan...!
Tomoe: This staircase is probably the closest.
Himari: Ugh...
Moca: What's up, HIi-chan~?
Himari: I just remembered the seven mysteries...
Ran: Hey! Himari...! You just made me remember them too!
Himari: I-I can't help it~!
Tomoe: Don't tell me you actually believe in those mysteries, Himari.
Himari: I dunno, they seem kinda possible... You don't think so Tomoe?
Tomoe: I don't buy it! It's just superstition!
Moca: ... Hm? Oh, the thing about there being an extra step on the staircase.~
Himari: You only just clicked?!
Moca: Hii-chan, stop worrying so much. There's no way an extra step could suddenly appear~.
Himari: Hmph~! It's your fault I'm worried about all this, Moca!
Moca: I mean, even if there was an extra step, no one ever pays attention to the original number of steps anyways, right?
Tomoe: That's a good point...
Ran: You sometimes say the right thing, Moca.
Moca: Hehe~. Moca-chan always says the right thing, you know~?
Tsugumi: I'm pretty sure the school staircase have 12 steps. I often clean the school as part of my student council duties, so I ended up memorizing the number of steps.
Tomoe: Tsugu... We really didn't want to hear that...
Himari: Now I know the number of steps...
Tsugumi: Ahh...! S-sorry!
Ran: There's 12 steps... Hey, why don't we count them as we go up? That way we can prove the seven mysteries are just a lie.
Himari: But what if there actually are 13 steps...?
Ran: We'll deal with that when it happens! ... I mean, it's not like we'll be in any danger even if there is an extra step.
Moca: Good point~. You sometimes say the right thing, Ran.
Ran: Always, you mean.
Tsugumi: O-okay! Let's count together then. One, two...
Himari: Three, four...
Ran: Ten, eleven...
Himari: Twelve! The seven mysteries are just a lie after all...
Others: Thirteen!
Himari: Hmph~, stop playing around, Tomoe~!
Tomoe: Huh? I didn't say anything.
Ran: Didn't you just say, "thirteen"?
Tomoe: Seriously, I didn't say anything.
Moca: I heard your voice too though~.
Tsugumi: So did I.
Others: ...
Ran: ... Let's just get keep going!
Himari: Y-yeah! Ahaha~ Let's go! Go go go!
Moca: Hii-chan is starting to fall apart...
Tsugumi: ... I hope nothing else happens while we're here...

The 6th Afterglow Event Story - Chapter 5
When You Look Away...

The girls continue to be haunted by strange phenomena,
but Moca seems to be unfazed...


Haneoka Girls' Academy

Himari: Tsugu~... How much further?
Tsugumi: Hmm... it's too dark to tell...
Tomoe: Is this the right direction?
Moca: It sure is~. Can't you hear the voice saying "this way, over here~"?
Tomoe: Ahhh-aah-aah-wah-wah! I can't hear anything! Not a single thing~!
Himari: Don't say that! I feel like I can actually hear something now~!
Ran: ...
Moca: ... I'll stop.
Tsugumi: I know! Why don't we sing something together! That might make it feel less scary.
Himari: Good idea! We won't be able to hear any strange sounds either!
Tomoe: Wanna give it a try?
Tsugumi: "Cry, cry out ♪ Cry, cry out ♪"
Himari: "Bukiyou demo agaite susunde ♪ Ichi-miri mo muda nante nai ♪"
Tomoe: "Ashiato nokosu kara ♪"
Others: "Sou sa ♪"
Others: ... Fufu!
Others: "Cry, cry out♪ Cry, cry out ♪"
Others: "Tonikaku kono saki wo shinjite ♪"
Himari: ...!
Tomoe: What's the matter, Himari?
Himari: Hey... can you guys hear that...?
Tomoe: ... No way...
Tsugumi: ...! This is...
Ran: Our song...
Others: Waaaaaaahhh!
Ran: I'm done! I can't take this anymore! I'm going home!
Moca: Huh? Aren't we coming this way because we're trying to go home right now?
Himari: I hate this~! How long is this piano going to play for?!
Tomoe: H-how should I know?! Argh, stop, you stupid piano!
Moca: ... Did you think that would work?
Ran: I don't want to listen to this...! I'm getting scared...! Let's go somewhere we can't hear it!
Tomoe: Works for me! That way? Should we go that way?!
Himari: Don't leave me!
Tsugumi: Ah, you guys...!
Moca: They're gone.
Tsugumi: What should we do...? They don't even have a flashlight...
Moca: I guess we chase after them~. Time to run, Tsugu.
Tsugumi: O-okay!
Tsugumi: Ran-chan! Tomoe-chan! Himari-chan! ... Where'd they go? Moca-chan, let's check over there.
Moca: ... Huh?
Tsugumi: What's the matter?
Moca: Tsugu, stand here for a second.
Tsugumi: In front of this mirror?
Moca: Yeah, right there~... Hmm, that's definitely you.
Tsugumi: Moca-chan, what on earth are you...?
Moca: Just before when we passed the mirror, I thought I saw someone that wasn't me in the mirror.
Tsugumi: What...?!
Tsugumi: Moca-chan, you're kidding, right?
Moca: Ah! There it is again!
Tsugumi: ...!
Moca: It appeared again the moment you looked over here...
Tsugumi: Kyaaaa~!

