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The Best Work Friend Card Story - Episode

Detective Moca-chan's Theory


Walking Home From Work
Moca: It's been a while since I worked a morning shift~. My body is completely drained~.
Lisa: I feel you there. I just wanna go home and pass out~.
Moca: Wow~, Lisa-san. You're so lazy~.
Lisa: Hey, look who's talkin- Hm? See those people eating cake? Isn't that Arisa and Misaki?
Moca: Ah, it is~.
Lisa: Moca, you mind if we go say hi to them? I wanna thank them for the whole lyric-writing thing the other day ☆
Moca: That's fine~. Alright, while we're at it, why don't we reward ourselves with something to eat for our hard work this morning~?

Hazawa Coffee
Michelle: And that's when Kokoro was lik-
Lisa: Arisa, Misaki! Heyya~ ☆
Arisa: Lisa-san and Moca-chan? Hey... You guys here for tea as well?
Moca: That's right~. Lisa-san was saying how she just had to have a piece of that cake~.
Lisa: Ahaha, saying whatever you please as always~. Weren't you the one who said you wanted to eat something?!
Moca: Are you sure~? Anyway, Lisa-san, there's something you wanted to tell these two, right~?
Arisa: You do...?
Lisa: Yep, I just wanted to thank you two again for the other day! So, thanks♪ With your help, I was able to finish my lyrics!
Michelle: Ah, that calls for a congratulations. You don't need to thank me. I didn't really do anything.
Michelle: Actually, sorry that was I wasn't able to explain Kokoro's writing process.
Arisa: I didn't do anything either... I'm glad Kasumi's explanation helped though.
Moca: Ohh~, you guys gave the same response~. Could it be that you had this planned out~?
Arisa: No, we didn't... Besides, we had no idea you guys would be here. Not to mention, we didn't have any time to plan that out.
Moca: And still you guys were so in sync~. The Great Detective Moca has uncovered a friendship that couldn't be more fitting~.
Arisa: H-Huh?! Th-That's not what's happening at all. We just happened to run into each other in front of this store, so we're having tea!
Michelle: But, I mean... You could say we are kinda similar. I feel like we have the same way of thinking.
Arisa: Y-Yeah... I guess I can't deny that...
Lisa: Mhm, mhm. Getting along is a good thing☆ There's no reason to be embarrassed about it!
Arisa: Who said anything about being embarrassed?!
Lisa: I personally would like it if I could be better friends with you two♪ Hey, do you guys mind if we join you?
Michelle: ... Sure. I don't care. Ichigaya-san?
Arisa: Huh~?! Uh, uhm... If Okusawa-san is okay with it...
Lisa: Moca, that's okay with you, right?
Moca: I guess I have no other choice~. Because I'm so considerate, I will obey your request~.
Lisa: Ahaha, thanks♪ Moca hides her true feelings, but with a little bit of back and forth, she'll come along for the ride. So, you know, she's kinda like you two ☆
Moca: That's not true~. As you can see, I'm so honest and sincere~. Doesn't that give me such a unique level of cute~?
Arisa: More so than that, I don't have the ability to endlessly say the first thing that comes to mind like you're seeing, so...
Moca: What~? That's so mean, Arisa~. If you're gonna say that, then I'm gonna go over there to Yamabuki bakery~.
Arisa: Yeahhh~, that doesn't bother me one bit... Does that mean you don't want any cake?
Moca: Hmm~... Misaki-chin~, what do you recommend~?
Michelle: I had a fruit tart. There were a lot of toppings, so I guess you could say it was good.
Moca: Then I'll have to give it a try~. Lisa-san, hurry. Let's sit~.
Arisa: Weren't you gonna go to Yamabuki bakery?!
Michelle: (Ahaha... So maybe she does hide her true feelings.)

