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The Dessert Instructor Card Story - Episode

Shopping Together


Station Entrance

Tsugumi: (Fufu, shopping day with Sayo-san! This is so exciting~.)
Tsugumi: (I might have come a little bit too early though. There's a lot of time left until our scheduled meet-up time. Maybe I should find somewhere t-...)
Tsugumi: ... Wait, huh? That person standing over there...
Sayo: ...
Tsugumi: Sayo-san! S-Sorry! Have you been waiting long?
Sayo: Hazawa-san. No, I just got here.
Tsugumi: Really? Thank goodness.
Sayo: Thank you for inviting me out today. I was happy when I saw your message.
Tsugumi: N-No problem! Actually, I probably shouldn't have messaged you on such short notice... It wasn't a problem, was it?
Sayo: We didn't have band rehearsal today, so it's okay.
Tsugumi: G-Great! That was the only thing I was worried about...
Sayo: Fufu, no need to be so distressed. Let's get going.
Tsugumi: Okay!

Shopping Mall
Knick-knack Shop

Tsugumi: Sayo-san, we're here! This is the knick-knack shop I was talking about! It's known for having really cute designs!
Sayo: Oh, I see...
Tsugumi: Is something wrong?
Sayo: No... This is kind of embarrassing to say, but...
Sayo: I don't really have much experience inside these kinds of cute stores...
Sayo: I can't help but always choose stores that sell more practical items...
Sayo: So, it's just... I apologize for my inexperience...
Tsugumi: N-No no! Don't apologize! It's okay!
Tsugumi: (Ohh~, I should have asked Sayo-san's opinion beforehand... B-But I can make up for this, right?)
Tsugumi: (We went through the effort of coming out together. I'm gonna do my best to make sure she has fun!)
Sayo: Oh yeah...
Tsugumi: Yes? What is it?
Sayo: The other day, I used the recipe you taught me to make cookies for my band.
Tsugumi: Really?! H-How did it go...?
Sayo: I feel like it lightened the mood and had a good overall effect on rehearsal.
Tsugumi: That means... the cookies made everyone happy, right?!
Sayo: Right... They said they were good, so I think the cookies did make them happy.
Tsugumi: Wah~! That's awesome!
Sayo: However, I was somewhat bothered by their surprised reactions when I showed them the cookies.
Sayo: Certainly, I knew I wasn't the type to do something like that, but I didn't think they would be as shocked as they were...
Tsugumi: Well...
Tsugumi: (I understand how they felt. When I saw Sayo-san walk into our cooking class, I was pretty surprised myself...)
Sayo: Sorry. That's probably enough talking. Why don't we start browsing?
Tsugumi: Okay. Yeah!

Tsugumi: Sayo-san, look. They have so many different kinds of wrapping here!
Sayo: Yeah. I've never seen a lot of this stuff before.
Sayo: And like you said during the cooking class, they have a lot of different types of ribbons.
Tsugumi: This store's one of my favorites! They have some adorable treat bags over here!
Sayo: These many items sure do make you unsure of yourself... Which one am I supposed to pick...?
Tsugumi: Ah, in that case... How about these?
Tsugumi: The flower and strawberry designs are really cute!
Sayo: Fufu. Hazawa-san, it's like you work here.
Tsugumi: Ah, uhm... Sorry.
Sayo: No, don't worry about it. You're being considerate because I'm not familiar with stores like this one, right? Thank you.
Sayo: Because of you, I'm getting used to the atmosphere they have here.
Tsugumi: R-Really? That's great!
Tsugumi: So, Sayo-san, do you like the flower design or the strawberry design better?
Sayo: I do think they're cute, but maybe I should go with a different design.
Sayo: If I put the cookies into a bag like this, I think the discrepancy between the cuteness and my image would cause too much shock.
Tsugumi: (You know, I think when Sayo-san gets embarrassed like this, it's kind of endearing...)
Sayo: By the way, what are you planning to buy, Hazawa-san?
Tsugumi: I was thinking this one with the musical note design might be good...
Sayo: The design is quite tranquil. It's lovely. Do you mind if I buy the same thing?
Tsugumi: Of course not! Ah, they're also selling cookie cutters over there! Let's go take a look!
Sayo: Fufu. Yeah, let's do that.