The 6th Afterglow Event Story - Ending
The Seventh Mystery

The group has finally reached the exit, but then, something truly spooky happes...


Haneoka Girls' Academy

Moca: Hmph~, don't split up like that, guys~.
Others: Sorry...
Moca: Jeez~. Don't you know it's dangerous~?
Himari: I can't believe that I'm being told off by Moca...
Tsugumi: I'm so sorry...
Tomoe: Anyways, let's just be glad everyone's okay! So, uh... let's start heading for the gym again...!
Himari: Y-yeah!
Tsugumi: Hey, Moca-chan... about that thing just before...
Moca: Let's keep it a secret from the others. They might panic and run off again.
Tsugumi: Y-you're right... Okay.

Haneoka Girls' Academy

Himari: We're finally here...!
Ran: We can get out from here... right?
Tomoe: Yeah, we should be able to. The emergency door is over...
Tsugumi: Kya! The flashlight...!
Himari: Wh-what's going on?!
Tsugumi: I think it's broken!
Ran: You've got to be kidding me... Now, of all times...
Tomoe: We're not going to be able to find the emergency exit like this...
Tsugumi: Oh no... We're so close.
Himari: ... I don't think I can do this... Ugh, I'm going to cry...
Moca: Don't cry Hii-chan~. It's okay, there there~.
Ran: Hey! Moca! That's me you're touching!
Moca: Oh? Sorry~.
Ran: Tsugumi, doesn't the student council clean the gym as well? I don't suppose you know the layout of this place too...?
Tsugumi: It's kind of an unwritten rule that the clubs which use the gymnasium do the cleaning...
Moca: ... We're doomed~.
Himari: Aww... I'm sorry, everyone... This is my fault...
Tomoe: Hey, this isn't the time for that!
Ran: Stop acting like this is the end!
Himari: B-but... the flashlight is broken, we can't find the exit... wahhh...
Ran: ... There's a breeze... which means there has to be an open window or door! Let's go look!
Tomoe: Ran, you're a genius...
Tsugumi: The breeze is coming from over there, right? Let's go!
Himari: Which way is over there?!
Tsugumi: This way! Come on, everyone, hold on to me!
Tsugumi: I feel like the breeze was coming from over here...
Others: This way~! Over here~!
Tsugumi: ...? Is it this way?
Moca: Ahh, Tsugu, don't run off like that~.
Tomoe: Oh, the flashlights are...
Ran: They fixed themselves. Maybe it was just the wires...
Himari: Oh! Isn't that the emergency exit over there?
Tsugumi: You're right...! Thanks, Himari-chan!
Tomoe: C'mon, let's get out of here! ... Huh?
Ran: Don't tell me it's...
Tomoe: Seems like it's locked from the outside. We're not opening it from here...
Moca: Now we're really doomed~. It's over~.
Himari: T-Tomoe... what do we do?
Tomoe: ... Maybe I can kick it open.
Ran: Wait, you can't do that!
Tsugumi: Hello~! Is anybody there~! Please open the door~!
Tomoe: Somebody~! We need help~!
Himari: I-it opened?! Maybe it's the security guard.
Tomoe: We're saved...
Tsugumi: I'm so sorry, thank you for opening the door...!
Moca: There's... no one out there.
Tsugumi: Then... who opened the door?
Ran: I seriously can't take anymore of this...!
Moca: ... Now I remember. The seventh mystery.
Himari: ... Huh?
Moca: They say the ghost of a student prowls the halls at night, looking for someone to play with, and playing pranks on people...
Tsugumi: Kya! The wind...
Himari: Umm, did it just feel like someone passed right by us...?
Others: ...
Others: Uwaaaahhh!

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