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The Bond That Binds Us Card Story - Episode

School through My Lens


Hanasakigawa Girl's Academy - Hallway

Saaya: Let's see~... Fufu, I think I got a good shot.
Aya: Huh? If it isn't Saaya-chan. What's up? Did you need to talk to one of the third-year students?
Saaya: Aya-senpai! I'm taking pictures of the school right now.
Aya: Ah, for the pamphlet? I heard you were making it with the other members of Poppin'Party.
Saaya: Yes. We decided that I would take the pictures for the facility introductions!
Aya: I see! So that's why you were taking pictures of the classroom and hallway.
Saaya: Yes, and it's not just the classrooms. I'm currently going around the school taking pictures.
Aya: Oh, really?! That has to take quite a long time. Isn't it tough?
Saaya: The thing is... It's actually really fun, and I may have taken too many...
Aya: Fufu, it seems like you've totally gotten hooked on photography. Could I take a look at the pictures you took~?
Saaya: Okay. There might be some slightly blurred ones though...
Aya: That's okay! I sometimes mess up on my selfies, so I don't mind! Let me see...
Aya: Wow! These are so good!
Aya: The flowers in the flower beds look even prettier than they normally do~!
Saaya: Yay! I was really focused on the light for this shot, so I'm glad to hear it!
Aya: This picture of the school is good too! It's like... It has a dignified feel to it.
Saaya: For that one, I tried paying attention to the angle! I also tried to frame it a little off-center...
Saaya: Fufu, I went through a bit of trial and error when I took these pictures, so it's nice to have them complimented.
Aya: But still, seeing pictures of the school like this is a little strange.
Saaya: Strange...? How so?
Aya: School is a place we always come to, right? And yet, if we see it in pictures, just by having a different angle, it feels completely different.
Saaya: Y-yeah, exactly! When I was looking through the viewfinder, I was thinking the same thing!
Saaya: Scenery tends to look different through the lens, even if it's a spot you're used to seeing... Sometimes you discover something new or just another part of the spot's appeal. It's really fun!
Saaya: And by looking at the streets through the viewfinder, you might not be able to see every road or building, but the memories of what happened there are suddenly brought back to life.
Saaya: For example, even on a casual walk home, I will remember how I found a cat and tried to pet it.
Saaya: And for club practices, you'll see your friends, and that alone makes you kinda happy.
Saaya: Pictures are really great, aren't they? They even let me share the sight of everyone having fun with you.
Aya: When we were searching for a hobby for you, I had no idea that you would get so hooked on photography.
Saaya: Fufu, neither did I. Thank you so much for your help that time.
Aya: You're welcome! If that helped you out, then it was my pleasure!
Aya: If something pops up, I'll help, so feel free to ask me, okay?
Saaya: Okay, I'll do that... Ah! I know this is kind of sudden, but do you have time right now?
Aya: What's up? I don't have rehearsal today, so it should be no problem.
Saaya: If you don't mind, I'd like you to tell me your favorite scenery at Hanasakigawa.
Aya: You want to know mine? Would that be helpful~?
Saaya: Definitely! I realized something when we were talking...
Saaya: Just like how scenery through a lens is different from the one you actually see, I think the scenery that you see is surely different from the one I see.
Saaya: I mean, in our survey, we're asking everyone for their recommendations, right?
Saaya: I want to convey all sorts of people's favorite parts of the school in the pictures too!
Saaya: So I'd be really happy if you told me about Hanasakigawa from your point of view!
Aya: From my point of view, huh...? Sure! If that's what you're asking for, leave it to me!
Saaya: Thank you so much! Ah, and if you don't mind, could you tell me more about how to take photos?
Aya: Of course! The ones I take are selfies, but I think those have some similarities to these kinds of photos!
Aya: Okay, should we get going then?
Saaya: Okay! Thank you for your help, Aya-senpai!

The Bond That Binds Us Card Story - Special Episode

Far-Reaching Panorama



Saaya: Hm... Maybe this angle is better. I'll put the focus on that flower...
Marina: Oh, Saaya-chan? What're you doing?
Saaya: Ah, Marina-san and BanG Dreamer-san! Hello!
Saaya: I was taking photos just now.
Marina: Photos? Here?
Saaya: Yes, the view from this angle is just so good... Oh, that's right. Could I get you to stand over here as well, Marina-san? I think you'll be able to tell if you do.
Marina: Huh? Let me see... Wow, you're right! The sunlight is hitting CiRCLE's sign. It looks so pretty. I'm not very knowledgeable when it comes to photos, but I think this is lovely.
Saaya: I saw this the last time I had tea here! It's weird that I hadn't noticed it until now.
Marina: Fufu, you almost seem like a professional photographer, Saaya-chan.
Saaya: Oh, that's not true! Ah, but I was previously allowed to take pictures for the pamphlet used at the school's information sessions!
Marina: What? Really?!
Saaya: That being said, it was just me taking pictures of stuff that the student council had already taken in the past.
Marina: Even still, that's amazing! Did it turn out right?
Saaya: I think so. It turned into a pamphlet you wouldn't find at any other school.
Marina: Something you wouldn't find at any other school...? What kind of pamphlet is that? That sounds interesting~.
Saaya: You see, we included everyone's favorite things about Hanasakigawa in the pamphlet.
Saaya: We even collected surveys from all the students at the school. A lot of people handed something in.
Marina: Fufu, well then, I guess that would make it a pamphlet that was made with the efforts of all the girls at the school.
Saaya: Right. That's why it's gotten to be fairly thick. Fufufu.
Marina: Those sort of pamphlets are important for middle school students. They leave a big impression when they're choosing schools.
Saaya: I'm planning on getting a copy from Arisa next time.
Saaya: The pamphlet was made for middle school students, but it also turned out to be a very important one for me as well.
Marina: Fufu, if it's that lovely of a pamphlet, then we would like to see it as well.
Saaya: Okay then, I'll bring it with me next time. I hope you look forward to it!
Marina: Ah, in that case, maybe we should use Hanasakigawa's pamphlet as a reference and update the one for the live house. We can even do new photos.
Marina: Oh, you agree as well, BanG Dreamer-san? Well then, I'll try talking to the owner.
Saaya: That's wonderful... Oh! In that case, I have a few compositions I'd like to recommend...
Marina: Yes, please tell me! I'd love to get your opinion. Then we can use it as reference!
Saaya: Fufu, of course. Well then, first, about that area over there...