The Best Work Friend Card Story - Special Episode

A Good Chance


Edogawa Music
Moca: ... Ohh~, whose back is this I see~?
Moca: Tiptoe, tiptoe, tiptoe~ ♪
Moca: ... Hey!!
Moca: Fufufu~, what a great reaction I got outta you~.
Moca: And this week's winner for the most surprised face goes to BanG Dreamer-san~. A round of applause~.
Moca: Ahaha~, when I saw you, I couldn't help but want to scare you. Sorry~.
Moca: A coincidence seeing you here though. Whatcha up to~?
Moca: Ah, don't tell me. You're starting a band. If you wanna know about guitars, I'm your girl. You can ask me about it~.
Moca: Huh? You're not? Oh~, you're just getting new equipment~?
Moca: Me? Uhm... Let's see. I guess I'm shopping~.
Moca: Ah, no~, I'm not gonna buy this book~.
Moca: The title caught my eye~, so I was just taking a brief look at it~.
Moca: It's called, "Everything You Need to Be the Next Great Lyricist!" So, I flipped through it.
Moca: What~? No~, not me~. That lyric stuff is mumbo jumbo to me, so I just let Ran do all the work~.
Moca: Lisa-san was the one who was trying to write lyrics~. She said she wanted to do something to help Roselia~.
Moca: She even took a shot at entering a lyric-writing contest~.
Moca: Sounds like it didn't turn out so well though... She was pretty frustrated.
Moca: But you know, she took the whole thing way more seriously than I expected~.
Moca: She was doing all kinds of stuff~. She asked Ran, Kasumi, Kokoro-chan and Misaki-chin for all the details she could about how to write them...
Moca: And seeing her like that... kinda made me jealous~. It made me feel like I should be trying something new too~...
Moca: If I think about it, I'm pretty sure I haven't challenged myself to do anything new recently~.
Moca: So this is a good chance for me to start something, which is why I'm currently on the hunt. Do you have any suggestions?
Moca: Flower arranging~? If I go to the school Ran's dad runs, I could definitely learn about that, but~...
Moca: Wow~, are you really trying to put the cute little Moca-chan through such intense training~?
Moca: I mean, if Ran did it with me, that might be fun...
Moca: But actually, I've thought about flower arranging. It's just that I'm not so good at sitting Japanese style, so I'd like to avoid that this time around~.
Moca: And I want to do something that I've never thought about doing before. I wonder...
Moca: What~? C'mon, BanG Dreamer-san~, help me think~. There has to be something that would be the perfect challenge for me~.
Moca: ... Ohho~, baking bread, huh~?
Moca: I see, I see~. That sounds interesting.
Moca: Yeah, if I could bake bread, every day could be all-you-could-eat bun day~.
Moca: That'd be great~. There'd be melon buns, chocolate cornets, cream buns, croquette buns. As much as your stomach could dream of. How wonderful~.
Moca: Oh, I know... I could make my own super awesome bun too~.
Moca: Just fill it with whatever I like, and we'd have a Moca special. What do you think~? Makes your mouth water, doesn't it~?
Moca: But~... Thinking it over, there's actually no need for me to learn how to do that~.
Moca: Nearby, I have the Yamabuki Bakery, and they make yummy buns.
Moca: And even if they don't make the Moca special, they've got lots of buns filled with all my favorite things~.
Moca: Mmm~... Hmm~...
Moca: Alrighty, there's no point in thinking anymore. The answer isn't gonna magically appear. For the time being, I'll go get some buns from Yamabuki Bakery~.
Moca: Oh, I have limited-time points saved up, don't I? Fufufu~, maybe I'll seize all of the items from the special menu~.
Moca: What~? No, you're wrong~. I didn't get hungry for buns just 'cause we were talking about it~.
Moca: That's right. This is what we call investing for the future~.
Moca: Thanks for sharing such a valuable opinion~.
Moca: If Moca-chan Bakery ever opens up, I'll give you a special bun on the house, okay~?
Moca: I hope you're looking forward to it~. Bye~.