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The Destined... Cat Card Story - Episode

Deciphering the Message


Hazawa Coffee

Tsugumi: Ah, Tomoe-chan, welcome!
Sayo: Udagawa-san, is everything alright? You look flushed.
Tomoe: Hey, Sayo-san! Ah, no... It's nothing super important, so it can wait...
Sayo: No, it's fine. You must have rushed over here for some reason.
Tomoe: Ahaha, sorry.
Tsugumi: So what's going on, Tomoe-chan?
Tomoe: Listen to this, Tsugu! The tanuki restaurant is doing a collaboration with Cat's Market! They'll be using Cat's Market's bonito flakes for their new special!
Tsugumi: Bonito flakes from Cat's Market?! Wow, that sounds delicious!
Tomoe: Right?! We should go with Himari and the others!
Sayo: Bonito flakes from Cat's Market...?
Tsugumi: Ah...! I'm sorry, Sayo-san. This probably doesn't make much sense to you, huh?
Sayo: That's not true. I think I've got the gist of it.
Tsugumi: Really?! Then what do you think Cat's Market is?
Sayo: Well, if I had to guess... I'd say it's some sort of fish stall, correct?
Tsugumi: ...! Th-that's amazing, Sayo-san! You're right!
Tomoe: How did you know?!
Sayo: Hazawa-san previously said the words "Bonito flakes from Cat's Market", and described them as "delicious." So I determined that this store must sell good bonito flakes.
Sayo: Perhaps it could also have been a dried goods store, but you two seem quite familiar with this place, and it's unlikely someone our age would be so attached to such a store.
Tsugumi: That's really cool, Sayo-san! You got all that from our conversation just now, right?!
Tomoe: Ahaha, it's like you’re a detective.
Sayo: You're both exaggerating.
Sayo: I just happened to pick up this skill from talking with Hina.
Tomoe: She uses some pretty unique words, doesn't she? "Boppin'♪", right?
Sayo: Strange things are always coming out of that girl's mouth. It's likely that I learned to naturally gather clues from the given context and replace those words with familiar ones.
Sayo: That being said, sometimes what she's saying doesn't have anything to do with what was said previously, so I still misunderstand her sometimes.
Tsugumi: A-ahaha...
Tomoe: Still, being able to understand Hina-senpai, even if it's only a little, is pretty impressive.
Tsugumi: Ah, actually, Sayo-san, do you think you can decode this message for me?
Sayo: Is this... from Aoba-san?
Tsugumi: Yeah...
Moca: "You were so Tsugurific today, Tsugu~! Especially the part of the verse with Tomo-chin's da-da-dum, Hii-chan's twang, and your Tsugurific-ness~."
Moca: "Talk about amazing~. Ran was really impressed too. See you next time~."
Tomoe: Oh yeah... Even I didn't know what this is trying to say.
Sayo: I see...
Sayo: I understand that she's praising you, but... I can't gleam much more than that. Perhaps 'da-da-dum' is referring to the sound of drums...?
Tsugumi: Ahaha... So not even you know what it says. Sorry to ask you such a weird question.
Sayo: I believe she's trying to say your individual parts went well...
Sayo: If I had more chances to interact with Aoba-san, I might be able to give a more detailed analysis.
Tsugumi: Really...?! Then why don't we ask Moca-chan out for tea sometime?!
Sayo: Yes, that sounds nice. We're both guitarists, so I've actually been meaning to talk to her anyway.
Tsugumi: I'll ask her right away! You'll come too, right, Tomoe-chan?
Tomoe: S-sure, I'll come, but...
Tomoe: Is that message really that big of a deal...?

The Destined... Cat Card Story - Special Episode

Bath Powder Aroma



Tsugumi: Uhm... I think that's everything... Okay...!
Marina: Hey there, Tsugumi-chan!
Tsugumi: Wah! M-Marina-san?! BanG Dreamer-san?!
Marina: Ah, sorry! I didn't mean to scare you like that.
Tsugumi: No, it wasn't you! I was just so focused on my shopping list that I wasn't paying attention...
Marina: You were staring at that list pretty intensely. Are you doing something special?
Tsugumi: Yes, I'm going to try making my own bath bombs. I was just looking for the ingredients.
Marina: Wow~! I didn't know you could make your own bath bombs!
Tsugumi: Yeah, I didn't think it was possible either, but once I looked it up online, I found out there are actually a lot of people who do it.
Marina: This is the first time I'm hearing about it~. You really know your stuff, Tsugumi-chan.
Tsugumi: Ahaha... Actually, I didn't decide to do this on my own. When I was hanging out with all the girls who live downtown the other day, the song Poppin'Party made started playing.
Tsugumi: After hearing that, I started to wonder if there was something I could do to help the area as well.
Tsugumi: That's when everyone suggested I make an original bath bomb for the downtown area, seeing as I like collecting them so much...
Marina: So you started looking into it and decided to give it a shot.
Tsugumi: Yup. Once I realized it was something I could actually do, I got really motivated and ran right to the store!
Tsugumi: Now that I've got everything I need, all I have to do now is actually make them.
Marina: Oh~, that's great! So we'll have an original downtown bath bomb before we know it, huh?
Tsugumi: Well, actually, I still haven't figured out the most important part, the scent...
Marina: The scent, huh...? That is the biggest draw to those kind of things, so it makes sense to put a lot of thought into it...
Tsugumi: Uhm, what kind of scent would you guys like...?
Marina: Hmm... That's a tough one... Any ideas, BanG Dreamer-san?
Tsugumi: ... Something that reminds me of the downtown area? I see...
Tsugumi: For me, it's... a relaxing place where I've lived my whole life. It's like home to me.
Tsugumi: And home reminds me of coffee, but... I don't know. A coffee scented bath bomb sounds a little strange...
Marina: Does it? It might actually be kind of nice.
Tsugumi: Yeah, but coffee is something you drink, not bathe in.
Marina: Fufu! I suppose your family does own a café. In that case, why not ask the people downtown and Poppin'Party for help?
Marina: Poppin'Party wrote the song after all, so I'm sure they'd have some great advice!
Tsugumi: Oh yeah, you're right! Then I'll have to ask Rimi-chan about it the next time I see her...!
Marina: Fufu, do you think you can make a nice bath bomb now?
Tsugumi: Absolutely! Once I've finished, I'll be sure to give you two some as a present!
Marina: Okay! I can't wait!