The Dessert Instructor Card Story - Special Episode

My Own Positive Traits


Hazawa Coffee

Tsugumi: Welcome to Hazawa Coffee!
Tsugumi: Ah, BanG Dreamer-san! You have the day off today?
Tsugumi: No, I was just thinking how I usually don't see you here around this time, so I figured you must not be working today...
Tsugumi: Oh, I see. You're on a break. You must be so tired! Please, sit and relax.
Tsugumi: What can I get for you?
Tsugumi: Mhm... Mhm... One coffee, right? Understood!
Tsugumi: Ah, would you like a cookie with your coffee?
Tsugumi: The ones we have today weren't made by my mom.
Tsugumi: Fufu, they weren't made by my dad either. Actually, it was me!
Tsugumi: I helped out with a cooking class the other day, and I thought I'd do a little brushing up on my baking, so I made some cookies.
Tsugumi: Yep, a treat-baking class.
Tsugumi: We used the store space and baked a few batches with a bunch of students!
Tsugumi: And among the group was Sayo-san!
Tsugumi: I know, surprising, right? I was shocked when I first saw her here too. I kept wondering to myself how I was supposed to talk to her...
Tsugumi: But while we were making cookies, I felt like Sayo-san and I were getting closer and closer, and in the end, we created a great relationship ♪
Tsugumi: What was she like?
Tsugumi: At first, she was pretty much how you would imagine her. Very detailed, very serious...
Tsugumi: When she was trying to measure the thickness of the dough, she even asked if she could borrow a ruler...
Tsugumi: That was the first time anyone ever asked me that, so it took me by surprise.
Tsugumi: But I think that part of her is really charming.
Tsugumi: She really takes care of the things she needs to... I think that kind of attitude is wonderful...
Tsugumi: Not to mention, she's not only serious... There are a lot of cute things about her as well! Fufu, I had the chance to see so many of the positive traits that Sayo-san has!
Tsugumi: ... That reminds me. Sayo-san told me that I have a lot of positive traits too!
Tsugumi: Yeah. Up until that point, I didn't think I had any at all, but...
Tsugumi: Apparently, I'm really good at finding other people's strong points.
Tsugumi: Though, I'm not really sure about that myself...
Tsugumi: But there must be a lot of good things I don't know about myself.
Tsugumi: So... maybe there are actually a bunch, and I just haven't realized it yet.
Tsugumi: I'm the type to feel much more relaxed being with the people I'm already close with than proactively going out, but...
Tsugumi: I made a new friend in Sayo-san...
Tsugumi: And thanks to her, I now know that there are things for me to find!
Tsugumi: Don't you think it's wonderful to be able to find a new side of yourself with the help of your friends?
Tsugumi: Right?! I'm glad you agree!
Tsugumi: Which is why I think it might be good if I try creating relationships with people I haven't talked to before.
Tsugumi: If I do that, I can get to know the me that I don't know yet...
Tsugumi: And most importantly, I can find the strong points in the new people I meet!
Tsugumi: ... Ah, sorry! I got carried away with all the talking!
Tsugumi: I'll get your coffee, right away!
Tsugumi: ... Okay... Yes? Can I help you with something?
Tsugumi: ... Huh? You'd like to order a cookie too?
Tsugumi: You want to eat one now after hearing that story... Is that right?
Tsugumi: Okay!
Tsugumi: Your strong point is that you're very kind. Thank you very much!
Tsugumi: I have a lot of confidence in these, so you get ready! And of course, it's on the house! My treat!